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In Those Years. The Minor Children.
Tinayu (Manchester United) 3 months ago

The world cup only look at the big shot? Not necessarily. Sometimes, some sentimental face star cooked face is also worth a second look, though, at this moment, we don't know in the future will show how the dazzling splendor.
In those years, those boys are big shot.........

In June 29, 1958, Brazil 5 than 2 beat Sweden, won the 1958 World cup. After the final, a 17 year old boy fell in the team big brother didi shoulder to cry, he immersed in a world of their own (Figure). That year, he first entered the sight of the world, he has maintained the world cup related young records: the youngest goal scorer (17 years and 239 days), the youngest hat trick on person (17 years 244 days), the youngest final goals (17 years and 249 days), but when the body frail he "and" cry, no one thought, this is just great conquerors first appeared.

12 years later, in 1970 of the Mexico plateau, football history the first generation of great king Deng Ji (pictured), the cry of the 17 year olds, and their names will be written into the glorious history, the people to call him, always habitually plus "the star" title: Diego Bailey

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