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How Do I...
Derby22 (Derby County) 7 years ago
Can I and how do I become staff?  
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
Live a life of debauchery, grow old, wise and haggard with cynicism and know that each, fresh, new day that comes is going to, in some small way, be even crappier than the one that came before it.

Oh and make a worthwhile contribution to the forums over a long period of time.

You're far too young (and have far too much to live for still) for us to allow you to become a mod, hated by and spat upon by the entire footytube fraternity.

Hope that answers your question
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Luckily you didn't mention the hordes of girls chasing you on the streets because we're wearing our footytube shirts. It makes up for all the inconveniences. And I'm almost forgetting the free VIP spots at whichever footy game we want to see, which reminds me, thanks for the Barça-Real tickets and 5* hotel reservation Lee
Derby22 (Derby County) 7 years ago
How do I....
What do you want to know about anything about footytube and football!

(staff, please reply to these questions people ask)

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