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Footytube World Cup Podcast - Episode 18
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
International podcasts, what next footytube, absolutely brilliant effort guys, and especially my old sparring partner bigshel.
I do think lads one pic of shel would have sufficed, not the whole family album.... Lol, I never knew there was so many different shells.
Loved shels round up on the stateside soccer and the demise of bob bradley and his team.
I deffo agree with shel on the early usa substitution, what a lift that must have given ghana when the usa make a tactical substitution so early in the game, and I do agree with shel that maurice edu should have started for the usa, as he's one american player I do know and watch because of his rangers connections with de marcus beasley, he's a good holding midfield player edu, and would have broken play up in the midfield for the usa, which they could have done with early on in the game, but theres no shame on the usa for their efforts, they done their bit and had a go.

I love petes views on the brazil v chile game, and the 1-0 half time, then go on to lose, I wouldnt be surprised if chile go in front and stay in front, these teams are very familiar with one another, and brazil will hold no fears for the chileans, and I think at 6/1 I think you said, they could be a good bet.

The england situation is a joke, they need to get shot of capello, then half of the F. A, yep they need a clear out as well, then bring in a young english manager and let him have a clear out of some of englands stalwarts, who are just not cutting it, and bring in the young guns from the under 21's and let them loose.
I definetly seen a big problem with gareth barry, he's not half the player people think he is, and is well overweight, and I thought rooney was carrying a bit extra weight as well, so much for the training.
And the whole backline apart from ashley cole needs revamped, terrys finished, upson was never good enough anyway, and glen johnson? , well whoever said he was a full back? And he was outrun on numerous occasions for a player who is supposed to be quick, I think he's cumbersome and awkward.
So england and the fa have it all to do before the euro's, but they need shot of fabio capello, first and foremost.
Great podcast as ever guys, theres not many of them left, with the compo coming to a close, but the qualities improving by the podcast
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
Lol, top quality pic's he even had my little one's in there!
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Is that shelly and mishell.... Lol, great family album. And live by the sea as well.... Lol
Petecheyne (Aberdeen) 6 years ago
Agree with you there Tony, its all about bringing in the young guns, get them in early, build their experience up, and they will improve way quicker. In fact, it was my exact technique in Champ Man 01/02
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Exactly pete, a lot of the german team had won the under 21's title the season before, so much for experience, 20 year old thomas muller gave the england defence a torrid time, think of what young adam johnson could have done for england, something different, but no, england as usual stick to what they know, the old guard.
Give youth a chance, and I hear them mentioning beckham for england manager, its not the worst idea, at least he's passionate about his country, he's young, he's english, and has some fantastic contacts around the world, so it might not be a bad idea, well it can be no worse than it is, or has been for years, the lot needs revamped.
I'm not joking when I say get rid of john terry, glen johnston, upson, james, barry, lampard, lennon.
Most of englands problem was the defence, and ashley cole was the only one who came out of these series of games with any credit, and he's the only defender I would keep, I would bring dawson, and jagielka in and joe hart between the sticks, a right back could be a difficult one, I need to think about that one, but no way is glenn johnson a full back, and never was
6 years ago
Great contribution from Shel, nice one.    And I stand by my bets, despite being a little under the influence
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
Uh, Umm well thanks guys! But really how many damm times did I say Uh or Umm in the podcast? Embarrasing really. Next time I will have a scotch or two before we start to loosen my nerves a bit. Lol I have to say thanks to Carl, Pete annd Liam for an incredible experience I was truely honored to share the time with you all!
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Listening to your own voice on playback is always a thousand times worse than someone else hearing it so don't worry, it was great
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
Uhmmmmmm. Thank's!
Petecheyne (Aberdeen) 6 years ago
I predict a 2nd appearance from the Shelmeister, was an awesome insight to thoughts and opinions from over the pond!
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
I'll go buy a bottle of quality scotch today
Carl (Rotherham United) 6 years ago
Oh dear, oh dear....

But enough of England, we have a guest speaker joining us today, its bigshel!

Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
This was one of my favourite podcasts so far. Bigshel was an excellent addition, with a great view on Americas's tournament "straight from the horses mouth" so to speak.

I thought it was a good level-headed discussion about Englands loss to be honest. Liam nailed it when he said he's happy England are out for the simple reason that the false hope is now gone and he can enjoy the World cup.

If Heskey and Wright-Philips were Capello's aces in the sleeve when they went three-one and four-one down, that pretty much sums up the squad this tournament.

Summary of England in World Cups:
1. Decent qualification matches with new or unproven manager. Manager signs long term contract.
2. Media love the team, fans boast how they will win it all easily, plus some World war two references.
3. Questionable start to tournament. Everyone turns nasty on the players, manager, tactics. Hates them.
4. Scrape through first stage, everyone delighted. The tabloids and fans love the players, coach, tactics, boast how they'll win the whole thing, plus some World war two references.
5. England beaten by Germany. Everyone hates the players, tactics, manager, blame the ref, technology, star player.
6. Manager gets fired and humilated. Tabloids tear the team into shreds

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