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FAQ: Fan Valuation
Chukchuk (Manchester United) 2 years ago
Is there a way to see your posts on an article that I have commented on? There is no direct link like there is to the videos
Connections (Juventus) 2 years ago
I don't know if you guys answered this already, but do I need to do anything to get fan evaluation? I mean I've been commenting and watching videos and stuff and I still don't have it on my profile
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 2 years ago
Fan valuation goes up on the amount of good posts you make, for instance long thought out posts that are well written, with very little spelling mistakes will help bump up your FV, whereas text speak and multiple short posts with little or no meaning will harm your FV.

There are a number of factors that affect your FV but if you post regularly and they decent posts you will see it rise
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 3 years ago
Can I see who voted Cool/angry.... Well I try better:

Q: Where can I see who voted on my fan demeanor? And where can I re-cast my vote on a fan demeanor?

Tony (footytube staff) 3 years ago
You can't see who voted for you mate, of course anyone who has given you cool votes will most likely tell you they gave you them, looking for cool votes back in return, which I find silly.
Anyone giving you rude votes or other will most likely say nothing, and its more likely the team you support than you that has earned you that rude vote, sad but true.
You can change your mind on who you voted for, if you gave someone a rude vote, and now you want to change it to a cool vote, all you do is click on cool vote and it will transfer from rude to cool, and you can give users two votes on each trait wheel.
Hope this explains and helps
Good luck
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 3 years ago
You startet an impulse in my synapses.  Thx Tony
Jesuriya (AS Roma) 3 years ago
When the dream footy league started I was given the budget of 115 million. When the next transfer window started my fan valuation was 18 million but still my budget was 115 million. I was not able to spend the additional money on players.... When the fan valuation money be used for buying players?
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
This year, fan valuation does not add extra Dreamfooty budget. The admins felt that it gave a huge unfair advantage. Pro+ get 125m, Normal get 115m
Jesuriya (AS Roma) 3 years ago
So will normal budget always remain 115m? When will we get bonus money for buying players?
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
"This year, fan valuation does not add extra Dreamfooty budget"

Not this year. When the season started, non-pro+ members got up to 15 million bonus budget but there was a backlash and people called for a closer league, so Matt decided that Pro+ get 125m, and non-pro+ get 115m, a very close game
Jesuriya (AS Roma) 3 years ago
Thank you ant
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
No problem, best of luck
Hittash (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Will the fan valuation ever decrese...
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Yes, fan valuation can decrease if the system sees you using a lot of swear words, text speech, very short posts or similar disruptive things. Long, well thought out posts give you the best fan valuation bonus
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 3 years ago
Is there a list which words we should avoid to use? It may help me to advance my english. Also how much words/ signs you should use per comment to avoid decreasing fan valuation
Devrod (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I have 14. 3m in fan valuation earnings, how can I use that money in DF? Help
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
This year, fan valuation does not add extra Dreamfooty budget. The admins felt that it gave a huge unfair advantage. Pro+ get 125m, Normal get 115m
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Don't get it. I have 10 mio fan valuation, but cannot buy players for additional money. Why?
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
This year, fan valuation does not add extra Dreamfooty budget. The admins felt that it gave a huge unfair advantage. Pro+ get 125m, Normal get 115m
Abukkk (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Hey man how do I get TIERs I have zero
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Just keep using the site and forums and you will rise in tier naturally
Mastershake912 (AS Roma) 3 years ago
I spend alot of time on the site and comment on loads of things but still don't get any fan valuation
Obijen2le (Chelsea) 3 years ago
May be you've not done enough. Try uploading pictures and videos, and initiating a topic
Ant (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Bumping this up
Joeymac (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I made a thread about this in the Site Feedback forum.

My FV has gone down 20 million in the past 2-3 days, and 13 million just in one day! And mind you, that was a busy day (united beat chelsea 2-1 to all but clinch the title)

So I haven't been doing anything different with my posts, and I don't see why FV would decrease that much.
If anyone could give me some feedback, it'd be much appreciated!
FootOngo (Arsenal) 4 years ago
How does the league system work, how do you score points, is it based on the actual real player games they play?
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
You are mixing up fan valuation with dreamfooty mate.
Theres is no connection between the two, if you look at the post I answered below about fan valuation.
Dreamfooty is a different thing entirely, where your players do get points awarded for their actual involvement in their respective games, and to find out more visit our dreamfooty page, everything is answered in there, and if you get stuck on anything, give us a shout, I have left you the dreamfooty q&a's below

Waltermo (Manchester City) 4 years ago
How do you get it?
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
You gain fan valuation by what you contribute to the site walter, like making new threads, posting your comments etc;, and watching videos comes into it as well, but mostly the comment making is where its at.
If you make decent threads or posts on a regular basis your fv will shoot up, but it also punishes bad spelling and text talk etc; swearing, too many lol's or just gibberish.... Lol
Most of it is explained here in FAQ fan valuation
Good luck
Jimmybreeze 4 years ago
Fan Valuation has become somewhat redundant with the downsizing of the DF budget. Now it is like Monopoly money. And your words are properties
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
It has mate, your right, I have nearly 200m, and it might as well be 20m
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Where do I find my Fan Valuation?
Jimmybreeze 4 years ago
Have you looked in the last place you were? Have you tried retracing your steps? Maybe it's in the pockets of a pair of jeans you put in the washer. Good luck finding it

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