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Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Luis Alberto already beasting it in his debut at Malaga:  Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=mA_b2NNMK3o
Filip90 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Link:    Markec scores in Liverpool training :D
SergioRamos (Liverpool) Yesterday

If Arsenal get this guy for 8Mill I would be sad that we missed out on such a great talent,

Arsenal are having one hell of a tranfer rout

PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) Yesterday
According to our scout expert cloudst it's just a rumor.... I doubt anything will materialize unless we sell either Poldi or cazorla
Hmohammed (Liverpool) Yesterday
Metro.... Calm down you make it sound like it's confirmed, plus they already have heaps of CAM's, what difference would he make?
SergioRamos (Liverpool) Yesterday
He can play Strike or on the wings, I'm excited to see him play as a striker for any team. His quite tall as well which helps
JohnnyWalker (Liverpool) Yesterday
Isco.... What a waste of talent! Blasphemy!
Rainmaker (Liverpool) Yesterday
OK Liverpool Fans lets get serious for just a brief moment.       Where will we finish in the PL this season?    
Filip90 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Anywhere from 6th to top is possibility imo
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Realistically, anywhere from 6th to 4th as our team stands right now. Sorry to be a downer, but we really haven't upgraded in any position and lost our best player. We have more depth, but unless we're going to be making deep runs in champions league or cups (don't see it happening), it is a moot point. We're giving up quality for quantity, again.

City, Chelsea, and Arsenal are just too strong and have made leaps forward in getting more quality is window, as well
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
That's my prediction mate, I see all teams dropping alot more points this season, 'cause teams like Newcastle and Spurs will be better than last season, then we have the Saints and Everton. Sunderland and Swansea are looking good as well.

Chelsea will play their same defensive brand of football, but with Cesc and Costa in, the will score a lot more goals.

City finished a great season, the will mostly carry on.

Arsenal, honestly have only signed Sanchez. Debuchy is a replacement for Sagna, they still need a striker and a DM to challenge fro the tittle, but definite contenders for the top 4.

United look good, but they still need 3 more quality signings, at CM, CB and DM. LVG is a class manager, but he will take time to get his act together.

Spurs and Pochtino are good, but I see them finishing 6th.

Liverpool - Now that Suarez is gone, we will play with one striker up top and as I have seen, we will score less but concede less, as we wil have a 3man midfield.
With a decent LB signing, assuming Remy, Lovren are done, we are definitely in for a good season.

1. Chelsea
2. City.
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
5. United
6. Spurs
7. Everton
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ashup, who are we going to beat to 3rd, Arsenal?
Hmohammed (Liverpool) Yesterday
^Yes, our team has great chemistry, even though on paper it looks weak. Don't underestimate us
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) Yesterday
It will all depend on the start actually. I remember us winning our first games in both 2008 and last season and then continuing with the momentum to have great seasons. Now it won't only depend on the first game, but the first 5 games and this season they're all really tough. So if we get through them well, I can see us really going for another title run
Rainmaker (Liverpool) Yesterday


That's always the answer, you hooligans.

Have a great day
Darkyslashy (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ashup, Cesc and Costa will not bring more goals to Chelsea. Mourinho's system will subdue their attacking prowess, as we've seen it happen to previous attackers
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) Yesterday
You tell em rainmaker.... Kinda scouser's are ya guy's

All give you guy's somewhere between 2-5.... I doubt you will be 1st cause you might get tempted by European glory.... Only thing that could make you 5th is how man utd recover.... Or Tottenham...
Harvster (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
3rd and win the champions league. That will be ok for me
PaRa (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
4th - 6th realistically but Liverpool will win champions league final vs. Barca. Luis Suarez getting banned for life after biting t-1000 (Skrtel) in the final. Skrtel will just flick him off like a fly, knocking all his teeth out in the process.

Ok, ok I'm getting a little out of hand here haha, a man can dream can't he?
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ok, now that the Moreno deal looks dead and we didn't get Davies, and Bertrand (I pray we don't sign him) and the might Cissokho is gone ,
Apart from RicRod (wolfsburg not selling) who else would you like to see at Left back?

Davide Santon (Newcastle)

Lucas Digne (PSG)

Schmelzer (BVB)

Alex Sandro (Porto)

Imo, anyone of these could be brilliant signings
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Only one I can even see us thinking about try to bid for is Santon. Let's just rock with who we have if were dipping that low for a LB. Yes, the other three would be very nice, but we're way too cheap to cough up that much to get them. I think Schmelzer's been hurt
Shghal (Borussia Dortmund) Yesterday
Schmelzer of-course
Harvster (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
That italian lb that for zenir
Sfc9576 (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Jose Enrique
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Can we just start the season already! This transfer window is getting more and more frustrating and is turning out to be pretty lackluster. Depth is good and all, but we still need to have a strong XI. If we aren't splashing money on anymore attackers, so be it. I want to see some serious money injected into our defence then, however. Bertrand rumors are pissing me off. Tottenham get Davis and probably Griezmann? What the hell are we doing?
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
   All hail the mighty one
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ya even I am not too happy with the Bertrand rumours, but most of the players that chose Spurs over us have had a tough time.... So I think we will be fine.

Saying that, I do feel Ben davies would have been a really decent and shrewd signing.come on BR, get your act together
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
I think Tottenham will be a totally different team under Pochettino. He's a good coach that made Soton good. They are pretty stacked with talent if you ask me and under new management might actually pull their s**t together.
Griezmann will be a top winger in this league if he goes to Tottenham. Look at how well he did with the lack of talent around him at Sociedad. He's a better purchase then Lazar or Lallana, if you ask me.
Anyways, we better get our s**t together, cause if we're targeting Bertrand to play in arguably one of the weakest areas of our team, were in for a world of hurt. We just got back to being competitive on the field. Yet, we are still miles behind off field, like transfer policy/committee. I'm not sure there is even an arguement against the fact that we are very weak in transfer windows
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Love Sterling's attitude

Speaking to, he said: 'I've still got to prove myself; the manager has brought players in that are all in similar positions to me, so I've just got to keep working hard, show the manager what I can do and try not to take my foot off the gas, pressing for a place in this team"

Sterling was terrific last season. Hope he keeps it up
Rainmaker (Liverpool) Yesterday
Sterling I feel will be fine, loads of talent
Theomar9 (Liverpool) Yesterday
There is no doubt he is very talented as for me I would say he already has his place assured in the first lineup for the next season even in UCL but I am glad he seems to be going in the right way because it is always essential to keep both feet on the ground, to keep humble all the time we have always a good example with the best of the world messi...
Teja7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lot of people miss the point Rodgers is making, he's not just brought in players playing the similar role as Sterling to give him competition, it's more likely that Rodgers is planning for the long-term future.

We can't afford to have a player like Sterling, who has a great future and amazing talent to be a world class player, to get burned out [like Lord Owen]
I think that's the main reason Rodgers brought in wingers, to have a rotation going on in the squad and not over play and exhaust players.

Same is gonna' happen with Jordan Ibe, Can, Flahm.... And even Gerrard
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
So gathering what other people think on other forums, the rest of the top 7 expect us to drop out of the top 4, with either united or spurs taking our spots. I always like coming into the new season as underdogs for the race
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Well United and Spurs are definitely a threat, but why does everyone forget Everton, they are definitely top 4 quality.

One hell of a season beckons us !
Theomar9 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Yeah ! Arrive to the new season as underdogs would just take pressure off the team but I doubt we wil be in that spot according to what everybody saw last season from us they must be care of us for sure !
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
If we were to sign a world class DM and winger with a LB like Moreno or RicRod, I think you'd see that sentiment of LFC not being a top 4 team vanish. Yes, we might need to spend another 75-85m, but it isn't like we don't have the money. If Assiadi and Borini (two players that will never make the grade at LFC) were to be sold, we'd get around 20M just from them. We could probably grab another 20M from some other deadwood laying around. That's a large chunk of the 75M that would need to be spent and we wouldn't even have touched much Suarez money! This is easily a possible scenario, fiscally.

Do I see LFC doing that? No, not at all. We are still buying young players, building towards the future and not the present. When the present is as good as it is for LFC (finishing second by a hair and back in champions league) I'd like them to think about cementing their place in top 4 if not going a title run again. Yes, that would require some serious world class talent to be brought in now. But cementing that place at the top of the EPL will reap so many finiancial benefits that you can both create a stronger sqaud in the present, and buy young prospects at the same time.

I see us in a position to make a strong case for 3rd or 4th this season, though. We'll still need to get another player or two. I just don't see United being that much stronger without literally spending 300M. Their team was very poor last season. Spurs though.... They finally got a good coach, so who knows. Let's just focus on making champions league again
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
I don't see us dropping out of the top 4, I think its going to be tougher this year though. United have got a decent manager now and with new signings they will be fighting for the top 4 spot. I would count Tot out of it though. It would be interesting to see which big team drops out. City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Us would be in contention so one has got to lose out
Gunnzo (Arsenal) Yesterday
I'd like us to stay in top 4 and wouldn't mind united or spurs getting there if it means Chelsea or city get booted out
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
With those Squads, I hate to say it, Chelsea and City are sure shot for the top 4. But ya, anything can happen in football
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
I don't think Chelsea and City are dropping out. City with their squad should be challenging for the top spot leave alone the top 4 and if Mou can keep top 4 with Eto'o and Torres then with the likes of Costa and Luis I think they will stay in there as well. Plus they got rid of the hole in defence by letting Luiz leave
SergioRamos (Liverpool) Yesterday
Just wish I can build a time machine to travel back in time to that amazing day in 2005. Was one of the most amazing feelings I ever had watching us win that game in istanbul :'')

Not afraid to admit it makes me teary watching the videos even to this day
Rainmaker (Liverpool) Yesterday
The miracle of Istanbul, 3 goals in 6 minutes.

If you watched that game live you will never forget
Where you were.

I have watched the documentary ' One night in May '
Oh maybe 2005 times
Madder (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ouch.... Andy carroll got injured again and rule out for 4 months.... I am relieved we had sold him but feel bad for him.... His career been hot with obstacle over and over again
Georgio (Bayern München) Yesterday
I remember THE ANDY carroll department OF police.... Do you?
Hri100 (Liverpool) Yesterday
The day Torres and Carroll were sold/bought.... Evil spirits were roaming around...
Theomar9 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Who told jones he was a keeper? 0_O
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Why? Did he also saw Neuer play !
Bplittle (Liverpool) 1 day ago
BR on "strategic" transfer strategy. Good read. Instils further confidence.


CantStopTheKop (Liverpool) Yesterday
Enjoyed that, good read as you said.

People tend to forget that players are employees coming into a new company. Not only do they need the performance on the pitch but they also need to have the right attitude and get along with the rest of the team and staff.

No point in signing a superstar that thinks he is better than the rest, it will bring the whole team down.

Just look at Portugal at the WC. Don't even know why they give CR7 the armband - but that's another discussion
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I am sorry brendan manquillo and Bertrand are not the answer for our fullback positions. I hope I m wrong though
Theomar9 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I agree that is not the solution at all. It is just enought to compare other defences in the premier league with ours and it is clear we are not improving with this "roumors" I don't like it
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
Yes I don't know why are we targeting below average players for the weakest position in our team right now. However, I think Bertrand could prove to be a good deal because I think under BR he would prosper. That said, I think we should be going for better options like Rojo, RicRod these guys looked solid in the WC
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Oh, man. Are we seriously going for Bertrand? Smh. I'd rather go into season with Enrique and Johnson/Flanno then spend one quid on Bertrand. Just bring up Mclaughlin or Robinson, for crying out loud
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Joke of the day (might need to start doing more of these)

Q: What have Man Utd and a three-pin plug got in common?
A: They're both of bugger-all use in Europe

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