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Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
Here's to united fans that were cheering us on today. Cheers. Thanks for your support
ElNino927 (Liverpool) Yesterday
United fans saying how we were barely able to beat a struggling 'unknown' team in the champions league, yet they can't even beat the likes of MK Dons
Azeal (Liverpool) Yesterday
Glad to know they spent their time watching our game, well.... If things aren't changing over there, I'm sure we will see some of them over here.... Pretty soon
Drde159 (Manchester United) 23 hours ago
@azeal that escalates quickly
Drde159 (Manchester United) 23 hours ago
@elnino of course some would say that because half the team against mk dons is U21 youth while yours yesterday is the first squad entirely
Puttu86 (Liverpool) Yesterday
If any one wants highlights of yesterday's match

Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Rodgers, please do some coaching. Teams have figured us out. We aren't adaptive, at all. We can't keep running our head into a wall
Bplittle (Liverpool) Yesterday
Where's the mute button?    *unfollow*
Rajmahal Yesterday
Even though you are probably right most of the time I think you need to ease up on the negative posts man. Nobody likes a negative nancy lol
Blayzie (Liverpool) Yesterday
There should be an option to hide posts
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Unbelivable4026 - you must be the most unlike guy in our forum dude.  
Drde159 (Manchester United) 22 hours ago
@SR by liverpool fans yes mb, by others nope hehe  *grab popcorn*
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
@drde- lol
PaRa (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Everyone is entitled to there own opinion so let the man talk about what he feels. It might not be music to your ears but that's his opinion.

Clearly Liverpool haven't been playing like they want to in some recent games but I think pool will bounce back. Cause that's what pool does. Have faith folks.
DanniDC (Liverpool) Yesterday
Whether we are up by 5 or down by 3(we still remember) a win is a win. Just shows the fight that our team is willing to put up until the end. That late goal scared all of us I think. #penaltypool
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Time to Drop Philippe Coutinho and start Fabio Borini in the Diamond with Mario Balotelli
Teja7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lol start Borini. Can't believe what we've restored to when Borini is a starter for LFC. I might be negative, for reasons, but start Borini?
I'm starting to think some people don't watch these matches.

That 14M is looking better and better, but you know he wants to play for LFC, so he's good enough, right? Can't believe we didn't force that move. If players can force a move; clubs should be able to as well. Imagine having Remy and 6M instead of Borini....

What the hell was Migs doing coming the whole way out when they scored the goal? I'm not sure he deserves to be an LFC starter, either. I guess, he also wants to play for LFC, so he's good enough, as well. When the hell is Valdez coming in? He'd be an auto starter. Lallana is also s**t for 25M, but we all should have known that.

We will get absoultely stomped by Real, playing like we did today. s**t, Basel will beat us at home if we play like this. At least Gerrard knows we were s**t, "We didn't do better than okay", says the captain after the game.
Bplittle (Liverpool) Yesterday
Where's the mute button?    *unfollow*
Georgio (Bayern München) Yesterday
Hmohammed (Liverpool) Yesterday
Agreed, we should always play diamond, or 4-3-3, it suits our playing style best
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
f*****g shite that took years off my life. We got the 3 points. But man we gotta' improve.

Onto West ham.

Positives Balotelli - first goal.
Moreno - was a menace all game. Crossing will get better with time.
Manquillo - saves the day for the team.
Stevie G - Captain Fantastic does it again.

Negatives - Everyone else basically.
Apart from balo first goal he needs to hound defenders and stay in the box so sterling and lallana can make runs.
Coutinho is quite fair to say is going through a patchy spell.
Defence lovren and sakho some shaky moments.
Mignolet was having a great game but people will blame him for the goal.

We lacked pace - Sturridge and that magic and dribbling in the final third is gone now due to no suarez. I said this before the season started we will have to tighten up at the back. We didn't deserve a clean sheet today. But we have to stick with this back 4.

You don't notice how much you miss allen until he is not playing. I would like to see lallana played centrally in 1 - 2 games just to see how he does.

We still havent clicked into beast mode yet. But I think it will come soon enough!

Massive ovation for ludogrets they did themselves proud and they deserved a draw and could have even won it
ElNino927 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Very well said mate, agreed with everything you stated
Hmohammed (Liverpool) Yesterday
We missed Allen in midfield sooo much
CantStopTheKop (Liverpool) Yesterday
Anyone have the full game to stream?

I recorded it at home but now I'm at work and have nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs.

Also, looks like I missed a lot of action on here. Anyone here from KL, Malaysia? I just came back from there
CantStopTheKop (Liverpool) Yesterday
Never mind, downloading it now
ElNino927 (Liverpool) Yesterday
What a last-ditch saving tackle from Moreno. Absolutely beautiful, would've definitely led to the opening goal at 0-0.

Drde159 (Manchester United) 22 hours ago
The opening goal would have come at that lovren blatant foul lah. Tkx the ref instead
TheAllReds (Liverpool) Yesterday
I was searching for the results for ManU game this morning but I can't seem to find it.... Oh wait.... They're not in this competition!
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Damnnnnnnnnnnnn    Https://m.Facebook.Com/story.Php?Story_fbid=10152760903032238&id=163578457237    
Teja7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
OH MY...
Teja7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
That's what I did with my Gerrard jersey too  
Jeroen (Barcelona) Yesterday
That jersey has stories to tell man, great stories
KingLucas (Liverpool) Yesterday
We played well and we got 3 points. That is good enough for me. Our players just need a bit more composure in front of goal, which I believe will come as they play more champions league games
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Played well? Come on guys!
Bplittle (Liverpool) Yesterday
You'd like it if we came on guys, wouldn't you?
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
@paddypower: Arteta and Mertesacker tracking back for Dortmund's second goal....     Link:
Madder (Liverpool) Yesterday

Good job boys!
Madder (Liverpool) Yesterday
"A word of warning, though: for him (balotelli) to really become a success, he must work. He has to cover ground and make himself a nuisance and realise it is demanded that a Liverpool forward run himself to a standstill. All the greats did it. They all knew that hard work was a prerequisite.
The system Rodgers plays demands a high tempo and for his players to press. That is when they are at the best and when the chances come. If nobody is doing that up front, the system fragments and Liverpool's potency suffers. "
Madder (Liverpool) Yesterday
Let's kick negativity out of this forum    
KevMo (Liverpool) Yesterday
Kick it out!

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