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The Jordan Squad's Most Notable Players
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Amer Shafi- Goalkeeper, Plays for Al Weehdat of Jordan, 78 caps, Age 30. Born in Amman Raised in Wehdat Refugee camp Neighbourhood

Mohamed Mouneer- Defender, Plays for Al Jazeera of Jordan, 48 caps, Born in Amman. Age 30

Suleiman Al Suleiman- Defender, Plays for Al Muharraq of Bahrain, 27 caps, Born in Ramttha, Jordan. Age 24

Bashar Bani Yasseen- Defender, Vice Captain, Plays for Al Wehdat of Jordan. 112 Caps, Born in Amman Raised in Wehdat Refugee camp Neighbourhood, age 35 His Brother Anas plays for Al Arabi Irbid of Jordan and is also in the squad. Age 23

Baha'a Abdel Rahman- Midfielder, Plays for Al Tawon of Saudi Arabia, Age 25, 62 Caps. Born in Amman

Amer Deeb- Midfielder, Plays for Al Faisaly of Saudi Arabia, 108 caps, Vice Captain, age 32, Born in Amman Jordan

Odai Al Saify- Striker, Plays for Al Salmiya of Kuwait, 52 Caps, age 26. One of only 2 players on the Jordan squad to have ever played outside of Asia, *Al Saify played in Cyprus for Skoda Zanthi and Aiki Larnaca. Al Saify is born in Amman.

Ahmad Hayel- Striker, Plays for Al Faisaly of Jordan, Age 28, 34 Caps, Born in Ramtha, Jordan.

Abdullah Deeb-, Striker, Plays for Al Wehdat of Jordan, Born in Amman and Raised in Palestinian Community of Wehdat. Age 25, 63 caps.

The other player who is Currently playing outside of Asia is Thae'r Bawab. Who plays for Gaz Metan Media of Romania. Bawab has 13 caps and is aged 27.

These are our most Popular, Capped, and/or Hard Working players. See the difference, this is the best we got, and we are still in the 4th round of qualifying, and have impressed at the Asian cup and Pan Arab games

Forza Neshama

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