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Performance Analysis Infographic : How Good Manchester United Really Was Last Season??
AnkurUpadhyay (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
Manchester United won EPL quite comprehensively last season... But how good they really were.... Take a look at this infograph to find out...

Honeybabymwah (Manchester United) 3 years ago
Last three seasons all United's success went to Sir Alex alone 50% simply because even if Jose and Pep co-manage current United Squad I doubt immensely qualifying for Europe. 30% of success were a blithering fluke and only 20% were awfully done by players.

As always being United's faithful, I am more concern about football club and where actually the club is heading. I am not one of those people who hypocritically castigating over other clubs spending and big signing. This is 21st century and modern marketing is seems to be out of reach for United these days.

Having a stony broke Yank as owner and lack of quality in staff and I genuinely think Manchester United are football club of laziness, complacency and mediocrity

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