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*** 12/13 CAMPIONI ***
Spigy (Juventus) 11 months ago
Juventus FC - Campioni|2012 - 2013| Cinematic Music Video

This is the follow up to "The Invincibles", that you can watch again here:

"Campioni" is about Juve's 12-13 season that brought us back to the UEFA Champion's League. It is also the first time, in a long time, when we had to defend a trophy.

As you know, we won our 31st Scudetto convincingly and managed to reach the TOP8 in Europe, loosing to the eventual winners. Just as last year's video tried to pass on the feelings of that season, so does this one.

Hopefully you will all like it!

Forza JUVE!

This time in HD:

FORZAJUVEPIERO (Juventus) 11 months ago
Great video Spigy!
Jujex 11 months ago
Bellissimo! That was magnificent, the pace went from a Fiat for last year to a Ferrari!
Non stop awesomeness.
Music was great too. I specialy loved that you went from Hans Zimmer's Pirates OST to that Pasta Funeral music for the Inter game X)
Twk80 (Juventus) 11 months ago
For the 1st time I find a 15mins clips from youtube too short.... Welldone spigy.... Nice video there.... Spartanz & Rocky Balboa quotes is the best.... !
Miniature1313 (Juventus) 11 months ago
Wow, we have some fantastic friends in the Juve forum. Great job Spigy. I'll show it to my friends
Noir853 (Juventus) 11 months ago
Permission to share, mr Spigy
Spigy (Juventus) 11 months ago
Why even ask?
Pqsaraiva (Juventus) 11 months ago
Amazing video, thank you for sharing. Now show this video to our current squad and let's win Serie A again. Forza Juve!
Stephenaa (Juventus) 11 months ago
You did it again Spig.    Bravo!
Sam (Juventus) 11 months ago
Spectacular! Simply spectacular!
Connections (Juventus) 11 months ago
Great video!
Spigy (Juventus) 11 months ago
Thanks guys

I know it takes a long time, but hopefully it was worth it. I am getting the feeling that it did not outdo the first one, but I guess that's thanks to the amazing year we had.

Here's hoping we win again!

Sam (Juventus) 11 months ago
I don't think it was about outdoing the first video- there was so much more with the first video- it was our first scudetto in years after years of distasteful seasons, and we went undefeated! So many games where we rescued a point from almost certain defeat, and we all saw the team grow, flourish and become dominant. It was a once-in-a-lifetime season and was commemorated with a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece video.

I doubt you could have done anything in this one to supersede the emotion, joy, thrill factor and all those other emotions that went along with the first one
Spigy (Juventus) 10 months ago
The one of many occasions where content wins over execution. Technically this video is better, but there isn't a lot out there that can trump our unbeaten return

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