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Bren82 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Who has been Dalglish's worst signing?

IMO - No bad signings.

Carroll- Young and added a tough character to the team
Downing- Solid start
Henderson- Quality. Roy Keane said he was a 'good' player. Huge praise lol
Adam- Value for money
Bellamy- Exceptional so far
Doni- Experienced reserve goalie.
Enrique- Excellent
Coates- A pal for suarez and not too expensive. Maybe future captain. Tremendous talent

Blazzedlord (Chelsea) 3 years ago
I'll say carrol downing doni and henderson
ElNinoComeBack (Liverpool) 3 years ago
If I had to answer the question I would say Carroll is Kenny's worst Signing. He is not a very good signing because we over payed for him, he has not proven himself worthy of Liverpool quality, and he makes the team play long ball or crossing style whenever he plays(which is not working)
Kraken07 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Seriously no bad signings? Yea I know he is the king, but even the king can make mistakes.

Carroll is by far the worst signing. He is a terrible football player. His touch is so poor, he can't pass, he can't even run with the ball without loosing it. The only thing he can do is to shoot hard and win some balls in the air. But what good is that when he isn't even putting the ball in the net.

And adam is also a poor signing. He is not a team player and that makes me so pissed. He always looks for personal glory instead of team glory. And that's why I prefer to play either jonjo or hendo instead of him, they are atleast team players!

But enrique is easily the best signing he's made. What a superb defender he is.

And bellamy and suarez are also superb signings.

But we gotta' look at the fact or stats here, please don't sign anymore brittish players because more than 50% of them are totally useless. We need more foreign players. For example silva, aguero, mata, toure to name a few who are superb players now and for the money that we bought carroll and downing for, we could have bought mata or aguero!
Swayze69 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Dunno why everyone is bit-chin about henderson, he's been pretty good, least he can tackle unlike charlie gap tooth
KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Suarez best signing, but he has to work on his attitude.

Enrique has been perfect.

Downing has been ok.

Hendo has been good.

Charlie Adam not bad for his price.

Carroll dispointment so far
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Carroll for me has been a average signing at best.... I'm afraid we won't get the champions league spot if he doesn't start scoring
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I agree with Swayze. Henderson may not be a stellar performer, but he's an efficient player and he's only 21. He's going to be great in the future, I'm sure of it.

None of the signings are completely terrible. Maybe relative to everyone else, Carroll is the worst signing, but he hasn't been awful. He's scored some memorable goals
Bren82 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Is Luc Castaignos Heading To Anfield?
Liverpool is being linked with Inter Milan striker Luc Castaignos, who the Serie A side is looking to send out on loan for the rest of the season.
It is common knowledge that Liverpool are expected to bring in at least one forward this month as manager Kenny Dalglish looks to bolster his squad.
Inter signed Castaignos from Feyenoord but he has struggled to settle in at Milan. Liverpool were interested in buying Castaignos when he was at Feyenoord, and would still like to bring him to Anfield, albeit just on a six-month loan.
A spokesperson from Castaignos’ management company, Sportconsult Nederland, earlier this week told
“There are all kinds of rumours. I can confirm that there is interest from Italy, England and Germany. Luc has the intention to stay at Inter, but he wants to play and make minutes. He has spoken to Claudio Ranieri about his situation and we are now working on it. ”
Cloudst 3 years ago
Luc is good striker he just didn't get time to settle there. Inter are just selling young players that could have had a chance at Inter but they don't wait and not paitient
Bren82 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Liverpool contemplating shock offer for Premier League anchorman
By Thomas Sunderland

Reports are suggesting that Liverpool could be considering a cut-price option to fulfil their need for a defensive midfielder, with Wigan’s Mohamed Diame attracting their attention.

The position has been left vacant after it was revealed in late 2011 that Lucas Leiva would miss the remainder of the season after suffering an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

The Brazilian – who was emerging as a key component at Anfield – has been sorely missed in the Reds’ midfield and although Jay Spearing has made efforts to replace his teammate, those efforts have fallen short.

As a result, the Merseysiders are understood to be in the market for an anchorman, in a position that has proven vital in both attacking and defensive sides of Liverpool’s game.

Diame has been one positive point for Wigan Athletic this season and is understood to be open to a move away from the DW Stadium, having once called the city it’s based in a “cold place” where there is “nothing to do after matches and training”.

As it stands, the 24 year-old has six months left on his Wigan contract and could be available for as little as £3. 5m.

Diame also presents the value of an internationally capped footballer, having made his debut in March of last year and since accumulating five appearances for the Senegalese national side.

Kenny Dalglish may not have looked at Diame as his first choice of signing six months ago, but the midfielder could be a valuable acquisition for the Scot as the Latics open up to the idea of cashing in on their holding midfielder
Honestabe (Liverpool) 3 years ago
For 3. 5 mil I say go for it
Gerrardistanbul (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Liverpool playing during my exam tomorrow.... Absolute torture
Bren82 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Liverpool games should be sacred!
Floffy99 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Exam on a saturday? That is a rough one
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Liverpool's weekday games always take place when I'm in class
Sfc9576 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I watch games in class
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Story of my life! Sometimes being a university student and a football fan are incompatible
Fernandez (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Lol, yeah I try to watch it in class but never works out
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Excuse my drunkenness but is this girl Russian

Gerrardistanbul (Liverpool) 3 years ago
No apparently she's Bulgarian. Hope that helps
Lvbittalost (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Just read the first comment on the video
Raam1988 (Chelsea) 3 years ago
She is Teodora Andreeva, 24 years old from Bulgaria.

Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Lvbittalost I agree lol
Liverpool4LyFE (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Lol @raam1988.... You already googled her? You pervert  
Hri100 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I am from Bulgaria. And guys if I had to choose b/n her and a win tomorrow I'd take three points and bang Angelina Jolie.... She is a Red Maniac!
MyJohnson (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I wish Aquaman was still in the squad
Ketan87 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish expects the club to be quiet during the winter transfer market.

The Reds were busy in the last winter window and backed that up with a frantic summer but Dalglish says the Reds will not be delving too much into their funds to bring in players they don’t particularly need.

""We've got an option to be active if we want to be active, but we said at the outset that we'd be quiet, " Dalglish told the club's official website. "

"It's work in progress for us. We'll just keep doing what we're doing, and the boys will keep working as hard as they can, and we'll see where we go.

"If we needed somebody to bolster up, we could do it - but I said right at the outset, we don't.

"We're not really chasing after anybody that we want to bring in in January. We've been happy with what they (the players) have done since August. "
ElNinoComeBack (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Just 1 striker is all we need, and that should be Damba Ba. He is very cheap and very talented. We should get him before some other team takes him. He is pretty much the only guy we need
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I do agree joseph but he is away atm? So he is no good.    We do need to get a forward. Better safe than sorry
Sowee1 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
In case kenny has not looked at the table recently.... We are 6th.... 11 points away from spurs, united, city.... Chelsea are looking to strengthen and so are the gunners.... We did not buy all these players to win carling cup.... We have to get a champions league spot.... It is unacceptable for a club as big as LFC to miss out on champions league 3yrs in a row.... Esp after spending so much money on players.... Mark my words our current squad is not good enough to get that last champions league spot.... We are missing the cutting edge needed to achieve such a goal.... If we do not buy we will be saying the "what if s**t" again
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Agree completely mate^ we really do need that cutting edge to get the champions league spot.... Were only 3 points off 4th.... We NEED a striker or a winger
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Don't read into it to much. We will buy.    But if we don't it's not Kenny money if yeah get me
ElNinoComeBack (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Deco he will be back in a month we can use Carroll or Bellamy upfront until then
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Oh did not no that, would be a great buy so
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Doctor tells Liverpool fan you are riddled with cancer. Fan replies and says check that again. Doctor says oh sorry you are riddled with passion
Hri100 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Ping92 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
   Wilfried Zaha, do we want him? :)
Bplittle (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I love the guy. Think he has a ton of potential. Manages to look very good even when surrounded by mediocre players. Can create all by himself
Ping92 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
''can create all by himself'' yeah, that's what we have been looking for!    
FaisalP (Chelsea) 3 years ago
I most say, that the match Liverpool won over Man city was Class.
But when I saw the video about Liverpool fans mocking Nasri, Calling him arsenal rejcet. I Laughed my ass of
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Samir Nasri 1-0 epic
Gerrardistanbul (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I was worried you were going to get all moral there.... And then you said you laughed your arse off
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
And in other news: Shrek got a hair implant couple months ago
3 years ago
I call Shrek for Rooney not Rooney for Shrek!      
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Will some one click serious on my pie its feeling empty lol    Am I not serious enough lol    Edit angry
SaintLucas (Liverpool) 3 years ago
WHY SO seriousssss Deco10
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
WHY SO seriousssss nice touch.    But I meant angry just click angry SaintLucas you c**t lol
Sfc9576 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I filled the angry vote too to finish your pie!
KD888 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
f*****g nice one Sfc9576 and kd888 you b******s JUST kidding lol

A empty pie is not like our trophy cabinet is it?

OUR cabinet IS FULL OF everything HA HA GO ON THE POOL
KD888 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Champions league spot.... ?

FC Basel midfielder Granit Xhaka 19yrs
Real Madrid's midfielder Esteban Granero 24yrs
Man city striker Carlos Teves 27yrs

Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago

My team
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Kd888 Champions league spot    Nothing wrong with it if Teves can behave himself
KD888 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Lolx.... Just need to show respect ! I beleive LFC is a club which is very very different from City !  No offends to city fans Wink *
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Ha ha
KD888 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
We don't just slash $$$ on transfer window & buy great skillful Player that cost a bomb & let them excel on the for training and go home....

We groom each and every single athlete in LFC as a :
Respectful person,
Great discipline controls,
Good behavior &

0Kaiser07 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Liverpool fans, what are your opinions on Martin kelly?

I think he is a great player, I would really like to see him in the starting 11 more often....

But to bench who? I would bench Johnson, he is a world class player don't get me wrong, but he is not always great in defending.
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Martin Kelly is epic but Johnson is great in defence lately he is almost like a new player
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I love Martin Kelly, rate him really highly. Trouble for him is we have have plenty of talent in the right back position at LFC. Johnson has more experience and is better in attack than Kelly. I think Kelly can be more consistent in defence than Johnson, but the latter is more versatile. I hope Kelly sees more first-team action in the future though
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Martin Kelly is future cb
KD888 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
M. Kelly - the 1  
Sfc9576 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I wouldn't mind seeing Johnson playing RM and Kelly playing behind him
Cloudst 3 years ago
"Only 4 PL clubs able to operate without owner support, MUFC, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool (now H+G debt repaid). Rest structurally loss making. "
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Arsenal are in great shape though.    We look to have a bright future    And spurs are looking great ATM

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