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Filip90 (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
What? 8 hours ago was the last post? Where are everybody?
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
I am still w8tng for someone to reply to my post.... Please.... Please !
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
People are too busy fapping to this at work, school etc,    
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
I think Moreno has potential to be a real superstar at Anfield. I am all impressed by him, city game came too early for him.

Goiko (Athletic Bilbao) 3 hours ago
Agreed, I was really impressed by him last season at Sevilla. He's like a mini-JAR who's better at defending (doesn't quite have Riise's shot, but Moreno's isn't bad either)
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Goiko, it is so refreshing to see two good fullbacks in the team who can contribute to all round play, it gives the team a different dimension
Azeal (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
We have a decent stock of Fullbacks now.... Still wondering why is our defence failing....! I mean we've had history of playing defensive football.... ! I wouldn't say we were playing defensive, we had Torres and Gerrard tearing our opponents apart.

Flanno, Moreno, Glen, Enrique.... Etc
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
I think it has to do with the mdfield.... In my opinion.... Our midfield offers no protection to defence when we are caught on counter.... Any team needs to put three counter attacking passes together and we are open.... I have seen time and time again.... When ball comes from opposition defence to.... Our midfield there is no resistance on attacking player and then center backs are in a fix.... To charge out or buy more time by going back. Then we are outnumbered and BAM
Footster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
See no Hendo, Lovren, and Coutinho in pre-WestHam training pics, looks like Lucas is gonna' start.

Also since a lot of players have played Saturday and Tuesday I think we might see a well rotated squad against the Hammers. Kolo is in training
Pewpew (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
I think you will see rotation for the capital cup game. He might go with a very similar lineup. As much as we all want him to play diamond. I have a hunch he will go with this

Footster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Let's see, it will be interesting to see the line up
Faceo (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
Hendo has to play for the league game
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
Would love to see a world class DM in this team
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
If lucas is given the chance I really hope he takes it well. Would hate to see him get bashed even more
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
Stevie G is the one who needs rest. Lucas should play instead of him not Henderson
Bplittle (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
I think the idea must be to rest Henderson today then rest Gerrard during the League Cup game.

Need to have the new vice-captain ready take charge!
And then Gerrard will be rested for the derby
Pewpew (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
I hope we get 3 points against west ham. Otherwise everyone on this forum is going to go on a rage spree
PeterzeGooner (Arsenal) 18 hours ago
Rodger's out! Mancini in.... Lol
Ashup78 (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
If mancini is in then Balo out? Lol
Drde159 (Manchester United) 11 hours ago
If balo out then bendtner in? Lol
Shalafi (Liverpool) 10 hours ago
If bendtner in then Liverpool will win the league! Buahahahaha
Drde159 (Manchester United) 8 hours ago
If liverpool win the league then the apocalypse shall come
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
If apocalypse begins then gerrard will save us
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 8 hours ago
I won't blame them. Losing to a team like West Ham is worth going on a rage spree. Anything under 3 points is pathetic especially after our home defeat to Villa
BlackAna (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
Mancini will destroy our team if that ever happened. But Lord Bendtner.... We will surely win the league
Ankitarora (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Footster (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Ex-ManUnited will always say pessimistic stuff about Liverpool. Nobody knows to be frank, we'll just have to wait and see
Alithejack (Liverpool) 14 hours ago
I only agree with some pf the points. Balloteli won't be a flop. But BR does make some jaw dropping errors. Biggest error in my opinion was his decision to play an attacking game against Chelsea last season when he only needed a draw to be in a good position to win the league! He should have parked the bus like chelsea did last season. Or Raheem on the bench! These guys are professionals and shouldnt get worm out after 4 games. Maybe he was trying to prove a point to Roy. I hope we don't have more errors to come. If he plays Lucas instead of Henderson this weekend, I can tell you now that we might be in trouble!
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
^I would rather see Lucas play instead of Stevie G
LFCRockz (Liverpool) 22 hours ago

Man.... Enrique is good at every thing haha.... He wins all sorts of games ....

SergioRamos (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
See this is the s**t that brings a team togethor. Good healthy banter.... Wish we could see more videos
Marehan (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Guys watch this video, It'll make you feel as if you're actually in the Kop.    Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=ctZFu7oQ5a0
Fernandez (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
If the Milan rumor about Suso is true(down below)
Then i'd rather see Suso move to another club and show what he is capable of than rot in the bench and not given a chance, .come on Rodgers, give the man a chance
SergioRamos (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Alot of us supporters have been following him since he joined and always had a feeling he would be a special player for us. Its just so sad he has not got the opportunity in the first team

Will be very sad to see him go
Madder (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
I had expect big things from him.... During academy, his long passes made him look like alonso.... Then we decided to not use long passes that much, and still managed to adapt and make some impact.... I really want him here...
SergioRamos (Liverpool) Yesterday
Anyone here got lfcgo membership, have you seen the recent video of Borini at training. I have to say his got a great shot on him. I think if given the chance to develop he could be our impact sub. Just needs to keep working hard and not get injured.

Madder (Liverpool) Yesterday
   Nuff said!
Pewpew (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
His desire and effort was never in question. Problem is his injury record and we all felt the money sunderland was paying was reasonable to replace him with a proven finished player like remy. Remains to be seen if brendan will start him. But he should get chances as a sub while danny is out
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Most of his goals last season were against big teams and that goal against City in the CC final.... Damn!
Madder (Liverpool) 1 day ago

Manquillo made the most tackles in UCL 1st matchday.

This kid is something!
Azeal (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
He broke a lot of our opponent's counter-attack efforts
Madder (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Spanish flee
Liverpool starlet Suso has reportedly agreed terms over a pre-contract move to AC Milan next summer.

The 20-year-old's current deal expires at the end of the season where he will be free to talk to any new club.

But the Italian giants have moved quickly to beat any rivals to his signature, according to Sky Sport Italia.

The Spaniard is highly regarded at Anfield but is yet to break into the first team picture on Merseyside.

And the Rossoneri have pounced offering a four-year deal worth some €1m per season.

Free transfer? That sh*t
Teja7 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
SergioRamos (Liverpool) Yesterday
TBH its just terrible for him to not get any chances in the first team. He loves Liverpool but he has to think about his own career. We can't be sending him out on loan every season. Lets give him a good run in the cup games and see if he stays
Madder (Liverpool) 23 hours ago
Hope this is a complete BS.... Because if he already signed a pre contract.... Then he is just counting days here...
Azeal (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
Then.... Yes, he is already gone
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Would you guys start Borini against West Ham? Balo up top alone doesn't seem to work that well
DrakWlakers (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Yes, BAB sounds good to me
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
West Ham are a physical team and Borini is a fighter so I'd like to see him give there defence something else to think about besides Balo
Filip90 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Instead of coutinho, yes
Goiko (Athletic Bilbao) 1 day ago
I'd actually start Rickie with Mario, Lambo wouldn't be intimidated by WHU because he's strong as hell. Borini is more mobile though so.... Either is good, but a diamond is a must
Sam6194 (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I think we should really build a team which can survive without sturridge, reliance on him has been too much like we had on suarez.

If we really want to make up for the void that suarez has left coutinho and lallana has to do better especially lallana as he would be playing much advance most of the time compared to coutinho. Once he has been back from injury looks really unfit and only way to get him fit is play him more....

I would fancy lallana further up the pitch with balo, sterling and markovic/coutinho, henderson, sterling and gerrard and back 4....

Problem with lambo and balo is both can hold the ball very well but too static and we need runners, lallana and sterling can do that, plus borini I would have him for an impact rather than in a starting line up, he can add that mobility at a later part of the game....
KingLucas (Liverpool) 1 day ago
The Italian connection. I can see them talking in Italian and confusing opposing defenders
Phillfc7 (Liverpool) 21 hours ago

ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Anyone got the gaffers pre West Ham presser?
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I remember our motto last year was - 2 Points per game. We need to get back on target.    
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I'd also like to see us get back to our lighting quick starts where we try to put the opposing team to the sword in the 1st 45 minutes
Weezer (Liverpool) 1 day ago
^ Dan that will happen around December (I hope). Need some games for the players to gel
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 day ago
"Young Jon Flanagan, unfortunately, has just had an operation that will probably have him out for a few months - which is disappointing,

Martin Skrtel is back training with the team, which is great news for us.

Glen Johnson should be back training over the course of the weekend.

Daniel Sturridge should hopefully be back training at some point next week

Joe Allen is still out and he'll be out for a few weeks yet. "

No news on emre can or markovic
Pewpew (Liverpool) 1 day ago
I don't I thought he was injured or something cause he wasnt on the bench in the champions league fixture. But I just saw pictures on him in training. He is fit.

I am worried about west ham tbh. If we play like we did against villa and ludogrets. We are gonna' struggle. Our defence always has 1 - 3 individual mistakes in it per game which eventually leads to a goal. So I don't see us keeping a clean sheet.

Goals have dried up for us 7 goals in 5 games. 2 of them penalties.

Goals conceded 6 in 5 games. People have to step up now and grind out wins until we can get the new players gelling. We want to stay close to the top 4 as much as possible. It is gonna' be very tight this year. This game is followed by everton. So, 3 points is vital after losing to villa
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 1 day ago
Feel bad for Flano.... Hope everyone gets back fit soon.

What the f**k happened to Markovic?

Edit: Are these jumping comments ever going to stop? Seriously ffs
Goiko (Athletic Bilbao) 1 day ago
Markovic was suspended (suspension in EL for Benfica) so he wasn't available for champions league, but he should be fine for West Ham

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