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ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
Looks like Sakho is gone in January
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 42 minutes ago
Robinson (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Must win tomorrow can't let Chelsea run away early !
Liv4lyf (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
Yup can't let them get away. We'll see them at Anfield where they can expect the full extent of the passion from fans, players and the manager
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
And put a little distance between us and City/Arsenal    
Fernandez (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Chelsea looks so organized compared to when we beat them at the Bridge. They steam rolling right now and it'll be interesting to see how they do in the coming games
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
Chelsea are turning up heat! Fair play to Vincent Vega...
Shobhgarg (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
Is Chelsea becoming really unstoppable again...
Fernandez (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
Till they hit the Anfield wall
Lkerun (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
I start to feel that without injuries nothing can stop Chelsea
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
As much as that is true, if you do what KDB and Aguero were doing.... Missing chances by dozens.... Chelsea is too good to let you go.

All city's own making
Drogbalampard (Chelsea) 5 hours ago
City has done that many times this season. Of not taking chances
Sergio 5 hours ago
Its going to be a great game when we play again, chelsea do look like the real deal under conte. Although I trust klopp to match it somehow
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
City could have easily won if they took there chances. KDB missed that absolute sitter
KevMo (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
My thoughts:  Exciting game  Poor officiating  c**t players
Teja7 2 hours ago
The embodiment of El Ca$hico
Pewpew (Liverpool) 43 minutes ago
KevMo (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
Crazy! KDB misses a tap in and Costa equalizes a minute later
KevMo (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
As much as I want a scoreless draw from City v Chelsea, City are getting absolutely hosed by the ref. Ridiculous yellow card for Otamendi, no handball against Cahill, and no foul against Luiz as last man...
KevMo (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
Nevermind, Cahill own goal lol
Gapha (Chelsea) 15 minutes ago
Dude how was Cahill's a handball? Lol
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
MUST Watch Inside Training: Milner dictates in five-a-side match


Milner is f*****g brilliant guys and deserved that hand shake of klopp at the end off video.

ScouserDan (Liverpool) 12 hours ago
He didn't cost 89m either lol FREE
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 11 hours ago
Should be captain and I know klopp sees it    He plays equally good everywhere and dictates like a captain
KevMo (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
Cool vid, thanks for the post!
Fernandez (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
How the f**k is Suarez left out of "fifa Player Award"?

I don't understand, he's the best striker in the world. He is unique, tell me which other player is mentally unstable and still as good as Suarez? Nobody but Suarez. He bites, he kicks, he scores!

f**k FIFA
Madummer (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
Well, he's a bit of a c**t, to put it mildly...
Azeal (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
He doesn't have many friends.... Very unpopular....
But put him infront of your goal keeper....
You know your goalie is fu***d
YoloToure (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
442 magazine's subjective list of top 100 players in world.

Coutinho at 51 (just ahead of Di Maria and James Rodrigues) and Firmino at 74 (just ahead of Dele Alli and Marcelo)

Bazinga (Chelsea) 22 hours ago
I stopped following the list when I saw Pogba was 14th and Higuain 15th. LOL!    Pure bullshit apart from Top-5  
Pewpew (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Not one defender in the top 10 what a joke.    
Moe66 (Manchester City) 18 hours ago
Defenders just don't get any love. I mean look at the Ballon D'or, Pepe was by far one of the best CB if not the best CB last season, held it down for Madrid, and kept Portugal in the Euros, won the Euros and UCl. Then Ronaldo gets all the credit. The life of a defender
Xgooner4everX (Arsenal) 18 hours ago
Last defender to be awarded a personal achievement was Cannavaro back in 2006 right?
Fernandez (Liverpool) 18 hours ago
Higuain is good striker. Clearly don't watch Serie A
YoloToure (Liverpool) 16 hours ago
I think it's because there's a limit to their stats so it's hard to tell how good one is.

Attackers can get an infinite amount of goals/assists - there is no limit so they can keep breaking records and be "objectively" compared. The most a defender can do is be part of a team shutout - you can't go beyond a shut out
Vaaz (Nîmes Olympique) 15 hours ago
Cannavaro got the award because he was a rock in the World Cup finals which followed the stellar season he had but that World Cup he was simple unplayable
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lallana IS BACK! I repeat lallana IS BACK! I've never been more happy, he has suddenly become the most important player in the team after Coutinho!
Weezer (Liverpool) Yesterday
Nah. Firmino for me. As long as he's there. We can play a false 9 and he's just incredibly all rounded.

Lallana on a good day is top notch, but he rarely has them for a while after injury. Let's hope he proves me wrong though
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Firmino for me too when he shows up everyone does
Sergio Yesterday
Lallana is the only player that is unreplacable, with firmino you sort of can replace him.... But not the same thing
Weezer (Liverpool) Yesterday
Lallana has had far too many off games for me to value him as irreplaceable personally.

But I agree, if either of them are having a good game we win. That's all that matters anyway
Sergio Yesterday
No one in the squad plays that box to box midfielder position as well as him, no one can press like him. He does so much for the squad that I think he is so integral to our success
Pewpew (Liverpool) Yesterday
Updates on firmino, sturridge?
YoloToure (Liverpool) 20 hours ago
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) Yesterday
Moussa Dembélé is Sturridge with work rate and much younger.  Get deal in place now so he can slot in for mane in January
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) Yesterday
Brendan would be crazy to sell him in January
YoloToure (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
He would be crazy to leave too. He's playing first team minutes, winning the league, and excelling and he's still so young
YoloToure (Liverpool) Yesterday
FYI https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=_Bc8058w-TA  It's "Firmino"

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