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Lfc140812 (Liverpool) Yesterday
If only we could sign Gary Medel.... He is what we need
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Very good
Bplittle (Liverpool) Yesterday
He does the job but I don't this he's that amazing. He was on Hull or something a couple years ago. Didn't really stand out in a premier league setting, imo
Zloth (Liverpool) Yesterday
Star in cardiff.... Here, just another Allen 😉
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) Yesterday
Underrated. He was very good in the world cup too
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Don't be mis guided my friend, he is not amazing.... Agreed. But he is absolutely spot on with what he does.... Not everyone needs to be a superstar.... Check his videos.... Doing normal simple things without error
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Philippe Coutinho on last season without Suarez:

It was hard at the start without Suarez and without Sturridge made it harder. But after Xmas we realize we could play without them and this summer signings will add what we were missing....

Magician well said.... #wegoagain!
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Training Starts now and I am getting Pump up for The New season!    Come on Ye Redmen! Why. And. W. A
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Pepijn Lijnders FC Porto Individual Player Development


Lijnders Coaching Far Superior than Pascoe or Marsh

Lfc140812 (Liverpool) Yesterday
There is no doubting his talen, a very very welcome addition. I heard his few interviews.... It leads me to ask.... Where the f**k was he till now.

Very happy now
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Rodgers is up against the Ropes and us Irish will do everything we can to get of them Great addition by Rodgers and he is not going down without a fight! This is the Rodgers we all fell in love with at the Start.... The one that made us Dream.

Rodgers FTW
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Kop are you alright my dear friend, I think after all I found who was behind the mask in movie V for Vendetta !
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
How did you Know my Favorite Movie?
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
FC Porto Pepijn Lijnders October 2012    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=B1PENuUra5w    Welcome as First team coach Lijnders
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Pepijn lijnders coached A young memphis depay during HIS TIME AT PSV eindhoven. HERE IS A video FROM THAT ERA:


Now imagine him transforming that to the older and more mature First team that will pick it up quicker.

I am starting to get excited.

PS: Why buy Memphis Depay when you already have his Maker at the club!
Underrated (Liverpool) Yesterday
I could be wrong but this is the first year that we have no fit scousers in the team
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Well, we still have Lambert...
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Pepijn Lijnders will be put in a new Role Called First team development Coach.

In other News Rodgers Just arrive at Melwood and Sean O'Driscoll arrived as early as seven.

Sky Sports TV HQ

''.... .... .... .... .... ''

Pepijn Lijnders - Quotes from link below

Pepijn lijnders- attack, attack, attack

“Our style is to attack, with and without the ball. We realise that the game is played with one ball, our ball, and we steal it back wherever on the pitch and we use it to attack the opponent. It doesn’t matter who we play against, we will press them high and aggressively and we will attack and attack them again. ”

Pepijn lijnders- defence destroyers

“Nobody knows what the future of football will look like; the only thing I’m sure of is that the defensive organisation of teams will be even better. They will protect the middle zone of the pitch better and defend their area better. We need to create players who can ruin this defensive organisation. ”

Pepijn lijnders- chance after chance

“We are responsible for creating a new generation, a generation who can create chance after chance at a high level, a generation who can break down defensive walls. ”

''.... .... .... .... .... ''

Best of luck Guys Our new look Liverpool starts here....

Why. And. W. A

Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Liverpool’s pepijn lijnders IS A BIG DEAL - Best Info


This guy seems the Real Deal and we just need a defensive coach now.

The future looks bright. YNWA.

Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
What we need is new ownership that gives a damn about football. Until then midtable here we come
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
I went to find out about Pepijn Lijnders and I found


Anybody got anymore Info

Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Driscoll and Lijnders officially announced by Liverpool
DanniDC (Liverpool) Yesterday
I think we are underestimating Origi. Give him the chance to adapt to the squad and style of play
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
This is a good thing because you end up getting surprise instead of let down lol. Imo I think he be good
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Shalafi (Liverpool) Yesterday
Daily Mail have reporter that we are going to meet 32, 5 mil releaserskiej clausure for Benteke this week. If this is true I hope they are add on dependencies specifying ammount of goals scored and Top 4 finish
Barlfc (Liverpool) Yesterday
Don't know, man, hard to believe that. Nothing against Benteke, but he doesn't worth that much
Barlfc (Liverpool) Yesterday
The current team that we can land looks pretty good. Offensively we stand way better than last year. Now all depends on BR.


Clyne Skrtel Sakho Moreno

Sterling Milner Hendo Cou



Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
You could actually swap Coutinho with Firmino
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Get Benteke?
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Zloth (Liverpool) Yesterday
Too expensive. Give ings/origi/balo the chance. If they don't deliver by january, buy a new striker. Not really many good options this window anyway. Rather overpay in january than overpay now because there are no good strikers available. Benteke for 22M £ tops
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
According to squawka benteke is rated 49 last season in top 5 leagues goal scorers we need to aim for a top 20 on that list.

Cavani, Lacazette
JayMajethiya (Liverpool) Yesterday
Zloth.... If we enter the new season without buying a quality striker it is going to be a disasterous.

The amount of tough matches we have is just way too much to handle without a proper fit striker and a center half
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Very true, Jay....

Striker cost = 22 mil to 32 mil = 10 mil more

Season cost = 220 mil + if champions league then roughly (15-30 mil more)

So, get striker (I mean a fit one, one which can work.... Not stuzza).
Zloth (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ok fair enough. So which world class top drawer striker do you think we could afford or attract? We DO need one but all I'm saying is we won't get one. We can't offer champions league and I bet we don't wanna cough up 50-90m £ plus the abnormous amount of salary it would require to motivate this player without champions league.

Don't know about all the bosmanplayers we just signed but I think we've lowered the team salary compared to our old regim. Don't think they will pop it again for a new striker when we have 5 already.

I' happy with our window. Already got six new players. Don't want us to do another spurs 13 liverpool 14 season with all these great players that just haven't got the chemistry together yet
PaRa (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lacazette all day. He's a cheaper better player than Benteke

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