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Bplittle (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
I was choked when we missed out on Salah, but at least Chelsea's purchase of him failed pretty terribly:


Chelsea £11m flop Mohamed Salah set for Stamford Bridge EXIT
Besiktas have joined the race to sign Chelsea flop Mohamed Salah in January
PaRa (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
Mehh I knew he was nothing to be envious over. I also knew he wouldn't be starting for Chelsea. In the end he got what he wanted
Bazinga (Chelsea) 17 hours ago
That is why his price was 11m.... Which is market price for average squad players. He was never going to be a starter for us anyways
PaRa (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
^ So why bother getting him? Chelsea clearly didn't need him. It almost seems they got him just to troll Liverpool
Bazinga (Chelsea) 17 hours ago
^ He scored few goals against Chelsea and got Jose's attention I believe.... I agree that its a waste of money and sometimes there is no explanation some of our signings.... Other good examples is Moses who is also a squad player who cost us 11m
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
Jose trolled us well and Tottenham with willian
PaRa (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Oh Spurs are the ultimate transfer trolls don't get me started with them
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Merry Christmas my Red Brethrens!
Azeal (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Merry Christmas!
OMGClayAiken (Arsenal) 9 hours ago
Merry Christmas
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
Merry Christmas everyone!
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
I know you guys think he(Berahino) is overrated and probably is, but we should at least have a look at him. No more than 12 million if we bid for him. Very pacey forward, can hold his own against strong CB. Likes to run in behind, similiar to Sterling, but more clinical and more of a threat from set pieces. Another Birmingham talent like Ibe and Sturridge.


His best asset is his finishing.
FootballDoc (Tottenham Hotspur) 23 hours ago
Spurs linked heavily to him as well(as is to be expected lol) but tbh I'm not too excited, sure he's a decent player; but he's english and the price will be inflated. I've heard talk of 25m so I really don't think he's worth it, for us, or you
Deffyduck (Arsenal) 23 hours ago
He's gone off the boil in the last month or so (I should know, he's got me f. All in fantasy football haha).

There was rumour of his contract talks being stalled by the club due to his poor attitude and party lifestyle.

Perhaps a case of too much, too young, too fast?

Hope he gets his head straight, he is a talented kid, no doubt!
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Yeah, 25m is way too much for him. 7 goals in 12 games is not bad, but I think its too heavy a price tag for a youngster to have on his shoulders. I agree, he needs to cut out that party lifestyle, heard he got arrested this year for drinking
KingLucas (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Haven't we suffered enough. Why would you want to put a Dagger in our back?
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Haha Lucas, yeah, as much as I want Higuain or a top class CF, I think we're going to end up with Berahino. Just researching him, before the decision is made. Speaking of Dagger, I miss him
Malik (Barcelona) 21 hours ago
I think you guys should look for someone like Depay, although his preferd position is LF / LW but I think he is clinical enough to play as striker and he will form a good partnership with sturridge
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
No Berahino for 25m please. I'd rather throw 30-40m at Higuain, Benzema, Seydou Doumbia, Jackson Martinez, Dybala
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
^ exactly. I'll be pissed if we get Berahino. Enough with signing kids for the love of God. It's clear as day we need a proven striker who can handle the pressure and expectation of being Liverpool's striker
JayMajethiya (Liverpool) Yesterday
I seriously think that We should give our best shot in Winning the Europa League
Because that is out best shot to get into the UCL

We must bring those Rafa days back when whatever happened on weekends but come tuesday and wednesdays we were a team transformed.

To attract good players next time we gonna' need that UCL spot for sure,

I don't think we goona do well in Transfer Market without the UCL spot like Manchester United
Filip90 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Well, I don't think we are gonna' do well in transfer market with or without champions league anyway. It doesn't really matter.... :/
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Shaqiri set to be availible for dirt cheap 12. 5 million. Been talking to Bayern fans and they say he is a top notch talent but just has been out shined by in-form players. You know what to do BR! But, first get a GK and ST. Apparently he had decided to join LFC in the summer, but Bayern blocked his move. Confirmed from himself and his agent, his brother
SergioRamos (Liverpool) Yesterday
He would suit our game so well
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
? How exactly would he suit us we have enough people in his position.

We need a top gk
We need 2 solid center backs and 2 fullbacks who know how to defend before they go crazy and run around like headless chickens.
We need a proper strong defensive midfielder like a matic, yaya toure mold
We need a ruthless top strong striker who is not a pussy
We need experience strikers behind that top striker who can come in and do the job when the top striker is injured.

We need to stop wasting money

GK - Peter Cech
CB - 3 options fire the manager, hire a defensive coach, sell the players
Fullbacks - Same as above.
Defensive Midfield - Lucas is a great backup option. Need a dynamic top player in this position.
Wingers/Attacking mid sorted unless you sell to bring in shaqiri
Striker - Sturridge too injury prone. Lambert 4th choice. Sell Balotelli and Borini.
Buy Strong ruthless striker and an experienced one. Bring origi back from loan next season

We need 4 - 5 signings before we can even think about shaqiri. I am at a point where am hoping a new manager comes and sort this crap out. We need balance in the team long term
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
We have done a fantastic job in the transfer market. We have gone from being s**t in defence to being s**t in attack and defence. In the process made southampton look like a champions league team.

We have bad people working at the club from recruitment, transfers to FSG.
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
I like Shaq in 3-4-3 system, because we don't even need a striker in that system. He is probably much more clinical compared to most of our midfielders, bar maybe Lallana. But I agree we need to prioritize GK first, but Shaq is a top class talent on the level of Reus and for a player of his caliber to be available, I think we should take it. Arsenal had the same dilemma with Fabregas, when they had Wilshere and Ramsey in that position. I think we should take a chance on Shaq. I feel that Coutinho, Lallana, Sterling could easily get injured and our 3-4-3 system could easily break down, just like 4-3-2-1 system with Sturridge getting injured
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
First of all we havent utilised the right side ever under BR for attack. The best we got is Henderson playing on that side. Shaqiri is a great wide play maker who has alot of qualitys. We need quality on that right side. Marko can play there but who have we realistically got in our side who can shoot a screamer from out wide.

Ofcourse I agree that is not a priority right now. But I really like shaqiri. His a small lad with alot of talent
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
Neville is dead right the likes of united, arsenal and liverpool have no balance in their teams. That's why apart from chelsea and city all other english teams are miles away in terms of getting back into champions league semis, finals.

Our team had no balance even last year
Faceo (Liverpool) Yesterday
Makes you think that suarez and sturridge were so good we almost won the title without that balance
SKool (Arsenal) 22 hours ago
Tipping off the balance
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Why are cucumbers so damn smooth?  Because they're coolcumbers.  Damn I'm good. I'll let myself out.
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Of the closet LOL
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
Haha something about that post isn't right
Skorm123 (Liverpool) Yesterday
You guys and your dirty minds. I had pure intentions
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
You are talking about smooth cucumbers and you are blaming us
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Footster speaks my mind lol
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
If you had a friend that was a MANC what be the best Xmas present for them?      I was thinking a tombstone!
Teja7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lol.... So morbid
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
LOL Dan. Great place for a tombstone!
Madder (Liverpool) Yesterday
Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=SxoIJqu-1cU    Owen on gerrard's replacement
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Owen want's to be Gerrard replacement lmfao
LFCRockz (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lol.... I think he was talking about Pogba...
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
LFCRockz please go home I knew what he meant
Madder (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Rafa is getting the sack.... Bla bla bla bla....

Won the italian supercup! Bam!

Ol man rafa did it again....
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
My Christmas wish list:

1. Top GK
2. Top ST

It's realistic I think, especially if we trim some of the squad and wage bill
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
Agree 100%, I say Cech and Berahino
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) Yesterday
Berahino? Wtf?
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
Not too many striking options out there mate, plus this guy is clinical and is ready to move
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I want your best Xmas story, Merry Xmas Hooligans.

It's Xmas day and Rainmaker was 10yrs old. After all the gifts have been given and all the parents are getting drunk, Rainmaker heads out to see his best mate and play some footy. My mate had just got a motorbike that S. Oh. Be, so before the big Xmas footy match about 8 of us take turns on the bike in the back garden. Rainmaker gets on a bike for the first time and thinks his Evil bloody Knievel, going around like a mad man. Little do I know I'm getting closer to the house, I panic, forget the breaks and go through the kitchen, (the door was open) my mates mother is in the kitchen screaming. I made my way into the lounch and crashed into the bloody Xmas tree, my mates father was so drunk, he was on the floor laughing. We still played footy and I was a legend forever.

(((((((((((((((((((KEEP THE faith, AND SEND vodka))))))))))))))
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Hugh Hefner you have enough bunny's + Vodka don't you think      Have a good one mate
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Wouldn't it be awesome if we still had kuyt in the squad. Was never a profilic striker but got the important goals when needed most
Footster (Liverpool) Yesterday
And he would still run his lungs off at 34
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) Yesterday
I agree. Even though Netherlands have better players than him, he still played most of the games in the WC
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Bplittle (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Welcome big tits
Bplittle (Liverpool) 1 day ago
It's appreciated, fake ginger tits
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 day ago
SKool (Arsenal) 22 hours ago
Motorboat time !
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) 2 days ago
Monday Night Football is here guys, and Carra and Neville are onto each other again



But they both make so many right points, Neville is totally right saying we're lacking those complete midfielders...All we have are weak technical players full of speed but no presence. Gone are the days of having Alonso,Gerrard,Mascherano, we now rely upon CAM's to make our midfield which ain't bad, but if we do this we need to do it correctly!
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
But we do have Can and Lucas, even Gerrard is quite physical, but yes we lack that combination of strength and pace upfront. Even Sturridge won't bring that, Ballotelli could if he played more for the team
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 1 day ago
The second link is not working  Stupid copyrights...
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Yep the link's removed :/
BSS27 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Should be on Facebook. Live Football News. They post a lot of highlights and stuff. They posted this recently
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Someone in the mould of Khedira, Bender, Cabaye, would be great
Teja7 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
^Schneiderlin or Cabaye would be best, since they've already proven themselves in the EPL

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