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Dreamfooty Questions And Answers
Please check the DreamFooty FAQ before posting here.
ZenMasterHawk (Arsenal) 2 weeks ago
I would like to get an API key - Please let me know the fastest way to do that. Thanks much!
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 4 months ago
Hi,  How can I delete a league I just created?
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 4 months ago
It won't let me make more than 3 changes to my saved team. Isn't it unlimited until the game starts on the 10th?
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 5 months ago
When is the new season starting?
Jimjo (Manchester United) 5 months ago
Hittash (Liverpool) 5 months ago
Possibly No
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 7 months ago
Where is my money?    Hala madrid, Campeones
Mad4Real (Real Madrid) 7 months ago
Hey, So I made a new post today in RM chat, I went to edit it and no edit option was available.

So I logged out to see if it was a glitch, and my post wasn't even showing once I logged out.

Any idea why this is happening?
ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 7 months ago
The Champs have done it again Thanks for everyone who sent me their congrats, it was a pleasure playing this game.

I believe this will be the last year for Dreamfooty as it seems it has been abandoned by the admins. I hope I can still get my prize money.

Thanks for everyone for a wonderful game, sorry it had to come to an end.

Goodluck to everyone and I hope keeps going forward.

ZIZOO (Real Madrid) 7 months ago
Thanks Zlatan, you are one tough competitor
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 10 months ago
Do players who get involved in international friendlys this week get points?
Ordaye (Liverpool) 9 months ago
Adam68 (Barcelona) 10 months ago
Is there any rewards for those who win on this game and what would it be?
Ordaye (Liverpool) 9 months ago
The winner will get 300
Jimjo (Manchester United) 1 year ago
I bought Smalling from united on monday and he played in champions league on wednesday, , , no points for me? Played, tied and a clean sheet
Ordaye (Liverpool) 1 year ago
The rule is, the purchase that you make on Monday to Friday doesn't take effect until next Saturday.
I have also noticed that even if you didn't purchased on Monday transfer but you had on your bench and didn't played on Saturday if you subtitute before Tuesday it will not count. In short the team you saved on Saturday will be the only team for the whole week until next Saturday
Jimjo (Manchester United) 12 months ago
Thanks for the reply, but why does it state this as a rule.... .... .... .... "Time calculated on page load, changes must be saved before 8am (GMT) on Saturdays and Tuesday to count for that day. "
I just got f--ked again by trying to get my german players back in for a friday night game
Ordaye (Liverpool) 11 months ago
Sorrry to hear that Jimjo, You are right they, should have updated the rules. I don't think they even know this problem
Naushad (Mohammedan Dhaka) 1 year ago

I just used my weekly transfer window but also want to use my emergency pro transfer window but it won't let me buy any players saying I have already used my maximum transfer for the week. Has the pro transfer window been discontinued?
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 1 year ago
Hi,    When will the transfer window be?
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
It's open now!
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
It's open now!
Rockerr (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Any word on last season's prize money?
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
footytube has been disregarded by admin in all aspects
Rockerr (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Well some has received the prize money but I haven't :/
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
Have transfer windows been opening weekly to allow the 2 transfers? As of this week the transfer window appeared to remain closed and I've already suffered due to two injuries sustained by players. How do these 2 transfers work? How can I make my transfers? Please help!
Hulanji14 (Liverpool) 1 year ago
I come to this page to ask the same question. Let us see if they open on Friday
Detram (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
Nothing yet. Please help!
121barca 1 year ago
And it didn't. Wtf?
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
At least we are all in the same situation...
Detram (Inter Milan) 1 year ago
Where are those transfer windows? It was part of the rules and I already missed 3 of them (which 6 players/ half team). I am sorry but this is a big miss from the organizers
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
It's really disappointing to see footytube be disregarded at this level.... Their new system is clearly not working and we all know it, yet there has been no sign of acknowledgment of the issue or action to fix it
Naushad (Mohammedan Dhaka) 1 year ago
My weekly transfer window dosnt seem to work aswell it says closed all the time.... A reply from the staff would be great
Daalayo (Liverpool) 1 year ago
Damn it, still no solution for the problem
11Neymar11 (Manchester City) 1 year ago
I'm just glad I don't have Messi right now...
Clubsportal (Mass Premier Soccer) 1 year ago
Well I wish I didn't do it. Robben is out for weeks.... I'm not sure who I'll buy to replace him. Maybe Isco  

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