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HOW-TO: Get Your Article Featured In The Footytube Blog
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
We have had an overwhelming response from those interested in blogging for footytube over the last few weeks.

We have shortlisted a select group of users to contribute to regular column features, but would love to have more contributions from those interested.

To make it dead easy for all concerned, I have compiled the following submission FAQ. Read through it, and if you're still interested, get submitting for blog consideration right now.

How do I get considered for blog inclusion?
To be considered for the footytube blog, simply make your blog post to the appropriate category in the footytube forums. This would be the stands, the terrace, or funny old game.

Important: Make sure THE FIRST LINE of your post contains the following BBCode:


This will alert our admins that you have made a blog submission, and we will review it for inclusion.

What happens next?
If we like your submission and it is gaining positive user feedback, we will move it to the front page of footytube / the footytube blog section in the forums.

How do I format my blog posts properly?
You can do some pretty funky things with our BBCode support. Read our BBCode FAQ for some inspiration.

Important: ALWAYS Spell and Grammar check your submissions.
Proof-read everything, and redraft if necessary
Do NOT use textspeak such as U, CU, GR8
Try to refrain from using the word 'soccer' when really you mean football (unless you are being ironic ;) )

I already write my own blog. Can I use content from there and promote my blog on footytube?
Yes. You may post 1 link to your blog at the end of the article. Please make sure that you understand how to properly format your links using the BBCode footytube supports. A link should be formatted and written EXACTLY LIKE THIS:


Do NOT keyword stuff or add anything other than the above text, and don't forget the www. or http:// prefix on web addresses.

Important: Over-excessively linking / promoting your own blog or website in other forum posts will incur a warning, the footytube forums are not intended for self-promotion or link spamming. Further, we will remove any links in your blog posts, other than the aforementioned 1 link at the footer of your post - so please don't waste our time by adding more.
Villablogger (Aston Villa) 6 years ago

The fight for safety begins

Aston Villa football club have had a tough season so far with us now finding ourselves in the bottom three, with just fewer than half the season to go. Many fans have decided to turn against GH accusing him of breaking up the harmony of the players and playing different players out of position. However I believe in order to break out of the relegation zone and ensure safety for another season, it is not just GH or the players who have to change their ways - it’s down to the whole club including us, the fans.
For the last 3 seasons we have witnessed a group of young player’s finish 6th, and putting up a good fight for 4th place. However this season the Premier League is a whole different ball game with the likes of Chelski now looking as though they will struggle to finish in the top 4. In order for our players to get anywhere near the same level we have been I feel the club – as a whole – have to realize that this season isn’t like the last three and we HAVE to focus on getting any points on the board and get back to being happy with a draw away to Bolton. It’s like us having to take a step back through time to the Gregory and O’Leary days where we were always just happy to be in the top flight.
However although this reads as negativity I view it otherwise as in order to be proud of a 15th place finish at the end of the season we have to be proud of what we have overcame this season. The obvious being the departure of MON just days before the start of the season, the indecision of the board to sign up a new manager immediately and the loss of James Milner. But there have also been great moments this season with the arrival of youngsters breaking through into the first team signified by Albrightons’ goal at Fulham, for which Barry Bannan played an exquisite ball forward for Mark to finish off. Not to mention the new style of possession football that GH is trying to bring, as seen against United – gone are the days where we rely on the quick counter attack.
As a Villa fan I have been proud of the way in which we actually use our youth system, and as we saw with the Reserves beating Arsenal reserves 10-1 we no longer have to rely solely on dodgy transfer targets. The futures bright!
UP THE villa

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