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Can LFC Mount A Title Challenge This Season?
Jakenikel (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Compare the current Liverpool team to the previously Liverpool sides that have been fielded over the past decade and it is easily possible to conclude this is arguably the best squads, other than around five years ago when the club finished second with the highest points to not win the league. The gap of points against our rivals has left the reds slipping down the table for a excruciating number of seasons, though the wait for Liverpool to assert their dominance and grasp on the competition might be finally coming of age.

Consecutive wins thus far, are keeping Liverpool at the business end of the league with two matches played. As a passionate fan, I pray that beating Stoke in the fashion that we did tells us mistakes and countless points won't be lost from inconsistent draws. A factor we suffered dearly from last season. Aston Villa fell down to a bit of magic for Sturridge and once again sturdy defensive duties. I think Liverpool will dramatically reduce the amount of goals conceded to ensure we don't finish any lower than 4th. Mignolet has proven to invaluable to the team concerning points total, his form has matched the most prolific scorers. Sturridge has notably earned his place firmly in the side and when a certain Luis Suarez returns from his lengthy ban I can see no problems for Liverpool going forward.

Home and away I am confident Rodgers can guide his team to develop a knack of getting the right result. An element of luck and good fortune throughout the campaign needs to be tipping Liverpool's way, otherwise the side will end up frustrated, as we were through much of last season. With the talent and ability of more experienced players alongside younger men, the team with flourish, without doubt every team member will give 110% effort.

Staying head and shoulders above the rest (in the table) will maintain confidence in the side and belief that targets can be met without fail. I am not being unrealistic when I say Liverpool already have a top four side. Introducing new players in the side would be ideal solution to adding depth and bringing them in now until the next window will give them time to find their feet. All we have to do now is watch and wait. Perhaps I have made this post to early, but I'm extremely hyped up about what is to come for my beloved LFC. Ynwa!
Kop4Ever (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Nice post mate. If we keep things ticking over until next transfer window only god knows what will happen come may. Plus if Suarez hits similar form like last season we be on our way
[account-removed] 3 years ago
Yes definitely!
Colinmc (Liverpool) 3 years ago
They could easily make a title challenge. Their team is not measurably better or worse than the other 5 teams up near the top. They have basically the same formula United had last year to win, world class strikers and a solid defensive lineup. They might not excel in the overall game like a few other teams but they will be the best or close to it in the both final thirds of the field
Bren82 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Realistically, Liverpool are unlikely to be title challengers. More importantly, they don't have the experience of going through it. Difficult games, extra pressure and expectations of fans about winning the league. Jamie carragher said that he never won a league medal because there was always a team better than liverpool and can't see that being any different this season. Rodgers would be ecstatic about getting top 4. When you look at the premier league, it's getting more and more competitive. Dortmund and Roma are two teams that have proven that. A team does not have to spend a fortune to have a good team on the pitch. Gerard has only a few seasons left at the top level and other players in the liverpool team don't totally convince me of their abilities but they could make this season different. It would take every player in the liverpool team to have a much more consistent and better season that the last one, then liverpool can be champions again. It's down to the players! Wish them luck
Sam6194 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
There are 2 sides of the answer.

1) We should be concentrating more on getting into top 4 rather then getting excited with our current position.

-> Team has progressed leaps and bounce under BR. But we still have a distance to cover before we are to be considered contenders.

-> We have lot of raw potential in form of sterling, Henderson, Flannagan has been pretty solid lately. Allen, personally not a fan but he has been improving all the time. But they will start peaking if things goes at the same pace, and that is when consistency will come in cos there has to be that winning mentality all around the team, may it be on bench or the ones paying on the field.

-> Last term I remember BR aiming for top 2 and we started crumbling ended up way below. So we have started good but at this point in time we still are underdogs and should continue the way we have till now.

2) We are yet to play our strongest team.

-> Suarez wasn't there initially when sturride was getting us goals and coutinho providing the creativity from behind.

-> Suarez came and Coutinho was injured although SAS were lethal for few matches

-> Coutinho came in and Sturridge is out injured now, so as I said before we haven't yet played with our strongest team on regular basis. But even then we have managed to get result thus far.

-> Enrique is yet to come. Now supposing they all are fit by Jan end or Feb and are in playable condition, plus if we still are in that group of top 3, that would be the time when we should aim more. But for time being stay focused and gather as much as we can.

Top 4 primary target and if achieved am happy, anything more then that I would be on 7th heaven
Erkhembayara (Liverpool) 2 years ago
If liverpool can beat manchester city and chelsea at Anfild we will get that f*****g title
Azeal (Liverpool) 2 years ago
Too soon to say, City is still favorite.    We will talk at the end of the season! Securing Champions League Spot!

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