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Moe66 (Manchester City) 1 hour ago
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Can be good friend of mine.... Hahaha.... Its not a bad thing to be good friend of mine....

I think of our defence.... And then I hear this....

" First thing always"---Defence !

Skrtle, Lovern are losing their sleep
BenBro (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
Long time no see boys! Been awhile, amazing news about Jurgen Klopp, very exciting times and hope this is the beginning of a new era! Thanks have to be given to BR for his time served and especially for that 100+ goal season which brought us into such an exciting title race.

Is it not weird how great of a fit Klopp seems to be? He's coming from a Dortmund side which was in such a similar position as Liverpool is now in, his last name goes so well with Kop, his personality and charisma fots so well with the passion and love Liverpool has for the game, the way he touched the Anfield sign when he visited with Dortmund previously, and many more but one thing I'm not sure if you guys know that makes this whole story even crazier....

Dortmund play Mainz 05 the day before hus debut for Liverpool against Tottenham.... The two former teams he managed will battle it out right before his reign at LFC begins. That sends shivers of destiny down my spine haha.
Hadee318 (Liverpool) 20 minutes ago
Just a quick correction my friend, Dortmund were not in the same position as us, they were in a much worse position. Thanks
Blayzie (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
Liverpool will kill other teams. We are red! We are Liverpool FC
Diontan524 (Arsenal) 5 hours ago
LOL, don't be overconfident mate. Klopp is a great coach, but EPL is never easy
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 5 hours ago
Let's just take it a game at a time, but I am quite confident in our overall ability now to play better then the last 18 months
Blayzie (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
We will f**k up s**t. Go hard or go home
ULTRAGERRARD (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Yeah klopp IS A KOPP 😆
Georgio (Bayern München) 8 hours ago
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 9 hours ago
So after a day of falling madly in love with the fact that Klopp is our manager, I now find myself stressing.... Am I moving too fast? Am I getting my hopes up too much? Will I just end up getting hurt and disappointed again?

So now I'm just confused as to why this club makes me feel like a character in a romantic comedy...
Azeal (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
Just chill and be real.

We are not gonna' challenge for title right away.... Or if we do.... Rejoice. The idea of instant victories destroy progress. What we need is to be calm and continue supporting the club we love.

I somehow believe FSG is doing their best to improve us on every possible angles. We have a new stadium coming, we are getting heavy investment almost on every window, and now we bring in Klopp!
Pewpew (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
You finally came outta' the closet jesta welcome back mate
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
WoW! Is Klopp a necromancer too? Bringing Jesta back among the living!
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
'Doubters to Believers'
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
Be real? Azeal man, I can't be real. I reject reality and choose my own warped delusional imaginary world where I have an invisible unicorn sidekick named steve, every spider in the world is out to get me and all of Liverpools struggles are the result of evil witchcraft from the early 90s.

And yes Lfcguy, that is indeed one of Mr Klopps gifts. I was eaten by a grizzly bear while searching for the ark of the covenant but now I've been given a reprieve from whatever circle of hell I was trapped in. Thanks Jurgen!
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 4 hours ago
Hey jestaa
Teja7 28 minutes ago
Your positivity disgusts me David
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 25 minutes ago
Lol Jesta is aliveeeee
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 minutes ago
Jesta only makes appearances when I'm around, its just the kind of hoodrat he is
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 10 hours ago
Talking if Liverpool can attract players without Champions League, he said:

“Of course, not having Champions League football is a problem, but if a player doesn’t want to come to Liverpool then stay away, ”
LesRouges (Liverpool) 10 hours ago
It will be brilliant to watch the team fight for second balls again. That would certainly bring us more goals and make us a harder team to beat
Spigy (Juventus) 12 hours ago
There is a good chance that Klopp will need his own signings before things get rolling, but it may be time to watch English football again For the past 5 years my love for Liverpool slowly died especially now with Gerrard gone.

Maybe Klopp will bring the wonders that Stevie can't any longer.

If you guys manage a top4 finish, it will be an exciting season. OR an EL win ah.... The dreams start again!
Rockerr (Liverpool) 11 hours ago
The beliefs*
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 10 hours ago
I thought you hated Liverpool? Must be another Juve fan I'm thinking of, thanks!
Spigy (Juventus) 9 hours ago
Probably, I've been a fan of Gerrard and Pool since 03. Didn't come around here much because when I joined in 09, my enthusiasm was low already.

Btw, Football-Italia is reporting that Klopp may go after Berardi. We are not going to let it happen
Before any of you start thinking about it
Goiko (Athletic Bilbao) 3 hours ago
^He's apparently after Berardi and Jorginho, according to some reports (and Subotic and Bender according to others). I personally want Tevez at LFC if the rumors that Boca are struggling to pay his wages are true, he'd be absolutely immense in Klopp's system, crazy energetic
Gunnzo (Arsenal) 2 hours ago
When he took over at Dortmund be released a lot of the older experienced players and brought in new youngsters. Doubt he would bring back stevie
Georgio (Bayern München) 12 hours ago
I wonder how long it will take before Klopp goes ballistic on the sidelines, I would assume he's going to try and be respectful as possible the opening game or two but I can't wait to see him snap
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 hours ago
And then his trademark hearty laugh in the press conference will make it all right again
Fernandez (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
Imagine if Guardiola and Ancelotti joins premier league next season.

Jurgen Klopp
Jose Mourinho
Arsenal Wenger
Pep Guardiola
Carlo Ancelotti

Too much classy managers. The possibility of adding world class players to Premier League would be tremendous
Malik (Barcelona) 8 hours ago
Still laliga will be better then EPL. Why?    David moyes !
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
One of the best quotes from the press conference for me:

"in the game.... If they(opposition) are better, you have to bring them on your level, and on your level you can kill every team".

Fernandez (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
That's how Barcelona dominated last season.

At their level, nobody can compete with them. The only way they dropped points was when they played at their opponents level
IamRobben (Arsenal) 16 hours ago
Congrats guys, I am genuinely happy for you (and a little jealous).    The prem just got that much more interesting.
Pewpew (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
So has the hype died down a bit?
Filip90 (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
No, no, no, we are just resting for now, but     Link:        
JoeGrind (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Barrett - Klopp laid down the law to his #LFC players today. Style he intends to implement is non-negotiable & possession football is over.

Barrett - Klopp made it clear that he will not tolerate individuals veering away from his methods and demanded total obedience

Klopp: “We cannot talk about football philosophy and ball possession, playing like Barcelona. No. This team needs to create their own style”

Klopp: “It is not a proposal, it is law. You cannot decide ‘um.... ’ - You have to do it and you will. That is what we all have to learn. "

Klopp: "Of course, not having Champions League football is a problem, but if a player doesn’t want to come to Liverpool then stay away. "

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