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Mini Betting Game For The Prediction Cup!
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 5 years ago
1st leg semi-finals:    Ayyam > Ordaye  Lifeguard > GreatScot
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Ordaye > Me (My Luck has run out) Lifeguard > GreatScot    Arghh, forgot!
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
AyyamS5 > Ordaye....    Lifeguard > GreatScot
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 5 years ago
Ordaye > AyyamS5 ---- GreatScot > Lifeguard
Ordaye (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Thanks for believing in me. It gives me confidence some one as experienced as you believes in me
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Hmmm I don't think this game is going anymore but i'll post what I think anyway!

Lifeguard over GreatScot

Ordaye over AyyamS5
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 4 years ago
Considering this weekend`s fixtures across Europe, with games that won`t be easy to predict or games to avoid. Anyone can have a good chance to reach the Final, but my knowledge about the last 4 partcipants tells me that Lifeguard and Ordaye will be the 2 finalists.

Good luck to all of ya!
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I'm loving it, the underdog title is still here
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 4 years ago
GS > Lifeguard  AyyamS5 > Ordaye

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