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"Sir Alex Ferguson Appreciation Thread"
Prophet88 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
So today is the dreaded day that all United fans hoped never came. Sir Alex calling it a day. I thought we'd pay tribute to this great man and show our appreciation for his 27 years of unprecedented service to Manchester United.

I'll start with listing all the accolades he received during his time here and at Aberdeen as well.

Manchester United:
Premier League (13): 1992–93, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1996–97, 1998–99, 1999–2000, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09, 2010–11, 2012–13
FA Cup (5): 1989–90, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1998–99, 2003–04
League Cup (4): 1991–92, 2005–06, 2008–09, 2009–10
FA Charity/Community Shield (10): 1990 (shared), 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011
UEFA Champions League (2): 1998–99, 2007–08
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1): 1990–91
UEFA Super Cup (1): 1991
Intercontinental Cup (1): 1999
FIFA Club World Cup (1): 2008

Scottish Premier Division (3): 1979–80, 1983–84, 1984–85
Scottish Cup (4): 1981–82, 1982–83, 1983–84, 1985–86
Scottish League Cup (1): 1985–86
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (1): 1982–83
UEFA Super Cup (1): 1983

This picture of him justifies all his qualities, the fighting spirit, the desire, hunger for success and unprecedented zeal for perfection.
The Greatest Of All Time

So in this thread I'd call on United fans to share your most favorite memory of him by his quotes, pictures, videos or situations that defined the great Sir Alex Ferguson.
DTaDiablo ((Footytube Staff)) 3 years ago
My favourite quote by Ferguson would have to be the one on Liverpool:

"My greatest challenge is not what's happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch. And you can print that."

Over the decades there has been a great rivalry between both of the clubs, but before us it was all about Liverpool so to surpass Liverpool in such style and tenacity is truly a great achievement.

There are many reasons what has made him successful but one of the things that I liked about him was that he was not afraid to speak his mind. He would always give you an honest answer whether it was right or wrong.

I would personally like to thank Ferguson for sculpting modern day football management as well as turning this club into a true global leader on and off the pitch.

Bjarni10 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
This is one of my favorite Sir Alex moments.

After losing the Champions League to Barcelona in 2011 and yet still so graceful in defeat and answer a question with a cheeky little joke. One of the many reasons that make him the best manager of all time.

But there are so many moments that make him so respected and such a great person that it would take ages in counting them all up.

But maybe another one that's another not so happy moment when we lost to Real this season, and the passion he showed after we went down to 10 men and his drive and determination to try his best to drag the team over the finish line. Amazing that his passion for the game has stayed so strong for so long
Mokster101 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Probably the never forget the feeling of losing speech. Greatest manager, we we re lucky to have him. I could never play as man united on any fifa game simply out of respect of the boss. Who was I to replace him, nor did I celebrate when I scored against united because they never signed me. Arsene did. But jokes aside. One of the greatest and I hope he's still majorly involved with the club. I can speak for many out there who can say the game has retired one of the last few remaining legendary icons of the beautiful game
Dgrant117 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
I can't recall a day back then when Ferguson was first taking over, since I was born in the era. But I must say, after learning about him and the club, it was always a pleasure. So many incredible moments and memories. I believe he re-invented United, built it from the ground up, and made it into the popular club we see today.

25 years, that's a feat that no other manager will be able to compete with. Not even the next manager for United. But whoever is next in line, I hope the best for, since the pressures will ride onto him next season to take over the club.

One fond memory I have of him is when he's bowing down to the fans after we won our record 19th title. I couldn't understand why he was doing it, he was the man who made it possible, we should be bowing down to him. But that's the essence of the Boss, his enthusiasm and charisma makes you believe he's a die hard fan of United as well. He puts the club above himself and distilled it into the players, staff and crew at the club.

I wish Fergie nothing but the best after the season's end, he deserves a nice applause for our final home game on Saturday against Swansea.

Viva Fergie!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Barracuda (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Nice on Jeroen, deffo worth a watch
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I know you all dislike David Moyes for not winning trophies and having a poor away from home record, but in my humble opinion, it is merely because he always had an average team with two or three very good players, competing with the great English teams who have 10-15 great players. Even most benchwarmers of England's top 5 clubs would've been stars at Everton, so it is hardly surprising Everton have been beaten by them time and again in the run for trophies.

Look at Arsenal, managed by the respectable Wenger. They have many more great players but in the last 8 years they hardly did any better than Everton. David Moyes also won the League Manager of the Year three times in the past decade, more than anyone else (Fergie won it 3 times in the past 14 years).

Here's an article of a real Toffee, his farewell to Moyes, which is as tough for him to swallow as for a United fan to accept the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, and it is a must-read:

Theatreofdream (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Sometimes I hated some of his decisions, like by often benching kagawa, playing questionable and not ready players or benching key players at a crucial match (eg rooney against madrid), being too risk averse against bad performance (eg benching rafael for weeks just after he received one red card or picking lindegaard over de gea just because de gea was still in the process of adapting), etc....

In all honesty I was often upset with him.... But then I realized that no one could please everyone.... And now that he's gone, I started reviewing back and realized that he was the greatest that we could have possibly asked for....

The moment I learnt about his retirement, I felt terribly empty.... I felt like one of my closest buddies has just passed away, strange because I have never met SAF personally before.... But how he has inspired me, you, and millions of other people, is something that is truly magnificent and will forever be written in the history of football....

He is not just a football coach, he is a great mentor, a true inspirator, a leader, a boss, a gentleman, a father-like figure, a tactician, an engineer, a maestro, a living legend.... I will support united for the rest of my life, but all the coming seasons will be very different without him....

MUFC1990 (Manchester United) 3 years ago

This was one of my favourite Fergie moments.

He had a touchline ban after his criticism of Alan Wileys fitness (I think) and it was just hilarious to see him sat in the stands with a phone hardwired to Mike Phelan below so he could still give orders.

I thought this was a real Fergie moment and its not something I think many people will mention
Theatreofdream (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Which match was this.... His dedication is clearly unrivalled
Barracuda (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Well every time our boys score a goal, I will miss Sir Alex celebrating like he's 25 years old along the touchline.

I hope the lads give Sir Alex the send off he well and truly deserves
Prophet88 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Found this Video and I don't think anyone has seen the great Fergie in this light. Shows a different side to his personality that people don't know about.

Redsince63 (Manchester United) 3 years ago

I Think this will always be one of the magic moments, the way we won it ,what the Club achieved and of course Sir Alex after the game !
InLoveSince96 (Manchester United) 3 years ago
What a legend. I am amazed by Sir Alex and will be forever grateful to what he has given the world of football. Incredible man
Honeybabymwah (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Mr. Manchester United
Jeroen (Barcelona) 3 years ago

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