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Should United Sell Berbatov And Decide Not To Buy Tevez?
X3Noc1de (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Should Manchester United sell their 30m signing Berbatov? Should They sign Tevez or?

I think that berbatov should stay for another season, I'm sure fergie will make him a better player
Tevez should be bought aswell as I like what he does for the team. I think that it's going to be an important season for Kiko Macheda next season.

What do you think?
Jeffboi (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Has Berbatov made Man UTD better? I think the transfer for 30m was a too much for the 28 year old striker. I would sell him in the offseason just because he's going to be 29 next season. I think the money from Berbatov should be used to buy Tevez. Both Berbatov and Tevez this season has scored 13 total goals. Difference between Tevez and Berbatov is age. Tevez is 25.... As for Macheda, he has only scored 2 goals as of right now. Regardless of his stats he is only 17 and Fergie has said that he would want to sign the Italian striker. Yea its going to be important year for Macheda. He has to show improvement. I wonder if they could sign Giovanni Dos Santos? Whatever happen to him?
Darwinchin (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I think Berbatov should go really. I don't feel he fits in well with the current form of United. He doesn't seem to score much goals as he did when he first arrived United. I would really like to see Alexandre Pato (AC Milan) or Kaka (AC Milan) in the United replacing Berbatov. Alexandre Pato is about the same age as Macheda, but Pato is already proven in Series A and he plays for Brazil internationally
RedYankeeDevil (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I think Berba will stay another year just because of the massive amount of money it took to sign him. I hope they can keep Tevez. It will take another 22 million to buy him. Giovanni Dos Santos is at Ipswich Town with Roy Keane on loan from Tottenham
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
He will stay for another season but tevez will be sold. Then man utd will sell berba and get someone like kun aguero, or someone youngish to pair up with rooney. I also think man utd will by an attacking midfielder, the AM would do great in pairing with Carrick
Baconred109 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Keep Berba for another year. He has showed some promise. He hasn't scored many goals but he does hold the ball well and opens up a lot of play.

The only thing keeping Tevez from putting up numbers like last year is lack of playing time. He rarely gets the nod in front of Berba or Rooney. I say sell Nani, who has done next to nothing in his two years at Old Trafford. Move Rooney out wide, because he does play well there, and keep Berba and Tevez up top. When Ronaldo Berba Tevez and Rooney have been given a run in that formation it has worked well. I agree, a young attacking mid would be nice too. I like Anderson's enthusiasm, but he's a bit sloppy and can't finish in front of goal
Forakewc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Pretty much agree with everything Adamaus & Bacon said, except the comments on Ando & Aguero.

Definitely keep Berba for another full campaign. His touch (when he's on his form) brings the best out of the attack we love to see. Keep in mind he didn't get to train with the squad last offseason. Frankly, I think he could net 30 next season, barring injury.

.... And sadly, as much as most of us love seeing Carlitos go at Gooner & Chelski defenders like a 'mini-me'-Argentine Keano, I don't see him back with us--& I love the thought, but I don't see us getting Aguero anytime soon. Not to worry, Ando really has nowhere to go but up. (And he's already proven a better Brazilian pickup than Kleberson. HA)

Manchester united FC ::: Champs of England, Europe, Earth.... Hell, bring on the Mooninites FC
Darwinchin (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Franck Ribery!

I would really love to see him replacing Giggs and Nani! However, Ribery would also fit really well in Barca. Be interesting to see where he ends up
X3Noc1de (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I wouldn't buy aguero anytime soon as he still needs some improvement. It will be sad to see tevez leave, I think berbatov is good but united's game is pace, he ain't got no pace. He's lazy. I agree that fergie should play rooney ronaldo tevez and berba all together. They are fantastic, they scored 5 against tottenham together. Fergie should buy tevez and tevez should give him another chance next season, if everythnig stays the same, loan out tevez. I don't know why but I associate berbatov with ruud van nistelrooy ribery would be a fantastic signing. Anyone thinks we should buy back rossi?
Davepol (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I think that Berbatov did ok but just ok. He has the quality but I'm not sure he is the sort of player United need in matches where he is up against somebody like King or Gallas who are strong and aggressive. I'm a big fan of Tevez and his worth ethic is second to none but this season he has been missing a lot of chances to score. I'd like to get 15-20 million for Berbatov, sign on Tevez and buy Benzema from Lyon. I didn't think that Benzema would leave Lyon last year but after seeing Lyon slump in Europe against Barcelona, get knocked out of the French cup and slip up in the league I think this is the best chance for United to sign him up. He has power, pace and his technique is brilliant. I also agree with Darwinchin up there about Ribery beacause a Rooney, Benzema, Ribery and Ronaldo strikeforce would push Barcelona for the title of best attackers
[account-removed] 7 years ago
Get rid of berba he's a joke tevez and rooney at front won the champions league last year for a reason
MazzaMathias (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Sell tevez's selfish a**, and keep berba

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