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Wily0 (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Damn, Liverpool's squad is going to be so solid this season.... I mean, look at the midfield: Can, Grujic, Wijnaldum, Coutinho.... And maybe even Ejaria.
And I don't think Klopp is done. Can't wait. Even the defence is looking good if it doesn't get too injury riddled.
Still need somebody to challenge moreno for left back
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
It will be much more solid if we bring in a really good replacement for lucas, as it stands I don't think he fits Klopps long term plan. He is a good back up for cdm/CB but I think just like Allen he has not got all the attributes to be a Klopp player.

A good back up to Clyne and a left back to compete with moreno would make our defence alot more solid.

Most of the work is done but I doubt we are finished
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Yeah a lot of outgoings and future of lucas and allen still in balance
Wily0 (Real Madrid) 1 week ago
Yes. I just can't wait for klopp to iron out those little wrinkles, get rid of unneeded players, add some more players and implement these players into his system.
I can already feel it in my gut that it's going to be a very good season for Liverpool
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I thought the Allen deal was completed Pewpew? Reported 13m for him?
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
Lol reading all the comments from United fans about depay, who remembers when they said depay will be better then firmino.... So happy now we missed out on that failure
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Hahahaha oh what a good laugh. Messi has Depaldo pictures framed in his Catalan Mansion
Underrated (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Wijnaldum The lean      Https://twitter.Com/LFC/status/756549240558673921
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Georginio Wijnaldum has signed a five-year contract with Liverpool    He will wear no. 5
Underrated (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I have seen this on twitter and I have to say great business Ian Ayre

Sterling 50m
Ibe 15m

Net total 65m

Karius 4. 5m
Matip free
Mane 30
Grujic 5
Wijnaldum 25m

Spend 64. 5m
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 week ago
We should still be in for a LB then. Also a CDM
Underrated (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I have a feeling we are going to sign hector, but I don't think we are going to sign a CDM as someone said the other day I don't think klopp likes out and out CDM I think he prefers box to box MF I. E Can Grujic Wijnaldum Henderson
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I don't think we will sign more players unless someone leaves, like if Flanagan goes on loan or something
Teja7 1 week ago
Sterling left last summer though...
Underrated (Liverpool) 1 week ago
@Teja7 that's not the point, the point is we sold two teenagers for more than we signed 5 very talented players with experience
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
If Klopp is buying alot of attacking mids, even more then we might need. He won't just leave the wing back positions. I think we still in the window for more players
Teja7 1 week ago
Our window is far from over.

Klopp's focus between now and the end of the transfer window will be adding another defender. #lfc (Source: Chris Bascombe on Twitter)

LFC/Klopp interested in 20 year old Max Meyer (Schalke 04), fee up to 33. 5m€ [Source: bild]

Klopp still expects to pull off at least one more deal, with a left back high on his list of priorities. [David Maddock - Mirror]
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 week ago
On this day in 1999 Dietmar Hamann joined Liverpool from Newcastle for 9. 57€m
Azeal (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Expensive, but a good value in the end
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Georginio Wijnaldum has the 'lungs of a horse' and was scouted by Liverpool for years, says Kuyt
LyverBird (Liverpool) 1 week ago
That's quite a compliment, coming from Kuyt
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Wow.... What a compliment coming from someone with two sets of f*****g lungs!
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Georginio Wijnaldum has completed his medical and is expected to be announced as a Liverpool player shortly. #lfc    
YoloToure (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Isn't Benteke supposed to be a Crystal Palace player by now?
Wayne24 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Unfortunatelly, he wants to fight for his future at the club. I just hope Klopp spoke to him about moving
Kazuki (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Wow, dortmund got Gotze and Schurrle. Nice business from them. As madder said before, we desperately need a LB. Moreno is not good in defence
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Klavan will be our LB if we don't get 1    The guy is left footed Tank, Quick and can Defend
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Schurrle and Gotze aren't even their best signings imo. It's Emre Mor and Ousmane Dembele. Ousmane Dembele will set the Bundesliga on fire, Mor will take a bit of time, but he will be the bigger talent once he settles in
YoloToure (Liverpool) 1 week ago
If Muller, Lewy, Alaba continue their Euro form into the league and these acquisitions perform, BVB will win the Bundesliga
Madder (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Please sign a LB or we will be having a headache throughout the season....

At first I am still okay considering we had flanagan and gomez as option.... But now red cafu might be out on loan and gomez struggling with recovery.... Yes we have klavan but he admit he havent played there for years.... And I don't wanna see moreno trademark error....

So please
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Same, still think he's a liability in defence. Need a LB to challenge him at the least.

Rodriguez from Wolfsburg would be great. Don't think the rumored youngster from L. City would improve the ranks at all
Faceo (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Goals: 8
Assists: 12
Chances created: 54
Tackles: 55
Cost: 120 mil euros

Goals: 5
Assists: 11
Chances created: 61
Tackles: 53
Cost: free

Just sayin...
Dom1878 (Manchester United) 1 week ago
Pogba trophies with Juve: 8    Milner trophies with liverpool: 0      Just sayin...
Shalafi (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Pogba:  From Man UTD to Juve - Free  Fro Juve to Man UTD - 120mil    Just sayin...
Puttu86 (Liverpool) 1 week ago

We will see how many trophies will he win in man utd.... Even milner won a lot of trophies in man city.

That too milner has had only one season with liverpool where in we made it to two finals...
Dom1878 (Manchester United) 1 week ago
^^yes he may not win anything at all but I mean stats are useless without getting something in the end. Milner had a good season but I guess he would have love to lift a trophy. Pogba (if he signs) may produce the same thing with us who knows
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Pogba is just a s**t Charlie Adam
SKool (Arsenal) 1 week ago
Lol Skorm
Oweniit (Manchester United) 1 week ago
So basically you are saying both Pogba and Milner are in the same class. Good
[account-removed] 1 week ago
Liverpool fans lmao
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Milner won the title in England and Pogba was a utd youth that made it in a s**t league.
If Pogba plays the same this coming season as he did in Serie A then I say good player.

But until then Milner has done more in England.

Hype does nothing for me
LyverBird (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I find it really stupid to value a player by the amount of trophies HIS TEAM won. Its a trademark argument of brainless ManU fans when trying to compare Gerrard to most of the flops they bought over the last decade and a half, because they know he tops their flops in every every department and have to hide behind their classic "he never won a PL title" argument.
Football is a team sport dumbo, trophies aren't won by one player.

P. S: these stats are almost the same, Milner is as productive as Pogba. Why the fuçk would I prefer a 120m player to a free one if they'll give me the same performances
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I seem to remember a certain set of fans calling Liverpool fans deluded when it was said Milner is a better player than Schweinsteiger. Last season that was basically proved my Milners contribution and work rate
LyverBird (Liverpool) 1 week ago
@Dan, don't be silly. Of course Schweini is better than Milner, he won the wc2014. What has Milner won with England?  
XXZarghamXx (Manchester United) 1 week ago
Iniesta 1 goals and 4 assists  Silva 4 goals and 11 assists    But milner is better than them all lol
SoccerIsFootbal (Manchester United) 1 week ago
Pogba really struggled in the beginning of the season with pirlo and vidal gone. He started coming back second half of the season. He didn't have a great season nor great euros to be honest
Puttu86 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Liverpool to sign Alex Manninger on one-year contract

Madder (Liverpool) 1 week ago
I think it is part of the process of replacing our goalkeeper coach.... With all due respect, almost everyone know the current coach lacks experience and we havent really improved much on goalkeeping department for years....

I was hoping we get reina as some earlier rumors.... He would be a great addition to the team and coaching later....
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
Clever attacking players - Coutinho, Firmino, Lallana
Pacey mofo Attacking Players - Mane, Wijnuldum, Markovic, Ojo
Pacey strikers - Sturridge, Origi, Ings

Oh that depth though!
Honestabe (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Starting to look much more like a klopp team!
Madder (Liverpool) 1 week ago
In overall it is a major upgrade from the previous squad.... Many are sceptical why we kind of cramping our midfield and all.... But I think klopp still wanna implement gegen pressing-liverpool style.... But to do that he need depth so when he rotate the quality won't drop significantly.... Now almost everyone can step up when call
Puttu86 (Liverpool) 1 week ago
Juventus have signed Croatia winger Marko Pjaca from Dinamo Zagreb, the Serie A champions have announced.    Damn!
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 1 week ago
Another bites the dust! ¬_¬

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