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Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
What does this mean for the summer transfers? We are already behind the game now.

There is nobody to identify targets or do the negotiating.

The only person of any authority left at the club is ayre who is on the commercial side
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Got a break, refreshed the page and now Kenny is gone?!

They better have somebody better lined up.

Kenny Dalglish will always remain the King, this changes nothing in terms of what the man has contributed to his club
Khaimet (Liverpool) 3 years ago
King Kenny didn't go out trophyless. He went with full dignity. His contribution can't be thank enough. One of the greatest player/manager of all time YNWA
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
How does this player manager thing work? I saw a few comments on it.... Does that mean Gerrard could PLay a game and manage it the next and visa versa.... I don't get it, I thought that was just a FIFA thing
BlackAna (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Kenny was once a player-manager. It just means that even though you are manager of the team, you are in the squad and are eligible to play
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
That's awesome. Lol  
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago

Jürgen Klopp & Rafa are the only ones on the list I would like

Also what are your guys opinion on the manager of the German National team Joachim Löw? Would he be a good fit? We got a crazy summer ahead of us!
Glikus (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Rafa, O'Neill, Klopp (unliekely). For the nationals teams managers it is too late if we wanna be active for the signings...
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Sad day for Liverpool, what ever happen't to time. Why. And. W. A kenny.

Now if these owners are serious about Liverpool, they need to get pep guardiola or José Mourinho. 'cause in my eyes everyone else linked is just second best, and the same thing will happen again and again. So for us to move forward we need the best.

Why. And. W. A kenny

Teja7 3 years ago
Alright mates, I know everyone is thinking the same thing in the back of their heads....

Captain Fantastic, Steven Gerrard, as Player-Manager.

Deep down, you know you want it.
Teja7 3 years ago
And Sami Hyppia and Jamie Carragher as his assistants.
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I think Carra would be the one more likely to be the manager.... We all know he isn't afraid to let his voice be heard
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
DO NOT WANT carra OR gerrard AS THE managers.

They have zero experience, not even with youth teams. We can't be f*****g around again with our future.

Also sami is the joint manager of bayern leverkusen so that's not happening anyway
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Maybe they won't have the role of "manager" but I'd sure still like them to have some kind of significant role in the club when there done as players!
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Dalglish: It has been an honour

Despite feeling a sense of disappointment at leaving his post, the Scotsman revealed the pride he has felt at leading the Club over the past 16 months - and thanked Fenway Sports Group for the way in which his departure has been handled.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to have had the chance to come back to Liverpool Football Club as Manager," said Dalglish. "I greatly appreciate the work that Steve, Kevin, the players and all of the staff put in during my time and feel proud that we delivered the Club's first trophy in six years winning the Carling Cup and came close to a second trophy in the FA Cup Final. Of course I am disappointed with results in the league, but I would not have swapped the Carling Cup win for anything as I know how much it meant to our fans and the Club to be back winning trophies."

"I would like to thank all of the staff at the Club for their effort and loyalty. I said when first approached about coming back as Manager that I would always be of help if I can at any time and that offer remains the same."

"Finally, I want to put on record my heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool's fans, who have always given me and the Club their unwavering support. Without them neither the Club nor I would have achieved anything."

A lot of people the past few months or so have been calling for Kenny's head... And now they received it (hope your happy) I agree this season has been a disappointing one given where we finished in the league and all the bloody times we hit the post. With all that said...... You'll Never Walk Alone Kenny Mathieson Dalglish, a man with real character and passion in everything he does!

Going to miss seeing that celebration like he did so many times when he was a player
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
In spite of all the trauma, I do think FSG are much, much more clever than Hicks and Gillett. They may be Americans without a significant background in football, but their intent for the club to succeed is clear. I don't think they are willing to throw everything away by making poorly considered decisions.

I love Kenny, but at times we felt that he didn't have a plan. No matter how much his exit has saddened me, it's obvious that Henry and Werner DO have a plan and DO know what they want from this club.

Additionally, I think they have handled themselves well in their overflowing praise of Kenny. They clearly acknowledge his value to our club. This leads me to believe they will keep Kenny on in some capacity. His ties to Liverpool should never be entirely severed.

Hopefully next season will make us happy.

BlackAna (Liverpool) 3 years ago
If they had a plan, why have they fired everyone in our management which they signed just a year ago?

I think they need to be clear. This better be the last time they do this, and it better be a good decision or I will be very worried
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Like I said, they don't have a significant background. Seems they are learning the ropes now. If they were confused and didn't have a plan, they would probably have kept the board the same way. They seem very serious about achieving success with Liverpool. If nothing else, you have to give them that
BlackAna (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Yea you're right. But no more 'mistakes'. We need to stabilize the team and build a new stadium. I just hope our owners don't turn out to be knee-jerking Abramovich types
XXEAXx (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I agree with Montpellieraine - they do have a plan and are looking to make sure this football club gets back to were it belongs, not for the fans, but for the money. They are business men after all.
I have a feeling they will fill the background staff (chief exec, communications exec, etc) with people they know and have lined up. Kenny will most likely (imo) take the ambassadorial role again whilst a new look "young" manager and director of football come in.
I'm pretty sure they'll be looking for a arsene wenger/Alex ferguson type manager who they'll give time to implement their vision and back to the hilt. It seems like Kenny was always a temporary option for them after no good options were available when hodgson left
XXEAXx (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Hey I just realised something....    Henderson, Downing, Spearing etc won't be getting as many games any more if they don't peform!
MyJohnson (Liverpool) 3 years ago
On a lighter note, Soooo happy for Sami! It must be exciting!

Thomasfk (Liverpool) 3 years ago
This should keep you entertained for an hour or so. Some of the most memorable matches Liverpool have played under Dalglish.

Glikus (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Yep, rewatching the in against United. Why the f**k did Kenny got rid of Mereiles? So he could play Adam?
BlackAna (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Raul didn't fit Kenny's philosophy, and Adam was younger. Raul has flopped for Chelsea so he was probably heading downhill. But like I said before no matter how good a player was for us this season, if a new manager comes in and doesn't think they will fit his vision, the player will be axed
Filip90 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I just returned from school and saw the news. Yes, he's the legend, good man, loves LFC and I'm sad that he's gone, but you should watch the things from neutral perspective. Everyone is saying that Kenny should go (except manure fans), and if you have 100mil to spend (50mil from chelski) and you end up on 8th and have 14 loses in the league, there's no excuse. You shouldn't blame FSG. They supported him, gave him money to spend (everyone of us and every other manager would spend that money much better, wiser). DC and KD are only to blame for league position. Maybe a striker in January would have changed things a little bit. You need to be real, and not just "King Kenny! King Kenny!". Someone would say that this is not Liverpool way, but changes were necessary....
Sorry for my English....
TheTorresBounce (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Thankyou! Someone talking sense
BlackAna (Liverpool) 3 years ago
At least some good news, Gerrard is the new England Captain!    God job WOY
XXEAXx (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I thought the only good thing he did was leave our club, turns out I was wrong! Well done Roy!
MyJohnson (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I am utterly shocked that Kenny has left! Bad news to wake up to. Today is not a good day for me
Aatir (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Who saw that coming!    I feel sorry for Dalglish. Wish you all the best for the new manager and the new season

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