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KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 days ago
We dominated Arsenal with 10 men. I have never seen Arsenal out played like this before unless maybe they play Barca. Its a shame because we could could have gotten 6-7 goals
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Oxlade, Flamini and Cazorla, that is our backup trio so I'm not suprised we were terrible in possession, Oxlade was barely even fit enough to start with a hamstring problem. Arteta, Ramsey and Ozil might've done a better job
BSS27 (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Ozil didn't do such a good job last time
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Oh yea.... Where the hell did arteta, ramsey and ozil went? Resting? I forgot about them...
Zilch (Footytube Moderator) 2 days ago
Bss27: That's true but in the context of an entire season, the 2 players who passed to each other with the highest volume of passes and the most accuracy, were Ramsey and Ozil passing to each other. Second was Mertesacker to Arteta. Those were the 2 most common passes in terms of possession last season so I think it would've helped.

LFCRockz: Injured like the rest lol. Oxlade is actually 3rd choice behind Ramsey and Wilshere. Cazorla is 2nd choice to Ozil and Flamini is 2nd choice to Arteta. Sucks but what can you do lol, you have to play with whoever's available
BSS27 (Liverpool) 2 days ago
However I still think cazorla is in good form and probably would still have been better than ozil
JohnnyWalker (Liverpool) 3 days ago
We simply simply need better goalkeepers.... Jones is at best, a back up goalkeeper for a Championship Team...
PaRa (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Hopefully we can get Cech on loan for the rest of the season. I am not fond of Ochoa
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 2 days ago
How can you not be fond of Ted Mosby?
Bplittle (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Championship goalkeeper with champions league hair
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Cech on loan would be best
Footster (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I guess if the pitch was better yesterday then Coutinho might have been able to put at least one of the two chances he got to shoot from just outside the box which just bobbled on to the keeper because of the surface....

Btw it was the first time I saw Anfield pitch in that state, wonder what caused it....
PaRa (Liverpool) 2 days ago
I wish it was true but when you have so many chance's and not put them away you can't blame the pitch. Liverpool needs a catalyst to get them started with some goals. Preferably a good finisher (they don't come cheap) Look at pool when we had SAS. We could've had left a keeper out of the game and still outscore the other team. It also made everyone else so much better. Minus the defence of course. Liverpool's D is still hopeless regardless
Teja7 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Thinking back to that first Arsenal goal yesterday just agitates me so much. Our team worked so damn hard to create a chance to score and then all Arsenal had to do was flop on the ground, win a freekick and score.
All that said, our defence is shite and should've done much better. Ridiculous goal to concede
Footster (Liverpool) 3 days ago
You simply don't lose 3 consecutive areal duels in your penalty box...
SKool (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Both of us have like the worst defenses in the league. I don't know about you guys, but for us I think we are sorely missing Kos and so does Merts
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 3 days ago
Skrtel lost out to Flamini in the air - not entirely sure how that was allowed to happen...
Bplittle (Liverpool) 2 days ago
He lost out to Debuchy.... But your confusion is still warranted...
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Funny celebration....    Https://vine.Co/v/OXnZi1EExpv
Pewpew (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Talk about rubbing it in lol
PaRa (Liverpool) 2 days ago
That was Sunderlands final championship match
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Through the good and bad times us liverpool fans never stayed quiet. Proud to always be part of this wonderful family.    Ynwa
Aaron222 (Chelsea) 3 days ago
Check out Luis Albertos winner today!
Bplittle (Liverpool) 3 days ago

Atrocious defending? But we could use that type of finishing these days
Teja7 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I forgot we even had Alberto.... He looks so promising at Malaga.  But he struggles in the EPL
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Luis Alberto – Malaga
Iago Aspas – Sevilla (with view to permanent deal)
Andre Wisdom – West Brom
Rafa Paez – Bologna
Divock Origi – Lille
Tiago Ilori – Bordeaux
Joao Carlos Teixeira – Brighton
Jordon Ibe – Derby County
Sebastian Coates – Sunderland
Oussama Assaidi – Stoke City

Anyone you want back now?
Defense: Ilori? Wisdom? Coates?
Midfield:Alberto? Texiera?
Foward: Origi? Ibe?
BSS27 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Honestly he played really well for us when he did come on. I don't think he struggled at all. He just wasn't given a chance
PaRa (Liverpool) 2 days ago
I can't remember him ever getting a fair shake tbh
Madder (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I am a lazar fanboy now.... But I am still hendo!
Footster (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I still am very dubious about Lazar, he seems a bit like Berbatov in that he stops and looks for a cheeky pass and doesn't necessarily runs at people.... Maybe he'd come good eventually, I sure have seen improvement in him
Bplittle (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Lazar doesn't run at people?    You're right, he flies past them
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Yeah, he is more of a think first, fly later. But yeah, I'm also a fan boy now too. He is really starting to show why he is worth 20 mill, him and Lallana are both showing their worth. Love Lallana's turn and shoot in the first half. Interesting that we can play 3-4-3 and 4-3-2-1 now, sort of have a decent makeshift solution to our mobile striker problem now, with time, the finishing of Sterling and Coutinho will definitely improve just like Suarez and Sturridge's finishing in the early stages of their PL careers. It's all about confidence and we need to keep their spirits high
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Disagree with you footster. He is playing left wing back for starters so he has to be cautious and think before flying off. Againts basel he showed some real class. Some of the clever passes and runs he made excited me alot of his talent. Put it to you simply, if he doesn't think and does what his naturally best at he is a great wide attacker.... You will see in time
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 3 days ago
^ Aye, he was at the left back role so he couldn't just attack.... He is quite good at gliding pass defenders...
Footster (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Well I only spoke based on what I saw yesterday, compare that to Sterling and how we was scary once he moved to the left wing in the later part of the game.... I want to see that from Marko

Btw Lallana is a great player, I am very impressed with him. I think he is still settling in, put him in the mid with Studge up top can't wait for it
Madder (Liverpool) 3 days ago
We are marching in boys!
Let the drums rolls!
F*ck negativity I am not a fan of it!
Keep focus and build it up!

We are all in this mesa together, And we need to come out together
Madder (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Love coutinho fire after the first goal

Blalalallala (punch fist out) blqlqllalallalal (hug gerrard) continue blalalalalalla

I don't speak spanish/portugese
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Wish more of our players would show that passion!
Footster (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Yeah, that was emotional. Loved it!
Rockerr (Liverpool) 3 days ago
5 points lost in the last two matches despite being the better team, f**k our finishing and defence
Rajmahal 3 days ago
How can you say you were the better team vs united? You lost 3-0 lol
Rockerr (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Rookie defensive mistakes, s**t finishing and poor refereeing took the score to 3-0 so why can't I say?
United were s**t and we made stupid mistakes
Rajmahal 3 days ago
"Rookie defensive mistakes, s**t finishing"

In other words your defence was s**t, so was your attack.

You are pretty much saying " we were s**t in defence and attack" but we were better than united.... Doesn't make sense bro

United finished their chances. They were better by a margin
Pewpew (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Raj you come on this forum and never have anything good to say about our team. I suggest you stop posting crap here we see through your bs comments. And I suggest you show some balls and actually choose a team. You are the real troll on this site.
Rajmahal 2 days ago
I'm sorry if I offended you. But I speak the truth. You can't lose 3-0 and say you were the better team. I'm sorry but Pool was atrocious
KevMo (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Raj is correct. It is impossible to lose and be the better team. The score determines who is better. No such thing as luck or mistakes or bad ref decisions
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 3 days ago
When does winter transfer open? 1st of Jan?    Get ready to be linked to every forward and goalkeeper in the world
Bplittle (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Yup, Jan 1
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
So Skrtel-Sakho pairing for now? I'd almost like to see Toure-Sakho at some point.

We talk about it so much but our defence is clueless at times. A defensive coach should be coming in January. It's frustrating, considering some of the money we've spent on defensive "reinforcements"

Credit should also be given to Lucas for coming in and being very professional. We look much more solid than before without Lucas
Colinmc (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Sakho has played the best positional game I've seen from an LFC center back today. Sakho-Toure might work only because they both seem to play more intelligently than Skrtel and Lovren.

Skrtel is out of position so much it isn't funny. I've seen the same goal time and time again, a winger coming down the wing with the ball, looking to cross or pass. Skrtel looking right at him standing about 5 feet from the keeper paying no attention to the center forward behind him. Center forward moves out of his path, immediately gets the ball and scores.

Same goal happened again today. Wasn't the first time this season I've seen it. He loses people in the box a ton.

Lovren is always playing extremely central leaving huge gaps between him and the LB or LWB. Either that or he makes an unnecessary challenge into the midfield and gets caught out.

Same old story for both guys and I don't know why nobody is sitting down to watch video tape with either player about these routine mistakes they make
Bplittle (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I hope he sticks with 3 at the back
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Wouldn't 4 at the back be more steady? With the fullbacks and wingers attacking and defending at the same time?
Colinmc (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Anyone else bothered a bit by Brendan here? "I'm delighted with our performances this week, and it shows we are getting back to where we were. "

Umm LFC needed a fortunate goal at the end to draw. Yes it is true the team absolutely dominated Arsenal. Held them to the lowest possession since they started keeping that stat and outshot them almost 4 to 1.

But that is all the more reason to not be pleased. Good play, fine. But you should expect this team to be winning that match by multiple goals, not to rely on a late equalizer to force a draw. It is pitiful that they 1. Couldn't score more goals and 2. Couldn't get a clean sheet in that match
Bplittle (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Pressers are bullshit anyway. Managers aren't truthful and transparent with the media for a multitude of reasons
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I feel he says that way to often for my liking. Yes he's probably just trying to stay positive so that rubs off on the team. There were positives to be taken, but also things we Forsure need to improve on.

It's almost January and I still feel we haven't hit that "top form" well considering results and where we stand in the table it's clear we haven't.

We're Liverpool and as arrogant as it might seem to outsiders, I expect us to win every match, especially at home. Whether it's against Real Madrid or Charlton Atheltic!

Onto Burnley, 3 points is a must (obviously lol)
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 3 days ago
Does anyone feel that BR doesn't seem to have the passion when we scored? Just a raised fist only? Do you think he has been told that his sacking is imminent?
LIVUnchained (Liverpool) 3 days ago
This has been ongoing from the start of the season. I don't know why he even says all of that. When we clearly play shitty, he comes up and says ' I hav a honest group of hard working players who giv their all in training blah blah' and when we clearly need to sort out our defence, he mentions individual mistakes, but I see no improvement watsoever. The same mistakes committed by a different individual. I hope he goes around whacking every mistake that led to a goal in the dressing room. If not BR has no clue how to sort all of this!

All he needs to do is call Cara and ask for help!
Madder (Liverpool) 3 days ago
I missed the game through bad fever and all.... Just got my hand on the highlight.... Good to see our amnesia is fading and we start remembering how to play like liverpool.... We need 2 strikers and a keeper.... And I really hope rogders consider back mignolet than jones.... Because both are soft goals.... I like jones but a keeper should block it both

Ok back to sleeping.... Cough2

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