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Indonesia V Malaysia, Dec 1
Hayleycomet (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Those that voted Indonesia as rubbish must be bitter malaysian fans. Look at the scoreline dude. We trash you right. Grow up and grow some balls
Bolabolabola (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Yeah grow with imports.... Indonesia don't have enough talent isn't it?
Iamlegend 6 years ago
With or without import, indonesia will always beat malaysia, fun fact - not so fun for you isn't it?
Dionn (Barcelona) 6 years ago
For 'bolabolabola' comments: 'learn some f*****g english properly first, then you can put your comment here' and oh yeah, for your information he decided to join the team, we're not deliberately recruit him. And yes coolden has told you his background, even if he is imported so what? He wants to be part of us. And why don't you f*****g malaysians stop saying s**t and staling our culture and learn how to kick a ball instead of just recruiting your f*****g indian coach. Go f**k yourself malaysians
Ariyanti (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Good Job My National Team.... Keep Spirit for the next and the next match!
Garry (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Go to hell retarded Malaysian Fans!
Gaust (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Ayo Garuda merah putih, jangan terlena.... Masih ada lawan yang harus dikalahkan.... Tetap menginjak bumi....
Bravo indonesia....
Somatrix (Inter Milan) 6 years ago
FYI, this tournament's title isn't Tiger Cup anymore. In 2007 asean Football Championship was renamed from the Tiger Cup, due to the cup's main sponsor, Tiger Beer, not continuing their title sponsorship and since 2008 it is primarily sponsored by Suzuki and therefore officially known as the AFF Suzuki Cup. So I think it will be more suitable if there's an update on the tournament title.
GO garuda! Kuyakin KALI INI pasti menang!
Anwarviking23 (Persib Bandung) 6 years ago
Garuda didadaku bravo indonesia
Coolden (FC Dallas) 6 years ago
Imported? Malaysians need to understand the fact. Gonzales has lived in Indo since 2003, converted to Muslim since then. He also married Indonesian woman, which gave them kids. He can sing Indonesian National Anthem very well. He's truly Indonesian. Irfan Bachdim only used the Netherlands as the country of birth. His dad is pure Indonesian. Can't you see that he's physically like us?

Nevertheless, Malaysians can only come up with excuses. 5 goals proof how bad your team is. Go compete with Laos if you cannot accept the fact
MatKarto (Persiraja Banda Aceh) 6 years ago
Indonesia took advantage of the weak Malaysian defence. Most goals came from the Malaysian defenders' mistakes. Second goal from Gonzales was so crucial injecting more confidence to the team. Well done for Gonzales and Irfan. A perfect debut in national team with a goal each.

Would be interesting to watch the next game against resilient Laos. Please any one who has the video to post and share it at footy as well
Dionn (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Eat s**t you malays
Garry (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Ayo bro2 pendukung Indo. Mari kita saling add meng-add supaya makin solid memberi dukungan kepada timnas kita di jejaring internet ini.
Semoga Indonesia juara. Amin
Kevinirwan (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Gonzales and bachdim got reasons why they played for Indonesia, just like coolden says, gonzales been living in Indonesia since 2003, got a local wife and 3 kids, he never go back to Uruguay since, not even for his father's funeral because he's applying for Indo's nationality, he speaks the language very well, even the national anthem, Irfan Bachdim? Read the name dumb-ass malay's! He's definitely Indonesian, his father Noval Bachdim is Indonesian and plays in the national league, yes he got a Dutch mother, but he choose to become Indonesian on his own will, even moved to Malang, which is not a big city, just so he could play in the Indonesian league. Both players are not randomly "import" as some of you says, not like Singapore and Vietnam who took players randomly and gave them citizenship to play for their country, which I don't think is a problem either way, even Japan has a brazilian played for them, not mentioning Croatian, Portugal, even France, su*k it up! You LOST! 5-1!
Jackolantern (Manchester United) 6 years ago
M4l4y team just a l4m3 s*** for sure
GeryGooner (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Bolabolabola, I think you should come to my country first to see how many local talents Indonesia have. Everyday you will see many kids and adults playing football wherever. So stop talking about talents, you count how many talents you have in malaysia first, then persentage it, and compare it to the number you get in Indonesia. Malaysian like you never admit you're worse than us
Loong1989 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Hey guys, what's up with all the emotions? Football is supposed to bring us all together, not hating each other.

Both countries have their own talents. Malaysia advanced to the quarter-finals of the Asian Games 2010, emerging as one of the best four third-placed teams. In the SEA Games 2009, Malaysia emerged as Champions, against Vietnam in the final who beat them in group match earlier on. Indonesia may have topped the group now, but anything can happen since Malaysia is now through to the next round too~

5-1 trashing? In the end it's still 3 points. You don't get 1 point per goal when you score 5....

Bolabolabola, with or without imports, the Indonesia team plays with pride. To the Indonesians here, same goes for the Malaysia national team. No one would want to enter the tournament thinking that they are going to lose. If so, what's the purpose? We might as well just retreat from the tournament.

Guys, learn to give and receive some respects.

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