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How To Delete Your Account.
Xdaph (Liverpool) 3 months ago
Please delete my account, thanks!
BlakSquire1 (Arsenal) 6 months ago
Please delete this account as soon as possible
Spatenstecher (Bayer Leverkusen) 8 months ago
Please delete my acc, too. Thanks!
Splittrain (Chelsea) 9 months ago
Delete my Account
Lincompoop (Manchester United) 9 months ago
PLease delete my account, thank you
Goons 10 months ago
Can you please delete this account I'm posting with. I haven't been a gooner in a long time. It should be deleted, thank you
Spotila 1 year ago
Please delete my account also
Mvtaylor (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 year ago
Hi, could you delete my account as well please?
Wannes 1 year ago
Hello,    Could my account be deleted please?    Thank you    With kind regards
Hydernmaster (Chelsea) 1 year ago
Hello admin. Please delete this accaunt. Thank you
Tobyloby24 1 year ago
Please delete my account also. Thank you
Dbaur31 (Aston Villa) 2 years ago
Would like my account deleted as well. Thanks!
Katsumeiyo (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Delete my account!
Spitfire025 (SK Sturm Graz) 2 years ago
Please delete my account too. Thank you
Psikick (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Hi. I would like my account to be deleted. Thank you

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