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Swayze69 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
5. 2 million for aquilani.... Makes me want to cry
Kraken07 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Lucas injuried makes me wanna cry
Madder (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Lucas news is a blow.... Seriously....  Come back stronger, lucas....  Ynwa
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Tune: London Bridge (is falling down)

Lucas Leiva's never down

Passes sound

Owns the ground

Lucas is the best in town

Just ask Kenny

Lucas deserves a few good songs from the KOP. Would like to hear the KOP sing one of them in our next home game!
Fernandez (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Liverpool FC till I die and after that    
MJTorres (Liverpool) 2 years ago
My heart sank when I read the new update on Lucas. I hope he comes back stronger than ever! His character is a real inspiration for all. The epitome of courage, determination, and class
Cuffo4ever (Liverpool) 2 years ago
I have to agree; he was overplayed, rarely rested. The fact is the player the fans once refused became the main corner stone of this Liverpool team. He has been our best player all season; a testimony to his talent, belief and character, after the torrid welcome by some of the same fans who are now sad to lose him. I'd love to see Lucas again in Action
I wish ya speedy recovering legend
Liverpoolmagic (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed of about lucas's injury
Borg (Manchester United) 2 years ago
It is a tough blow to take for you. I think it will be difficult for Henderson or Spearing to take the CDM place
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Always going to be tough replacing the best CDM in the team.... And easily one of the best in the Premiere league for that matter
MyJohnson (Liverpool) 2 years ago
The Lucas injury is probably THE worst injury we could have sustained to any player, especially with Gerrard out. It's sad to see him go down for so long in the form he was in! Hopefully he won't let this injury get to him and I pray he stays confident and clearheaded in a time like this and entirely focus on his recovery.

Ynwa saint lucas
KingHarryKewell (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Like all of us here, we're saddened to hear of Lucas being ruled out for the rest of the season with a knee ligament injury.

Lucas was inundated with messages of goodwill on his Twitter account, and his response has been as follows: - "Just to confirm that I will be out until the rest of season, " he wrote. "I am really sad with the news because I was enjoying [it] a lot on the pitch. I am sure I will come back stronger and I will achieve everything that I dream with the LFC shirt. I am sure I'll never walk alone. "

In the meantime, what are our options?

1. Put Jay Spearing in place of Lucas - the most attractive option. Spearing can play in a CDM role, as shown from last season. It'll also give the guy valuable experience in games.

2. Put Charlie Adam in place of Lucas - not the most attractive option. Although Adam can play a pretty expansive game, he's pretty rash in his tackling, and the last thing we need is to have someone either accumulate lots of yellow cards or worse, a 3 match ban for an instant red.

3. Buy or loan a CDM in the January transfer window as a backup for Lucas.... Any suggestions?

In any case, get well soon Lucas!
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Option 1 seems like the immediate solution, especially as Jay played pretty well the other day and was impressive last season.

Option 2 would probably allow Henderson to play a more central role than he has been which is a positive but you're right about Charlie. He's already picked up a few bookings and doesn't have the defensive game that Lucas had.

Option 3, we don't have to even consider for another month. Hopefully Jay plays well enough that we don't have to consider it at all
Liverpoolmagic (Liverpool) 2 years ago
What about yana m'villa (I think I spelt that wrong) from what I herd he is pritty good
[account-removed] 2 years ago
M'villa is awesome, but really we don't need any other cm. We have enough cover in the midfield for the lost of lucas.
We might have to twist the team a little but we will be more than okay, other parts of the team will need looking at in the summer so if we can keep some money till then it will be awesome
Swayze69 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Rodwell 80 million
Zosoholeh (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Javi Martinez Javi Martinez Javi Martinez Javi Martinez Javi Martinez
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Looks like we have got some support in our matches against City from our potential final opponent:

"No disrespect to City but I have got a soft spot for Liverpool. Kenny was manager when we beat them 4-3. You never know, this would be a dream, a fairytale after everything we have been through, to get there. But we have got a tough couple of league games in front of us and Cardiff will feel they can do the same."
-Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish

Who are we to stand in the way of this guys dream? I guess we better beat City then....Lol. Actually, I wouldnt mind avenging that 4-3 now that he mentions it
[account-removed] 2 years ago
Palace was awesome against manure, well every game manure lose is great but that game.... Palace has a player zaha who looks really good. He took the manure defence for a ride for the whole match lol.
It would be a great achievement for them to get to that final, and for us too as we havent been to one in a long long time. And what a game it will turn out to be as both team play some exciting football
AFC19 (Arsenal) 2 years ago
Love Liverpool fans hope Lucas recovers quickly much love from an Arsenal fan
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Cheers to you Gooner!
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 2 years ago

Sub: Doni, Coates, Kelly, Shelvey, Kuyt, Downing, Carroll

I could see Downing coming in at 60min for a tired Maxi and Carroll at 70 for Henderson to get on some crosses and the hard work of Bellamy/Suarez

Hurry back Gerrard
Sowee1 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Looks good to me.... Doubt maxi will start over downing though.... But that should be the case.... Hope we press and go for the win right from the start.... These mid table teams if you give them the chance to settle they will cause alot of trouble.... I want to see shelvey in hendos position after 60/70mins.... He is more of a goal threat than hendo to me
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Scored 6 in 8 in the Championship
[account-removed] 2 years ago
I hope we start with bellamy in the next game. He was very good against chelsea. Him and coates were top draw, it will be interesting oh see how the king line up his team in the next game
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Yeah I think Bellamy will be there but we will go back to the Agger-Skrtel combo at the back. The interesting question for me though is will it be Johnson or Kelly at right back? Both are playing well after all
[account-removed] 2 years ago
Well what a good problem to have for the king wsh we had the same up front lol
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 2 years ago
I think by next season, if coates can get his fitness and overall level of play up. We have a very good center back in the making
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 2 years ago
Get Well Soon Lucas!
Demonliar (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Tomedis (Liverpool) 2 years ago
If only Lucas had a twin we will surely miss him this season :/

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