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So, WTF Are We Supposed To Do Now.
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
11 forums worth of stuff, and a small yet very dedicate fan base, so what next? I think we need a different thread for this, because frankly I'd like this thing to go back on the net. Any takers? Maybe it could be a duty we can pass on every week? Or is it no PL without netnerd?
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I guess be grateful for the time and energy he put into it when it was running and be angry at the fact so many people signed up and dropped out. He did say right from the off that if too many people quit, he'd have to shut it down.

Whoever takes up the reins needs to understand its a load of work that needs to be committed to
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 5 years ago
Taking over would seem to me like dating my friend's ex. No can do
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Yeah, I did it for one week and absolutley got very ffrustrated. I mean what, lol
ManUK (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Well I finally found where the prediction week threads where. No wonder I thought he ended it right after it started.

I didn't know this forum existed until now D:
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Well, you missed the most amazing 10 weeks on footytube
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I've got an idea, i'll put it to you tomorrow, its bed time just now!

Its a good one if you ask me but I will need some help with it, come back tomorrow and find out!

Watch this space....
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
Keeping us in suspenders john?
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Yeah pretty much Tony! Lol Hope its worth the wait!
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I just talked to Greatscot and his idea is that he will write "prediction league" over himself and then roll about outside FA Headquarters until either the police arrest him or Netnerd returns to the site
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Yeah got arrested, been in cells all night, police weren't very sympathetic and I got charged for stalking Netnerd! Lol
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Havent we all?
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Ok so this is my Idea....

We start a new league and I will help to run it but there will be some minor tweaks....

Ok so this one would be a predictor head2head where we play each others prediction skills against each other, depending on how many join up will decide how many leagues we have but the format for the leagues would be the same, updating the leagues would be the part I would need somebody to do I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the time to do that, but maybe Ayyam would like to help?

So it works like this, we pick our teams the same way as last time 3 homes, 3 Draws and 3 Aways, Correct home results get you 1pt, correct away results get you 2 pts and correct draw predictions get you 3 pts.

So for instance if Ayyam were up against Tony and Ayyam had 2 correct homes 1 correct draw and 1 correct away he would have a total of 7 points!

If Tony were to have 3 Correct homes 1 Draw and 2 Aways he would get 10 points, so that would look like Ayyam 7-10 Tony,

You would e-mail you predictions to another e-mail address and I think picking teams should have the same rules as Netnerds game with regards to picking only 1 top team for your home prediction!

Hmmmmmmm I'm not 100% sure how this would work but i'd like to give it a trial run, what do you think and would there be anyone willing to chip in to help run it?!
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
That was one of the ideas we did have for the PL league, but liam thought it better to keep it as it was, but I do like the idea, as it is harder to pick aways and draws.
We havent long left
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
No we haven't that's why it would kind of be like a trial run, if it was popular enough and it worked fine then it would be something to build on for next season.... Maybe!
HangTime (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I'll be in if you guys figure something out. I played last year's prediction league with netnerd and was in every week this year...
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 5 years ago
I'd be in too - if something got started up again
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I'll do all the fixtures and adding up I would just need somebody to do a league table, if somebody volunteers to do that we will be good to give it a go!
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 5 years ago
There isn't much time left. Will this be a knock-out competition?
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
It could be, played over 2 legs or something, we still have 2 1/2 months of the season to go, that's a decent amount of time me thinks!
Depends on how many sign up!
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 5 years ago
So no -1 points for missed predictions and where should people announce their participation? Is there a deadline?
Marcloo (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Gee I'm sure gonna' miss looking up my predictions this weekend
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
So, Bobo, this comp is nearing an end, will you take up the mantle again, or will John continue the dirty work, for next seasons? I think we should take a break and start up after the 19 game mark hits in one of the major leagues

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