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LesRouges (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
Looks like salvio got injured!
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 1 hour ago
Not happening unless we want another aquallani situation lol
Pewpew (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
Is he sacked yet?
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Tick tock.... Tick tock.... Not yet my friend
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
Patience my fellow Reds
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
To all my fans,

Saying goodbye hasn't been easy.

Liverpool Football Club has been such a massive part of my life since I was eight years old and I know how much I'm going to miss it.

It's been an emotional time for my family and I with my final game at Anfield against Crystal Palace and then my last appearance away to Stoke City.

But I've been blown away by the send-off I've been given by the supporters and I'd like to thank every one of you. It's been very humbling and it's something I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

It's been an absolute privilege to represent this football club for so long.

When I was a kid, kicking a ball around in Ironside Road in Huyton, all I ever wanted to do was play for Liverpool. I dreamed of pulling that shirt on just once.

I never thought I'd get close to achieving that so to be able to look back on a first-team career of 710 appearances spanning 17 years I'm immensely proud.

I've loved every minute of playing for the best supporters in the world.

It's been an amazing journey. There have been some glorious highs and some crushing lows, but throughout you have given me fantastic support and I'll never forget that.

The highs have been all the sweeter because they have been achieved with my boyhood club. We have shared those special moments together.

Of course the pinnacle of my career arrived in Istanbul 10 years ago. That was the best night of my life. When I lifted the European Cup, there was no prouder man on the planet.

It meant so much to me to deliver that trophy for you. The supporters played such a big part in helping to inspire that famous comeback against AC Milan. I'll never forget how they helped to lift our chins off the floor after that nightmare first half.

People have often asked me about the pressure on my shoulders to deliver for Liverpool but I've never seen that as a burden. There's been huge responsibility on me but I've always loved and embraced that.

It's been a massive honour to be captain of this club for so long. I've always given my best and tried to lead by example.

I've been very fortunate to play alongside some incredible players and for managers who have all helped me to improve and develop. I'm proud of what I've given back - the sacrifices, the dedication and the loyalty over the years.

But more than anything I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to play in front of these fans for so long.

Liverpool is my home and I love this city. But I believe the time is right to open a new chapter as I prepare to move to America.

I want to keep playing every week in the final few years of my career and I'm looking forward to embarking on a new challenge with Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS.

I'll be away for the next couple of years but this isn't the end of my long association with Liverpool FC. I've been a supporter all my life and that will continue.

I hope to get the opportunity to come back and serve the club again one day. I feel that I can make a contribution in some role in the future.

But today is all about looking back and saying thank-you to the fans for the magnificent support you have given me over the past two decades. You have helped me to fulfil my dreams over and over again and given me memories I wouldn't swap for anything.

Thank you.

Steven Gerrard
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
Totes emosh!
Robinson (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
My fellow red men its very annoying to see most of you get excited over some of these ridiculous rumours its like its becoming a trend for Liverpool to be linked with this and that and never sign them, I say keep calm and lets just watch other teams spend and dream because this s**t team and s**t board is nor doing s**t, we lost 6-0 and the players 1 wk later are dancing and singing in Dubai, such a sad sight to hear kolo of all ppl saying he can win you cups, being linked with Danny ings Smh while, even tottenham can attract better players than us, reality check folks we are way behind every big club quite frankly we aren't even seen as big club anymore, and don't you dare reply to this and use the word history! That s**t is overrated now we need new ones!
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
Jerrymiah (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
When is our next game?
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
Interesting you asked.... If Arsenal and Dortmund loose their cup finals then it is 30th july against Borussia D'mund !
Scouser4life (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
Omg Dortmund?!?
Daggers (Liverpool) 9 hours ago

This would be funny if it wasn't so sad
Malik (Barcelona) 11 hours ago
Madrid source is reporting that Carlo have received offer from Liverpool. Woot woot

Although I still think Klopp will be perfect match for Liverpool
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 10 hours ago
I just realized that the only thing Ancelotti hasn't won is the Bundesliga and La Liga out of the top 4 leagues. I've just been reading Ancelotti's history and he actually inherited AC Milan when they were weak and floundering in Europe and made them world class
Filip90 (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Meanwhile, balotelli is staying -___-    FFS
Drde159 (Manchester United) 12 hours ago
I just learned he is only 24 yo. I would have bet he is older than that having changed clubs 3-4 times already. So holding onto him might not be the worst idea afterall
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 8 hours ago
Being young don't mean your special
Weezer (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
Someone tell sterling that...
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Interesting stats on players injured this past season

Skorm123 (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
Sums up our season, our most important player missed 71% of the season...
Footster (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
If we spoke to Klopp and Anceloti both and they both are interested, who would you rather have? Given that Rafa to Madrid is now a done deal, well almost...
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
I'd cry if both were truly bent on joining us. I'd take Klopp because I'm not sure Ancellotti could work with the funds we have, but its like choosing between Ice-Cream and Cake. I mean last time we had to choose between Martinez and Rodgers...
Footster (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
The problem with both would be that they might not want to work with the moneyball method. Also, while Klopp has shown what he can build, I have a reservation of how he'd fair in premier league. He has so far only managed Mainz and Dortmund, he had 56% win rate at Dortmund in Bundesliga, not sure how that translates into EPL. Whereas, Ancelotti would want to buy established players and not sure if FSG would support that. Overall, it won't be cheap to let BR go and then hire a new coach, if it were our money we'd think twice and I guess that is what FSG are doing...
Shalafi (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Its like choosing between Megan Fox and Charlize Theron.  Í would take both of them if I could  
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Megan Fox is younger so I would take her haha
Footster (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Megan Fox or Charlize Theron is a tougher choice that Klopp and Ancelotti or Ice Cream and Cake
JayMajethiya (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
First get rid of your current wife otherwise she can sue you
Robberyback2 (Bayern München) 15 hours ago
"win-rate"  OMG please stop with this american bs stats
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Lol nice thread. To answer the question though Klopp would be great. This club needs a breath of fresh air. These are the types of managers we should be interested in. Ones with a winning CV and trophies.

Klopp: Borussia Dortmund:

T-Home Supercup: 2008[2]
Bundesliga: 2010–11, [3] 2011–12[4]
DFB-Pokal: 2011–12[6]
DFL-Supercup: 2013, [28] 2014[28]
Uefa Champions League runner–up: 2012–13[10]


German Football Manager of the Year: 2011, [29] 2012[29]
Second place FIFA World Coach of the Year: 2013[30]


Juventus (1999–2001)
Uefa Intertoto Cup: 1999
Milan (2001–2009)
Uefa Champions League: 2002–03, 2006–07
Uefa Super Cup: 2003, 2007
Fifa Club World Cup: 2007
Serie A: 2003–04
Coppa Italia: 2002–03
Supercoppa Italiana: 2004

Chelsea (2009–2011)
Premier League: 2009–10
FA Cup: 2009–10
FA Community Shield: 2009

Paris Saint-Germain (2011–2013)
Ligue 1: 2012–13

Real Madrid (2013–2015)
Uefa Champions League: 2013–14
Uefa Super Cup: 2014
Fifa Club World Cup: 2014
Copa del Rey: 2013–14
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
Klopps all the way, fantastic ambassador of the club, of the people associated. I am sure if he lands in UK, his popularity, his likability will sky rocket.

Clap clap Klopps, Clap clap Klopps.... But no way in hell it will happen.

Its either BR or Frank De Boer.

" I wants a half year holiday or whatever it is called" - JK
Weezer (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
Charlize theron all day man
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
I would take either over Rodgers.... Klopp could make this his new home
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Last season BR made us dream, what did he make us do this season?
Footster (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Wake up and realize that it was Suarez who made us dream...
Jerrymiah (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
I Have got a few question:
1. Why do we have to pay 3m for Ings who is a free agent? I heard spurs is bidding 12m!? For a free agent no less....
2. Why is FBI USA allowed to arrest FIFA staffs? Aren't they considered Swiss?
JayMajethiya (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Footster (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
I don't think Ings is a free agent, he is probably on the last year of his contract. Not sure about the FBI though...
Shalafi (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Technically Ings contract its not over yet and player can be sold. I think Spurs just want to speed up and secure Ings transfer. He still have contract till June 30th.
Another think is that Ings is young English player so even if his contract end any PL team will have to pay 5 mil maybe even more if the case will go to tribunal.

Fifa officials were arrested by Swiss police and will be extradite to USA as it was American public prosecutor who charged them for corruption. You have to understand that FIFA is world wide organization with the head quarters in Switzerland.

TheBokiya (Chelsea) 6 hours ago
Funny thing is that I try to get Ings in FIFA on a free transfer but I can't either even with only 6 months remaining on his contract. Dafuq
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Looking forward to FIFA 16 this year.      The courtroom setting will be a nice change of pace
JayMajethiya (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
I will buy the original one for the first time
Pewpew (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Footster (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
I am planning to skip 16, have been buying new one every year for the last couple of years and not too much changes so...
Faceo (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
FIFA doesn't really do anything for the game other than lend the game rights and the name. It's EA that is responsible for everything wrong with the game
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Sepp's corrupt head on justice platter.... That's the best way I can say.

But there remains a twist, what if Sepp Blater was an undercover agent for CIA for past fifty years and as old man do, he forgot !
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Manchurian Candidate Part 2
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Tony Barrett
Liverpool Football Club have made initial contact with Jurgen Klopp's representatives to take over the managerial vacancy at Anfield
Madummer (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Where did you get that? Barret is a reliable source but I can't seem to find it...
Madummer (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
LOL it was too good to be true unfortunately    Https://twitter.Com/TonyBadNews/status/602551201666703360
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 19 hours ago
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
This is too good to be true
Footster (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
Fake profile
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 17 hours ago
Oh thanks for f*****g my life up with that fake news! Cheers mate
Rainmaker (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Kop4Ever you make me laugh mate

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