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Pewpew (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Before transfer window shuts

Sell/Loan - Ilori, Wisdom, Balotelli, Markovic

Full 25 Man Squad

GK - Mignolet, Karius, Manninger
CB - Lovren, Matip, Sakho, Klavan
RB - Clyne, Gomez
LB - Moreno, Milner
CDM - Lucas, Stewart
CM - Can, Grujic, Henderson, Lallana
CAM - Wijnaldum, Coutinho
Wingers - Mane, Ojo
ST - Firmino, Origi, Stuzza, Ings

I can see why klopp feels he doesn't need to buy and he probably feels he can make the squad become better. But lets see. I would save the money for january to maybe get a good player then
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 days ago
All we need is for teams to target our LB then it be all over by January
Pewpew (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Yeah I hear ya. But I think klopp wants to play milner in starting 11 and he is stacked in midfield so feels milner can be an assit king with his crosses and workrate at fullback. Plus defensively surely milner can't be worse than moreno
Sergio 3 days ago
Damn.... I was hoping we had one of two more spaces left for players. No wonder we haven't gone for a left back.... And we was targetting chillwill of liescter becouse he is under 21
YoloToure (Liverpool) 3 days ago
U21 players don't count for the registered squad right? But the numbers are still relevant in terms of playing time
Sergio 3 days ago
Yeah they don't count as they register for u21s, like origi etc
Ankitarora (Liverpool) 3 days ago
So all aboard the hype train after beating the might Burton....

I have little hope for us this season.... Its always the same story with us.... Until our manager starts saying out aloud that we are focussing on winning the league nothings gonna' change.... I've had enough of this top 4 bullshit....

I think this mentality affects the attitude of the team.... For example.... If our target is top four.... Defeat at Burnley is not a major setback.... But if we see ourselves in the title race its a huge blow.... Its all a matter of perception....

I think this is the reason of our persisting problems even after 3 managers and a whole lot of players.... Because for the last 8 since 2008 we have been chasing top 4 and not the title....
Footster (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Agree 100%
Robinson (Liverpool) 3 days ago
@Ankitarora I'm tired of saying the same s**t
Messuarez (Liverpool) 3 days ago
*rolls eyes* henderson is the player now trending for criticism, moreno went out style, fans just love to criticize idk why
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Because why not? They play a game and get paid for it anyways lol
YoloToure (Liverpool) 3 days ago
It's not random. Watch: https://twitter.Com/f1rmino/status/767084760879562752?Ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

I also remember him just completely sky-ing and sending an easy pass out for a goal-kick today as the icing on the cake. I actually pity him though, as I think it's due to his foot injury
Blayzie (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Well jeez. I earn 80k per year and I, just like everyone else who works in my company and anyone who is employed, gets criticism if we don't perform or do our jobs correctly. I'm pretty sure Jordan earns 100k PER WEEK so of course he's going to get roasted when he plays like s**t. It doesn't mean we don't support him. He's a Liverpool player, he's one of us. But f**k, when you're earning 100k per week, you'd expect him too play better lol
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Lfcmjt is right.... It's not like they volunteer
KevMo (Liverpool) 3 days ago
His point is he gets undeserved/irrational criticism. If the team does poorly instead of everyone sharing the blame he is used as a scapegoat
Colinmc (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Henderson is the first target of criticism in this team because 1. He's the captain and 2. His name isn't Gerrard.

The guy is still starting every match for the team for a reason.

Moreno and Mignolet are the only ones who get more criticism if only because they make obvious mistakes
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Dreamfooty back up?
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Drop Henderson for the Spurs game?    
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
So long as its not for wjinaldum, havent been too impressed by him in that position thus far
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
He should be playing further up the pitch Wjinaldum. He needs to improve his performances away from home (that's where he struggled last year)
Sergio 3 days ago
I would replace him with Grujic who is making everything he touches gold at the moment
Pewpew (Liverpool) 3 days ago
My new dp hands off Mane is mine
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Haha he totally looks like he's had some of that gud gud in that pic
MereEarthlings (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Sergio 3 days ago
Klopp on injuries "(can) it is not that serious. It's not that big [of a] pain anymore, but it's the ankle he had problems with at the end of last season, so he's a little bit worried.

“Hopefully it's nothing too serious. ”

Klopp also allayed fears Divock Origi had picked up an injury towards the end of the fixture, revealing the Belgium striker was suffering with cramp"
Sergio 3 days ago
If Grujic keeps up the good work he could replace Henderson?

The only player I can think of who can play well in the box to box position with lallana
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I think he will replace hendo some time this season, especially with all the talk that he wanted the number 8 (unless of course Hendo gets to the same level that he was during Stevie's last season)
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Evening gents. I'm just here to ask who got injured this last game lol
Sergio 3 days ago
Can went off    Origi went down too
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Hopefully nothing serious? Please tell me it's nothing serious!
LFCMJT (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Ugh my two fav players wtf
Sergio 3 days ago
Origi didn't look as serious

The way can went down you can't tell if he hurt his ankle or his knee ligament, he didn't need a stretcher but I'm praying he is fine. If we don't have him againts spurs we will get slaughtered
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Mane and Orgi should start as Default when fit. Lethal Combo!
Sergio 3 days ago
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 days ago
We could do with a few more Manes such a enjoy to watch.
Leaves everything on the pitch regardless who we are playing

Lallana and Henderson needs to be Replaced going forward in order to achieve greatness. Lallana too inconsistent for his age and Henderson the over achiever
YoloToure (Liverpool) 3 days ago
----Origi  --Ojo----Mane    That explosiveness. Stretch that D
Wayne24 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
On a positive note, Mane keeps showing what a great signing he is. Energetic, Strong, Pace, and Skill, this guy is going to go places. Just not away from our club I hope lol
Wayne24 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
My goodness Hendo's performance tonight was trash. I posted that link to his performance at Burnley and I can't wait for someone to make a cameo of this game. s**t passes and bad decisions from a guy who wears the captains band is embarrassing really. The only one I can give him this game is where he tried to pick out Lallana in box from a cross
KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 days ago
For a second I thought Stuzza got injured after scoring the 4th goal
Pewpew (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Hope emre is nothing serious. I still feel we need a midfielder henderson is having a shocking start to the season.

Mane is a game changer

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