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Löws Decisions During Matches!
Oezilmania (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Okay something I just don't understand: Why Löw with all the skills he has as a coach is so bad in making smart, unexpected and game-changing decisions during the match? Quote Löw: We should have made the 3rd goal around the 60th minute.... I mean, really? How can he even wonder? Yeah we actually should have scored more, but it was partially löws fault that the game slowed down.
Why not bring some of the fresh, dynamic talents (reus, götze, shürrle) who have the ability to speed up the game, while holland looked so exhausted? Instead he lets Podolski, who imo definitely not fits anymore in this team and plays awful, on the pitch for the whole of the two games. I'm sick of watching the same predictable subs every time: Klose-gomez, kroos-özil, bender-some winger. It's like: hey coach you can actually influence the things on the pitch you know?!
Btw: The mother of that problem was the euro2008 finals against spain: Germany not finding anyway to get the ball through the midfield to the attacker, but löw doesn't care but just replaces one striker (klose) with another (gomez, who is even more dependant on goog midfield passes!).... Strangely nothing in the game flow changed :/ seems like he makes his subs plan before the match and never changes it, so annoying.
Any opinions on that and the fact that podolski has to be replaced immediately? I'm curious because that story makes me angry all the time see
Fiasc0 (Eintracht Braunschweig) 4 years ago
As afgmadrista mentioned in case of euro´12 Group B: it´s the lack of experience and the the focus on controlling the match.

But I think we should try to find the basic of Löws decissions. You´re welcome to add or correct me:

- This team was succesful at em´08 & wc´10. But no Trophy! So its may be a deal between team and coach (?) that they have the right to try it this time.

- Löw follow his plan very disciplined and will not change during match. Sounds very easy but could be true while Löw isn't an intuitive acting man.

- Löw sees no option for Reus/Götze/Schürrle cause the team is in his opinion effective. Meaning Löw is convinced that this team can beat anyone when they follow his plan.

Well just some guesses

- ha 1 more Löw is also known as a coach who hold on player even in bad times. Remind me on Klose/Poldi at Bayern Munich (shame you !) Both could have earned money as bench tester.

Glad you posted this topic here, cause its nice to debate about
Jon1979 (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
I think Low is doing great, got no quarrels with any of his choices so far
D3rFabi (Werder Bremen) 4 years ago
Have you even seen the match against holland? Podolski practically played as a LB the whole time, and he did exceptionally well, supporting lahm against robben. Holland never stood a chance. Podolski is a confident player, and he will be very important for germany during this tournament.

As someone said before: "der trainer ist kein idiot"

Think about it
Oezilmania (AS Roma) 4 years ago
Hehe believe me, I thought about just that several times and guess what....That saying does not convince me, but that's anopther topic. As I said in the discussion with afgmadrista (see here if you're interested Link: ), I'm more interested in coragous and clever tactical options/possibilities and ingame decisions, which in my opinion löw seem to lack sometimes. I#m not questioning his overall skills as a coach especially not in preparing his team and making the overall game plan.
And D3rFabi, for podolski his now so often mentioned "defensive skills" do not convince 100% as an argument for letting him play costantly for two games. It's his job as a modern winger to give defensive assistance to his partner on the side, but he completely lacked offensive inspiration which imo should the bigger part of his role. Plus he was the biggest danger for unforced waste od possession (unrealistic shots from every angle).
In my opinion (and that is the basis of my argument) the danger in the last 20 minutes was completelely due to our non existing capabilities to create pressure on the durch defensive which was completely crap plus the whole team seemed extremely discouraged which would have given space for our fast attacking midfield players. When you have the lead against a team with a crap defence (defensive midifield) but with players who can always score out of nothng (see van persie) the plan should be to create even more chances to take their courage away completely and not to give them the ball relying on your defensive work.
Yeah I know it's becoming a bit nerdy, so excuse me ;).
Oezilmania (AS Roma) 4 years ago
@ Fiasc0.... Infact your points (maybe except the first one) might be the explanation in focussing on his character. I still think it's a pity though if you are not able to adjust just little things to make the machine flow even more...

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