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YaSalaam (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
Look at the league table, look where we stand. OMG!, and look at Chelsea
Robinson (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
Chelsea on 30pts, Liverpool 35 holy s**t !
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
Mad isn't it! And yea they are 33pts
Robinson (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
So got up this morning 4am to go fly this jet, at 42000 ft I asked Miami if they could give me the score of the Man UTD game, upon receiving an unlikely reply, I got the news that they lost, It's the best landing I've ever done in my career lmao
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 1 hour ago
Report: Ignacio Camacho & agent spotted at Melwood    Eotk    Anyone know him?
Teja7 36 minutes ago
I know I heard his name a lot when Pellegrini was at Malaga.... He did quiet well then.
He was linked to a lot of big clubs then.

Honestly, don't know how good/how he's doing right now
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 23 minutes ago
He gets into the best cdms in Europe like every year would be a solid signing
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 3 hours ago
I'm ill as f**k but that Sunderland result made me choke in laughter. Back to bed...
Cuba (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
Lads check out Linda Pizzuti Henry's twitter.  dd
Teja7 4 hours ago
Heuhueheu Sunderland 2-1 ManUtd    Guess our 2-2 draw wasn't the worst after all    Hahahahha
PaddySpurs4Life (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 hours ago
I watched the 2nd half and Sunderland looked very impressive, albeit against Manchester United haha. I think you guys have been a bit harsh on yourselves for that defeat. The Johnson free-kick would have beat most keepers (although Mignolet is not quality enough for your team atm) and Defoe is the most deadly striker to have graced the prem in years and there was little Sakho could have done without risking a penalty.

Keep your heads up lads, you could well finish above United!
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 2 hours ago
Let's not laugh yet.... Villa is not a guaranteed win for us
Puttu86 (Liverpool) 5 hours ago
“I have faced many, but the most annoying was James Milner, ” Alves told the Times.

“He follows you forward and follows you backwards.

“It’s very difficult because he attacks you and defends you, and then attacks you and defends you again. ”

James"annoying" Milner!
Malik (Barcelona) 4 hours ago
No surprise, he is a proper work horse
BSS27 (Liverpool) 9 hours ago
I really do feel for Benteke. As a striker, when your confidence is low, it is very difficult to score, whatever you do goes wrong. However, I believe he will come good. Its too early to write him off and go on and sell him
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 7 hours ago
I feel sorry for the team and hard work which goes in to create chances which he misses by dozen
BSS27 (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
I understand your point of view, but I play as a striker too and when you're in bad form, its really hard to get back to your best. Benteke is actually a really good striker and we know that from his time at Villa. It is his job to score, but its not only his fault. He played relatively well against west ham the other day tbh. People are criticising him for not converting the chances, however, he did create chances as well. So for me, I think we need to be patient and supportive of our players. We really need to remember what YNWA means
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 6 hours ago
Supporters are patient and supportive, but you see this is a sport, one day will come that JK will be questioned for CB inabilities and lack of conversion.

Against WH I saw a rather mobile CB, but who are we fooling. If he can't score from those chances then someone has to come in and then CB will be pushed down the pecking order further.

You got to show some ability, some like 10-20 %.

Right now I see a lampost, in a dark street
Cuba (Liverpool) 4 hours ago
Personally, I expected a lot from benteke, hoped he would become our drogba and he started not bad but the just after br left, lost his confidence, always not in the right position in the box. Reminds more of torres or carrol now, won't be surprised if he leaves after the next season if he don't get better and then starts performing good again for other club. Hope for origi to have a great future at liverpool he is still very young and looks well under klopp
BSS27 (Liverpool) 3 hours ago
Yes, of course, he will be pushed down the pecking order, and that is what happened. However, all players need time, some more than others. He hasn't finished those chances, yes, but my point is that some LFC fans are saying we should sell him and that I think that shouldn't be. One day? Its been only several months since Benteke joined? Ian Rush took a lot of time to become one of our most prolific scorer. We need to be patient. It hasn't even been a year
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 8 minutes ago
He is from EPL, he should not be making this excuse. One side I see the need of time to him.... Other side I see his one on ones.... With keepers and his missed opportunity.

It is lack of goals.... Which is pulling us down. CB is one good reason for it.
I wish he converts a little better and does himself a big favour
Lfc140812 (Liverpool) 8 minutes ago
He is from EPL, he should not be making this excuse. One side I see the need of time to him.... Other side I see his one on ones.... With keepers and his missed opportunity.

It is lack of goals.... Which is pulling us down. CB is one good reason for it.
I wish he converts a little better and does himself a big favour
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 21 hours ago
Everton present Goal of the Month award to nine-year-old George Shaw


This is classy
Pewpew (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Aston villa manager - Liverpool will punish villa errors.

No they won't you can be rest assured you can hand this team a goal on a platter and they will still find a way to f**k it up
ScouserDan (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Pewpew = savage mode
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
When ever someone is described with the word "savage" all I can think of is Robbie Savage so I assume they mean to say "you're a knobhead"

Ps. Adam Johnson = Savile mode
Goiko (Athletic Bilbao) 19 hours ago
Let's just hope Studge and Coutinho are fine, because even after a long time off injured, Danny looked more dangerous than Benteke has done all season
Honestabe (Liverpool) 15 hours ago
Take that macho man randy savage
Pewpew (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
Let this sink in lads.

De gea
Fraser Foster
Kasper Schmeichel

.... Mignolet prove me wrong sir
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 19 hours ago
Kasper Schmeichel is not that good though. He is quite similar to Mignolet actually. Decent shot stopper with ability to make crazy saves by is horrible at distribution. He simply doesn't make quite as many mistakes but neither did Mignolet at Sunderland
Skorm123 (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
Mignolet isn't even a decent shot-stopper though
Cuba (Liverpool) Yesterday
Guys did you know Klopp lives in Gerrard's house?
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
I thought he lived in Rodgers house
YoloToure (Liverpool) Yesterday
Joey Allen out 'for a while' with a shoulder injury
ScouserDan (Liverpool) Yesterday
Seems like whenever one of our players is showing some form.... They then get injured
Pewpew (Liverpool) 22 hours ago
That's joe allen career at liverpool 15 s**t games 3 - 4 good ones then.... Injured for 2 months
Tomedis (Liverpool) Yesterday
Where can I watch klopps press conference live?  
Saumilsachdeva (Liverpool) 13 hours ago
Not live but here you go  

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