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Liverpool V Udinese, Oct 4
Kazuki (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Well, another defeat. I don't even know what to say
Deco20k (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Get used to it  
Kagawa26RVP20 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Yeah and your a chelsea fan.... [awkward silence]
Jeganx (Liverpool) 4 years ago
He's already used to it. It's just that the hope of winning for LFC fans has becoming more of a disappointment lately
DaInvincible (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Its okay bro. As long as LFC stays in EPL theres still a chance to get back into top4. Maybe 100 years but theres still chance.
BerlinerDK (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I wonder was comes first, Liverpool in top 4 or Arsenal actually winning anything more than a dutch summer tournament (incl. 3 other weak teams)
Dicicco8 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I want to say we were unlucky but coates and johnson were not giving any sort of effort tonight. On the bright side, el Pistolero is in form and Shelvey gets better every match
Peterpan 4 years ago
Suarez left on the bench for most of the game was a bad idea. Shelvey is a spectacular midfielder, it would have been better if Assaidi had take the night off. Di Natale at 35 why old he's just pure class
Polcenigo (Udinese) 4 years ago
Yeah, I thought for sure that Suarez would start. Another guy who had me worried was Suso, but they didn't even have him on the bench. I think if he had been there instead of Assaidi we might not have made it
UDECHILE (Univ de Chile) 4 years ago
No words to describe Di Natale's performance. He deserves a place among the football gods. I mean his goal and his assist were just golden, what a player. He has given so much to Udinese, one of the greatest players ever without a doubt
Preznet (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Damn - this looks like it was an awesome game
Preznet (Manchester United) 4 years ago
And I missed it
Joshd24 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Wow that's sportsmanship right there. Carragher playing keepy uppies with Di Natale hahah
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Sahin should have started...
Rymaster111 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Only 3 of Liverpool's first XI started --rodgers was playing youth until the league form picks up. Sahin will start on Sunday for sure
Loopster (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Liverpool shoot themselves in the foot more often than romney
Dany10 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Lol you did not watch the debate, did ya
Thomasfk (Liverpool) 4 years ago
More often than Obama says "uh" in a speach
Albokk (Juventus) 4 years ago
Obama got owned by the mitt!
Billy27 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Politics in a football video hosting forum? Take it elsewhere gentlemen
Fastt187 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Di natale does not age
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Yes he does.come il buon vino...
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 4 years ago
Freaking yes Di Natale is the man
CSKA1948SOFIA (PFC CSKA Sofia) 4 years ago
Awesome Udinese! English teams can't beat Italian teams so far this season, I'm very impressed
BadTripRich (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Congrats Udinese.    Liverpool a little unlucky.    All around entertaining game!  
BHAKUNDO (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I watched the first half and LFC with one goal ahead was all over Udinese but when I watched the remaining in highlights.... It was tragedy all over LFC.... I told my friend that whenever I watch LFC playing I sense as if they loses and that's what happen.... I want LFC to come in their old firm but they don't have any potential players beside suarez
10turan (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Don't have any potential players beside Suarez? Move along mate
Luckyzino (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Liverpool days is over unless an Arab bought them
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Russians would also do...
FijianRed (Liverpool) 4 years ago
No thanks. We are doing just fine. We are re building our team, there will be lots of roller coaster moments. We are aiming for the top and when we get there we are planning stay there for along time. And I think our youth is the answer not money. Liverpool days are not over, we are just heading in to a different era!
TipsyMcStagger (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I agree, let's throw money at the problem. That always works. How is QPR doing?
Billy27 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Work in progress. First half, very good. Well done Udinese, they deserved the win. A long way to go for the team. Lots and lots of possession, fantastic pass and move but, big but, no final ball in the back of the net

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