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Bravo (Liverpool) Yesterday
Can't be champions and do that...
Bravo (Liverpool) Yesterday
That's exactly the kind of Liverpool that never wins the title
Wayne24 (Liverpool) Yesterday
I feel like we caught Arsenals December sickness where we start falling
Shobhgarg (Liverpool) Yesterday
Chelsea has now a 4 point lead on us. Now we would be chasing them till end of the season.
Anyways, s**t defending Klavan should play with Lovren otherwise we will keep on leaking goals
Shobhgarg (Liverpool) Yesterday
Yes, Good game Bournemouth. That Frazer kid, just turned it around for them
Liverpool4LyFE (Liverpool) Yesterday
They played their hearts out. I ain't even mad, I applaud them
BenBro (Liverpool) Yesterday
Karius was so poor today as well, was hoping he was coming into form
Puttu86 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Karius got very nervous for their last goal. Should have caught it­čś×­čś×­čś×
YoloToure (Liverpool) Yesterday
Karius poor, Lucas poor, Origi poor, Klopp poor (not starrting Klavan over Lucas and then not making any subs), lack of depth poor
Sergio Yesterday
Okay that was so unexpected.    I hate lovren so much right now, cost us two goals.
Wayne24 (Liverpool) Yesterday
I don't see how Lovren was the problem. Origi was at the start of it, but who cares now we lost
Foootyfan (Liverpool) Yesterday
These players are mentally weak. So easily get complacent after a goal leads
Wayne24 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Klopp even said himself to not celebrate like you won it or he'll bench your ass
Suarez7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Puttu86 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Wily0 (Real Madrid) Yesterday
f*****g hell, I had a bad feeling when that fraser kid came on
BenBro (Liverpool) Yesterday
Absolutely disgusting 4-3 disgrace
Lkerun (Liverpool) Yesterday
Can't f*****g belive it...
BenBro (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ffs again Origi should have finished that, a tale off missed chances to put this game out of reach we let them back in
Hadee318 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Well that's what happens when a player of Matip's quality is replaced by Lucas. Our defence looks a shambles. Such a shame
YoloToure (Liverpool) Yesterday
From the kick-off I knew there would be problems when I saw that. Not sure why we didn't use Klavan instead.... At any point he could have started/been brought on

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