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ScouserDan (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
The page crashed?
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Yes !
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Only Mourinho, Ancellotti and Mancini have won more games than Rodgers in the first 100 since 1992.

Think of the squad we had in his first season, and now read that again
Malik (Barcelona) 19 hours ago
I'm not sure about this stat

Rodgers managed 100 games won 56 draw 21 & lost 23 matches
Pep managed barca for 247 games won 179 draw 47 & lost 21 matches

I couldn't find the break down of his first 100 games but I'm pretty sure we won more then 56 matches during Pep's his first 100 games
CantStopTheKop (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Ummm.... I think Ashup is referring to the EPL.

Besides Pep had Messi, Xavi and Iniesta (in their prime) - your argument is invalid
Hmohammed (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Yeah let's compare the Barca team of 2009-2011 (Considered by many as the greatest team of all time) to Liverpool when Rodgers took over. And FYI this was BPL only
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Barcelona lad, we are talking of EPL.
Malik (Barcelona) 17 hours ago
I'm sorry I though it was for all leagues

@CantStopTheKop, I agree

@Hmohammed, just calm down, I didn't meant to question or degrade rodger's amazing work which he have done after taking charge of Liverpool.
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
This season, our goals will be disributed across the team - Stuzza, Mario, Sterling, Hendo, Gerrard, Moreno, Lovren, Sakho, Skrtel, Lallana, Coutinho, Lambert, all will get a more than 5 goals imo
BuckRodgers (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Moreno - maybe, lovren, sakho and skrtel though? A bit steep  
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
Skrtel got 7 goals last season
Bplittle (Liverpool) 10 hours ago
Markovic looks v dangerous
Fernandez (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
United motto:    If you can't support us when we lose.    Don't support us when we draw.  
GReYwind2 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Or, If you can't support us when we lose    Don't support us when we lose again
CantStopTheKop (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
Pre-season form is temporary.    Sh!T is permanent.
Footster (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Great goals yesterday, Moreno just took me by surprise. What a great kid. I was a fan after his first game against City, despite the error. This goal just goes on to say why.

Overall, the defence needs improving. Manquillo wayyyyyyyyyy better than Johnson. Rest was fine. Mario looked great. With him reaching full fitness soon I can see him and Studge being a deadly partnership up front. YNWA!
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
(To Dean Martin's "That's Amore")

When you unearth a tee
That says "why always me"
Bal-oooo Teeeelliiiiii

Arrivederci Milan,
Join the Reds was the plan
Bal-oooo Teeeelliiiiii

The move went quite swift
Smoke alarm as a gift.
Bal-oooo Teeeelliiiiii

Fireworks sold in the shop,
When he scores at the kop
Bal-oooo Teeeelliiiiii
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
When the ball hits the net
Without breaking a sweat


When he fights for a win
Then flashes that grin

Skorm123 (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
I like Jelly,  Balotelli!
Madder (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
I don't do corners....    Wrong sentence mario. The boss doesn't care a sh*t bout your past. Go mark a corner    LOL
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Spurs fans are livid about Allen's penalty. It was soft I'll admit but we controlled most of the match and looked the more lively even though we were away from home
CantStopTheKop (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
It was a penalty. I'm not trying to be biased but it was a penalty.

I can understand where they're coming from, but you just can't do that these days. When you put your arm on another player and tug them and they go down it's always a foul outside the box, in this instance it was inside the box and a penalty was given.

Edit: I might also add that Dier's tackle on Balo was pretty rash. I've seen players been given red for those
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Dier made it too easy for Allen to not go down. It was soft but as long as there is a contact, it doesn't matter
Madder (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
The contact is pure penalty.... Allen just take the advantage.... You can't blame people using your mistake for their advantage.... Because you are the one who done that
Footster (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Well it was a soft one but sometimes you get them given, sometimes you don't. This time it worked in our favour and against them, that's it
Teja7 (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
MOTD 2, you sluts     Link:
Teja7 (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Jason Roberts is jokes
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Thanks slutty Mcslutster. You're great
Teja7 (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
That's MR. Slutty McSlutterson to you!
Rubin (Inter Milan) 21 hours ago
Thanks babe. Love you
Xtsmaddrid (Liverpool) Yesterday
Great game! I noticed we were playing a 4-3-1-2. Balo and sturridge is gonna' be a great partnership!

Manquillo lovren sakho moreno
---henderson gerrard allen
------sturridge balotelli

I love that backline!
Marehan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Does anyone think we will another player? If yes, I say lets go for shaqiri, or reus. Song is gone to the hammers, so that won't happen. Romario? Idk much about it. If borini leaves for 14m and assaidi for 7m? I say we'll get our marquee signing fingers crossed
Honestabe (Liverpool) 1 day ago
As great a win as that was, still some defensive worries and we were really lucky to get a penalty for allen.... Technically the ref can give that but he went down very easy. Had adebayor or chadli put in one of their "should have leveled" chances woulda been very different.

But MORENO's a beast. And balotelli looked really good albeit a little rusty to the english league!
Madummer (Liverpool) 1 day ago
HAhaha, I know this is old, but it might be the reason behind 5-0 , 4-0 and 3-0.

An American Coach in London

Teja7 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
It's really amusing watching that Moreno goal.
That was Townsend's first touch on the ball after he'd JUST been substituted on, and Moreno made him suffer. Before Townsend could even find his bearings, Moreno bulleted past him. A fresh relaxed Townsend left in the dust by a tired Moreno.

Weren't they saying Townsend was the next Bale?

The footballing Gods have blessed Moreno with some monstrous pace and Stamina. And long may it last and long may he score many more goals like that one.
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 1 day ago
It was a joy to watch mate, so much confidence
SuperSpurs (Tottenham Hotspur) 1 day ago
I don't know any Spurs fan saying he was the next Bale. We are probably more critical of him than anyone else and it was all media hype from one month of form last year that made him a better known player. Since his England debut, he's had maybe 4 or 5 good games and he was terrible today. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more one-dimensional and predictable player. He's a mid-table winger at best
Honestabe (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Yeah I don't think it was spurs that were saying that, more like the english supporters that saw his debut. He's a solid player very fast but like superspurs said, fairly one demensional
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) Yesterday
He's on about 28 PL appearances. Give him another 40, and we can start judging Townsend
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 1 day ago
And for those who missed it the first time

LVG has a plan and its really sneaky.
Formation 3-5-2

3 games
5 goals scored and conceded total
2 points

I now see the master @ work

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