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BSS27 (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Henderson and Can Need I say more
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
But you Can !
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 15 hours ago

Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
The one good thing I particularly liked about the match against Roma was how JH leaped to protect Adam Philips when Philips made a rash tackle. Slowly and steadily, he is getting into the groove. He has a leader hidden inside him and in coming years he will showcase that ability. He needs more confidence, then we will see a different player. I love you Hendo, his much maligned "price tag" will look a neat piece of business in coming years !
Madder (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Love you too hahaha
Footster (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
F**K Suarez
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
That's the spirit Kop4Ever.... You feel better now
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 11 hours ago
Yes I also hate rats K4E
Bplittle (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
While Suarez's ban from international football will remain in place, his four-month suspension is likely to be reduced – meaning that he would be able to begin the new league campaign for Barca.


It's Goal.Com, but we all knew this would come. Ridiculous
Footster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
The FA and its ruling a crap, if you got influence everything is possible. We saw a lot of it with Fergie and now with Barca. Even their transfer ban was revoked without adequate explanation
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
As much as I hate FIFA, this wouldn't be a case of FIFA being corrupt unless they somehow have infiltrated the court of arbitration which is officially not a part of FIFA. But I guess we all know the pressure FIFA can exert after they even had the ability to create legislation(laws) for the next world cup.

Although, to a personal perspective I hope Suarez has to serve the full length of the ban, as much as he is a great guy off the field, on the field he has to be taught a lesson that the game has boundaries and they are there for a reason
Hmohammed (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
I don't believe this, no way in hell would this be allowed, he will serve the ban he was given, if not than FIFA will show just how corrupt they are
Madder (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Told you guys barca will work this off hahah
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
I know here we go again

F**K Suarez
F**K Mafia FIFA
F**K Barcelona

Have a good day you Liverpool Hooligans
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
And btw, Even if suarez does serve the ban,

His ban ends on 25th october

First El Classico 26th october.

Yeah Right! -_-
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 17 hours ago
Mafia fifa

All I will say is now that his no longer a threat to our local ambitions wooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Let him play
Rajmahal 17 hours ago
Inb4 malik or jeroen
Malik (Barcelona) 16 hours ago
LOL didn't most of you guys argued that Liverpool shouldn't be punished for the act he did while on international duty when he was still on pool's book ? Now Same is what Goal.Com insider reporting

"The ban would only apply to the Uruguay national team and not to Barcelona."

@Ashup , nice try , that clasico date is not confirmed , only the week is confirmed and if the away game against madrid is set for 25 October, Suarez first liga game would be against celta at camp nou on 1 or 2 November

And are you forgetting that football players need match practice and fitness ? I don't think any sane manager will throw him in the most important match of the season without regular training or match fitness

BTW I was called 'dick' on same forum for using the article from goal.Com with actual quotes from fifa official , the current post article say's this ' a source from CAS has now told Goal that '

Ashup78 (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
Well we were saying that (Why should Liverpool suffer 'cause of something he did on international duty) 'cause he was ours, now he is yours so we can say what we want....

And about the nice try, I bet you he will play the El classico!
KOPforeva (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
The dates confirmed man, its the 26th of October
Teja7 (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
@Malik.... Are you fkin serious? If he had stayed at Liverpool, I can guarantee that this bullshit CAS would have never intervened.

Fifa and CAS would have left us and Suarez out to dry.

And one of the reason we sold Suarez was because of the ban.

And now, as soon as he's a Barca player, you hear this garbage about the ban being reduced. Bull-fking-s**t
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
f**k Suarez
Footster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Aurier joins PSG. One decent option off the table!
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Wouldnt it be Beautiful if Stoke city Made a £5million big for Torres and it got accepted
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
I hope he goes to West ham and they bench him for Big Andy !
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Lets just do some comparing with our main rivals next season

Arsenal - Sanchez, Giroud, Podolski
United - Van persie, Rooney, Hernandez, Welbeck
City - Negredo, Aguero, Jovetic, Dzeko
Chelsea - Eto, Torres, Costa, Demba Ba
Liverpool - Sturridge, Lambert, Remy (Borini) (Origi)

We need another striker even if we are buying Remy IMO
Footster (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Ba is already sold to Besiktas I think.

Besides I don't think Sanchez is an out and out striker he is more of a winger or a wide forward. So if you include him then you also gotta' include Sterling/Markovic in our attack and we suddenly look a lot better. I think once we get Remy we are done with our attack for the upcoming season
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Did not know that about Ba thanks. And fair enough with sanchez
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Add Sanogo and Joel Campbell to the Arsenal list.

Eto, torres are leaving as well. Chelsea strikers would mostly be - Costa, Lukaku, Drogba.

We are good with Stuzza and Remy, cause we are mostly gonna' play the 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1. Lambert can score some 8-10 goals as well.
I think Origi would still be signing and be Loaned back to Lille, no matter what happens with Borini.

I'd rather have a goal scoring winger like Shaqiri or Reus or Turan (not happening as of now)
Filip90 (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Footster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Filip90 i've been meaning to ask this, am I missing something or is your DP just weird? Whats it supposed to be?
Filip90 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
@Footster  @Kop4Ever    Yes, it's from graphic novel Watchmen    Awesome book
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
Footster    His DP is the smiley face from Watchmen
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 17 hours ago

Great movie and soundtrack

Love this sound and clip from movie....

Filip90 (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Yes, and the intro also is good
Footster (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Now I see!
BSS27 (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Why aren't we playing how we usually do? Is it cause its pre-season and this is the be team?
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Well, its a mix of first team players/fringe players and reserve squad members, you can really tell that the team isn't really gelling and the players lack sharpness and awareness of each other as they don't often train with each other. That said, Rodgers is unwilling to risk injury to his first 11 as it is important the team start well into the season as we have a lot of important games early on, Southampton, Man City etc.... I mean Negredo is already injured, we don't want to make the same mistakes City has made. However, he did say that he will play some of our more exciting players in the next game, so better to tune into the next game
Teja7 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Well, it was a good thing I left to play soccer with my friends 10 minutes after kick-off (I left around the time when Can substituted for Borini)

Just got back and saw the reactions to the game and the scoreline. [lol] abysmal stuff.
KOPforeva (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Wow.... You played 'soccer' for 6 hours? .... Some stamina!
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Whats soccer?
SKool (Arsenal) 15 hours ago
Soccer? Isn't that the egg-ball sport?
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
United are looking so good in pre season, they have real shot at the champions league tittle this year with LVG at....

Oh snap!
Filip90 (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Well, since now they have money how much do you think they payed to la galaxy for a trashing?
Trev (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Aspas looked great preseason last year!
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Come on Poyet convince Borini to get his ass over to Sunderland to sign the contract!
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
It's not Poyet, it's Borini.come on man, your never going to make it at LFC. That should be very apparent. Your a big hit at Sunderland. The fans like you a lot
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
I'm saying Poyet needs to sweet talk him lol This whole Borini thing has got me pretty damn annoyed. I can salute him on his willingness to want to fight to get into the team but he's not LFC caliber type player. Hope this whole thing gets sorted soon! Ayyyyyyyyy
Liv4lyf (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
What happened to YNWA....
He's still a liverpool player. It seems like most ppl on this forum would like to kick him out of the club personally....
Harvster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
I want him to stay. Versatile and hard working
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Emre Can For a guy that is not match fit and had a bit of injury he was years better than the rest of our MF and he is only 20. Just imagine how good vidal be if we got him
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Emre and Coutinho looks head and shoulders above our other midfielders. Plus Emre highlights the fact that we need to sign a world class MF. I know it's only preseason but they are players in our MF that are not good enough and were not good enough last year either so they can't use preseason as a excuse! We have enough forwards IMO! What we need is a world class MF that can help the forward and the DF!
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
I have been hearing nothing but good things about Can's performances. Seems like he'll be a good player for LFC for years to come
Rockerr (Liverpool) Yesterday
Although Lovren is much better than what we have now, I don't believe that his addition is gonna' improve our defending against set-pieces and crosses.... 20M smh
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Yeah, but we can't get a player if they're any other clubs in for them. That's just like a law with LFC in transfer windows. Just look at all our transfers. These players aren't being courted by any other teams. The cherry on top is that we pay whatever the asking club wants. Pathetic. Watch we'll end up paying 25M for Lovern, like jackasses. We can't even win a transfer over Tottenham, for christ sake!
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
End of season everybody says we need fullbacks and a leader cb. What does transfer committee do spend 60m on attacking players. Pssh defence we don't care for defence.

Attacking get a budget of 60m
Defence - loan deals hahaaa

P. S unbelievable for your sake I hope you are away from breakable objects when the manquillo deal is official
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lol you and me both, Pewpew. I have an awful lot of computer monitors in front of me here at work
Groundup (Arsenal) Yesterday
Even with Stuzza and Remy, do you think you need another striker?
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Naah, we have Lambert as third choice, and BR would play with the Lone striker up top. So three proven strikers are good enough imo
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
If we get rid of Borini I think
Ashup78 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Ya and that's Origi
Marehan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Are you out of your mind Ashup? We need a world class Striker, or it will be another disaster year. Don't forget Sturridge is injury prone, Lambert is too Old to play a lot of games. And will be left with Loic remy who will take time to know the system. Or probably BR will use him as a wingers
Unbelivable4026 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Who's we? LFC need a top class winger that can help on the goal front, more than anything. If need be, you can throw him in at striker for a game or two. Lamberts more a mascot than anything. But, hey, he loves LFC so it was a good transfer
Colinmc (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
World class strikers don't just grow on trees. Good luck finding one better than Remy. Loic Remy is pretty f'ing good btw
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
So I wasn't able to watch the match (sounds like it's good I didn't?) Did we look like scoring at any point? 1-0 sounds pretty boring in all honesty. I'm not worrying yet cause it's pre season but there is a lot of pressure on this team for the new season
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=fkhbI-iDpmY    Full match not in english though
Rockerr (Liverpool) Yesterday
Point of pre-season friendlies is to gain fitness, not winning or scoring
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Cheers Pewpew! Going to watch some of it just purely to see how the players are.

I agree @Rockerr that's exactly what pre-season is about but getting into a winning mentality will give the players a boost early on in the season imo. In the pre season before us finishing 2nd in 2008 we had a strong pre-season winning all 5 or so pre season matches with only conceding ONE goal
Wayne24 (Liverpool) Yesterday
Well winning was expected, but how much can you ask for when our defence isn't sorted out

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