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NandoTorres9 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
A scouting delegation from Liverpool attended Barcelona-Celtic at the Camp Nou on Tuesday, to follow Celtic forward Gary Hooper.

Of all the players on show, we're looking at a Celtic one. Why did they pick a Barca game to go and scout him anyway? He must have had about 5 touches of the ball all game.

Hope we were actually looking at David Villa
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 3 years ago
Hooper is actually a great striker.
But yeah I agree why did they bother to watch that game.... Its obviously a game where Barca will dominate possession
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Maybe they wanted to see how he did against a big team even if it was nothing lol
Aliko (Barcelona) 3 years ago
Guys we need world class players.... Can't do the same faults of the past!
Faceo (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Just one world class striker please. Just one
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 3 years ago
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St1or (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I've always wanted to see the behind the scenes in professional football.... You know.... The training grounds, the pep talks, half time dressing room atmosphere, after winning a game, after losing a game, etc etc.... And my god, Being: Liverpool is probably the best football related series I've ever seen! (Tops the first Goal movie )

It's incredible and I hope other teams follow suit and make their own series too! I was very sad to know the next episode would be the season finale. I wished they had continued it until the end of the season

But anyway.... It's amazing to see things from our perspective and from theirs. I hope I am not late on the whole Being: Liverpool awestruckness lol
Aliko (Barcelona) 3 years ago
I hope we get also a series !
Teja7 3 years ago
Lol I haven't seen one episode yet  And the episodes are airing on TV too, HD quality and everything. I'm soo lazy
St1or (Barcelona) 3 years ago
@Teja    All I can say is, if Barca made something like this, I'd be watching every episode a gazillion times a day
[account-removed] 3 years ago
This is the prediction against everton. Everton 1 - liverpool 4  Liverpool. Assaidi 2, sahin 1, sterling 1  Everton. Jelevic both
Vaishnav (Liverpool) 3 years ago
As you stated, jelavic both.... So obviously the score will be 2-4 not 1-4! Lol but would love to see us keep a clean sheet!
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Highlights of Liverpool vs anzhi makhachkala Link:
Teja7 3 years ago
We should look at Pablo Osvaldo [striker]. Anyone watching Roma matches, or at least following Roma can tell you he's been great for them so far
[account-removed] 3 years ago
He's going to be just like borini if he comes
KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 years ago
To be fare to Borini he was played as a winger instead of a striker/poacher, which is exactly what he is and why we brought him in for
Grablar (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Looks like we are playing 4, 3, 2wingers, 1striker

So if liverpool sign another big name striker, I just don't know what they are going todo to keep both happy. I can tell you now luis hates not playing or being subbed

Its better imo if pool work on their finishing with the existing players. Most notably on pullbacks eg shelvey yesterday, sahin, gerrard, suarez the weeks before
YoloToure (Liverpool) 3 years ago
The wingers are very attacking and encouraged to cut in, they're not exactly crossing wingers. Suarez would fit perfectly on the wing and would greatly compliment a world-class striker
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Hope our lads are pumped up for the derby! Want to see Stevie sink the blue shite like last season!
KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I am praying for another hatrick
Teja7 3 years ago
Another hatrick would be awesomeeee
MarquinhoACM (AC Milan) 3 years ago
Apparently actor Daniel Craig (plays James Bond) says that Gerrard would make a great James Bond.... And I wholeheartedly agree! Time to start that movie career Stevie?
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Daniel Craig will have to keep doing James Bond.... Gerrard belongs to the Reds
KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 years ago
@MarquinhoACM you are a bit late with that news, but we appreciate the thought
Honestabe (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Goofiest bond accent ever! Go stevie G!
YoloToure (Liverpool) 3 years ago
If I'm completely honest, Gerrard was pretty bad in that Will movie. Acting's not his forte. Same reason he'd never be good on ManU or Barca
KingLucas (Liverpool) 3 years ago
He was obviously bad on purpose because he didn't want to be approached for the James Bond movie. His true passion is Liverpool. The only reason he even did that Will movie was because it had something to do with Liverpool
Honestabe (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Aggerrrr! Beautiful head's UP PLAY scores THE.... Aw nevermind :/
MJTorres (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Anyone have a replay?
Liverp011FC (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Guys, I missed the game and dead boring now.... Can anyone inbox with the full match download link please.... TY
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 3 years ago
So Assaidi to start the derby match against Everton? He was superb, and Downing might be an impact sub on that match too. Looking brighter! ^^
Teja7 3 years ago
Yeah, with Borini out for a few months, it really does open up a huge chance for both Assaidi and Downing to prove themselves.
Assaidi was immense today. He could start against Everton and do a wonderful job.

But Sterling-Suarez-Suso front line is also possible. The question is:
Suso or Assaidi in the derby?
Some food for thought for Brendan. Tough choice
YoloToure (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Assaidi > Suso clearly imo. Except Assaidi might be tired
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Well Suso is more of a cm than a winger so yeah Assaidi>Suso any day
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Gianfranco Zola on Torres: "He has good spirit, but he doesn't love Chelsea, you can buy his service but you can never buy his love for Liverpool. "

I dunno if that's really true but the fact that Zola said that makes me go "bwahaha" a little on the inside
Teja7 3 years ago
Yeah I read this on the Chelsea forum. Pretty sad for Torres I must say, he's still one of my favorite players.
Like I said in a previous post, I would welcome Torres back with open arms.

But yes, I also "bwahaha"-ed a little in my head
Fernandez (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Torres is definitely my favorite striker that has played for Liverpool.

Torres on fire can oblitirate the back line with Gerrard behind him.
Bullies Vidic and Ferdinand.

Torres-Gerrard combination is one of the best attacking combination in Premier LEague
Daggers (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Me three, the feeling is mutual. Me & Torres just stared deeply into each others eyes. & then I remembered agger elbowing him in the face & laughed anyways
Montpellieraine (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I mean. We would all love him again if he came back, there's no doubt. We're all "hate" him simply because he went to a rival flushed with money. That's enough to hate a player, but if they came back I think a large portion of the fan base would accept him. Obviously, there would be several who would find the fact that he left in the first place unforgivable, but meh
Faceo (Liverpool) 3 years ago
It's too late to apologize  It's too laaaaaaaaaaaaaate
FootyNotSoccer (Liverpool) 3 years ago
What love for liverpool? He's a gun for hire, and his remark about never loving liverpool and never kissing the badge prove that. The only reason why some would want him back is because we need goal scorers. Had suarez score for us like he did at ajax (49 goals in 48 games?), we'd all be "fernando who? ". I'm not upset that he left, but the way he left us, he could've become some 1 like alonso, who is still loved and well respected even though he's been at madrid since 09 (it's similar to the difference between fabregas and nasri to arsenal fans)
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 3 years ago
f**k Torres. Ship him back to Atletico
Georgio (Bayern München) 3 years ago
Noooooooo DID THEY GET RID OF THE "view previous version button"? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I can't see it anywhere....  Then again I'm on my phone and no page ever fully loads properly for me anyway. Lol.
Wayne24 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
I never liked the new version  
Blayzie (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Really happy for Stewie scoring the winner! I'm so glad it was him. Hopefully this will be a big boost to his confidence. Something makes me think Brendan is behind this, it appears he's attacking A whole lot more. Rather then running down the wing only to cross or play a simple pass, he's taking on defenders and having shots here and there. This is exactly would he should continue doing. As the great Martin Tyler said: You can't win the raffle if you don't buy a ticket
FootyNotSoccer (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Until he does that or score or assist again, I will continue to believe it's witchcraft of some kind (or as you put it, he won the raffle). For now, ill hold my tounge when downing is the topic, until the next game he plays.

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