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Napoli V Fiorentina, Sep 24
N3razzurri (Inter Milan) 5 years ago
The scoreline tells a lie, it was a highly exciting yet exhausting game to watch with both teams having numerous chances and a really end to end game. Fiorentina perhaps were gifted by the referre, a few too many decisions going their way but Napoli kept on pushing relentlessly until the end of the final whistle fortunately Viola were able to keep them at bay and hold them to a lucky draw
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
I watched the game and I thought we played very good D.... Both had shots that should have gone in for sure.... One of those games where you worked your ass off and just could not score.... But for Viola this is huge.... Anytime you go south in Italy and leave with any points it is a victory.... That is a fact.... And for Naples this was not a good outcome.... They have dropped some recent points.... I wonder if the champions league play is getting to them already.... Do they have the stamina to play that often?
N3razzurri (Inter Milan) 5 years ago
Their scheduale hasn't been ideal, at the start of the season you already had De Laurentis calling the whole of Serie A a shamble and accussed of them for hackling on Napoli, however in their defence they've had a couple of tough games, Man City, Milan, Fiorentina and next week they'll be playing Villareal! So far they've done as much as you could ask of them. Yes, the team is new to this type of regime of playing 3 matches a week. Not to menation the fact that their play hinges on counter attacks, a 3 man defence and a whole lot of running. It's only normal that there will be some tired legs and the odd games when things won't always work out in their favour, like in this game. I wouldn't say it's about a question of stamina but rather their squad size and its depth of quality
Alex08 (Juventus) 5 years ago
Napoli are dropping important points lately. Hopefully juve will win today and go top
Peterpan 5 years ago
Cerci what a great player! I hope the national team will call him.... Impressive speed
Tdsmufan (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Come on napoli
Hkremixboy (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
Impression Cerci
[account-removed] 5 years ago
C'mon Napoli!

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