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Croatia V Liechtenstein, Nov 14
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Didn't really expect much from Liechtenstein, especially against a team like Croatia.
Great game for the Croats, and good to see Eduardo on the score sheet!
Darkinja (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 7 years ago
Nice game but why did HNS organise a game vs Lihtenstajn. A confidence boost? :S
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Pa malo da vjezbaju
Hulanji14 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Where were these goals at the Uefa World Cup qualifying? . It doesn't make sence scoring goals now specially against Liechtenstein
Gimmetheloot (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Your a f*****g retard  It doesn't make sence scoring goals    Facepalm
Haules (Chelsea) 7 years ago
What do you want more from Liechtenstein. Croatia is strong but they have to prove this strongness in a match with a better team Portugal France etc...
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 7 years ago
Croatia arnt going to the world cup so they have plenty of time to worry about that problem
Gimmetheloot (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Same with england
Darkinja (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 7 years ago
M. Bilić - dobar
Gabrić - solidan
Bartulović - (ispod)prosječan
Schifo - Schifo xaxa

Sta smo saznali veceras? .... Danas nismo saznali ništa. Ma, nije ovo utakmica za testiranje bila, ovo je bila utakmica za dizanje morala I to je sve.
M4rsenal (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Wow a couple of brilliant free kiks.
The first fooled completly the keeper, than the second was absolutely a stunner.
Great to see dudu with a couple of goals, he's in good form.
Croatia devastating, well done
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Eduardo Alves da Silva has a job to do back at Arsenal now, with Van Persie crocked
GoonerXi (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Scorer TIME scoreline
Bilic 00:43 (1-0)
Srna 09:28 (2-0)
Eduardo 22:55 (3-0)
Eduardo 46: 38 (4-0)
Bilic 48:48 (5-0)
Chelseakickass (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Not bad what a wonderful scoreline but liech didt stand a chance at all they have not much depth in their squad look at croatia they have real stars but liech doesn't
Daniel85 (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 7 years ago
Nice game with great actions and some new players involved. Mate Bilić booked himself for the next qualificatons

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