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Xavi - Big Mouth,less Class?
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Well,I'm literally tired of Barca players all yelling out loud that Cesc belongs to them.
Xavi is crossing the line I suppose,in my humble opinion,he is talkin' b******s.

" We know where Cesc wants to be this coming season, but perhaps there is not enough time for Barcelona and Arsenal to agree a deal.
Arsenal need to understand they are only delaying the inevitable.
If we don't manage to get his signature this season then Arsenal only really have him on loan for a year - because there is nothing they can do to stop him joining next summer. "


Not a hater of Xavi nor Barca,actually I've rated him as a nice player with class,and even have compared him with Pirlo.I was wrong by a mile...Duh
Must get off his Barca high horse,and try to respect Arsenal supporters and the club itself.

Bullshit,absolutely NO class whatsoever...Thoughts?
Rockerr (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Yeah.... I've been thinking about this for a while. Not only him but the whole Barca with Xavi spear-heading it. Even I thought Xavi is all class but his current behaviors makes me think the other way. Okay, I agree that Cesc likes Barca and wants to join them but such words are arrogant.
Actually its not Arsenal's mistake. If Barca can match Cesc's price-tag fixed by arsenal, they can get him.
But they are just offering just 30M and talking all the bulls**t to get him. They are actually confusing Cesc preventing him to take a decision.
Xavi and Co should stop this non-sense and should leave the issue to the clubs and cesc.
May be Xavi and CO are paid by Barca to talk all those stuff and reduce the price of Cesc? LOL
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Well xavi isn't lying, and arsenal did stole cesc form barça, and I think that the ones that should respect is arsenal when they know, we know, that cesc wants to leave arsenal. Lets respect cesc wishes
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
We didn't steal Fabregas we just got him for a cheap price, Bloodbrothers I can't hate you with that profile pic but I think you are just like the rest of those Barca fans, Barca don't need Fabregas they want him we need him or else we would have to adapt with him gone or go out and buy another player
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Charlie, cesc and merida was almost the same case. Just that barça ddin let that happen the same way as cesc.

Charlie, if we need him or not is another discussion, he just want to come, would you be happy by reatining a player that doesn't want to play for you?
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Barca have gone about it in the wrong way the situation is Fabregas made it clear he loves Arsenal but one day would return to Barca and they have made it clear they want him too, but this season they have decided yes this year we will take him back. Like most clubs an agreement needs to be made but Barca have decided that because he was sold to Arsenal they can make as low a bid as possible and then get their players to spread the word out to the world that the club and all the players want him and that will be enough.

They have Pressured Arsenal because its all over the media and made Arsenal look like the bad guys for not letting him go, its not good for the player either as he has a contract that he stated he wouldn't sign if he wasn't planning on honering and Fabregas has to make up his mind if he doesn't go now will Barca still want him in a couple years and the most disrespectful thing was to stick a shirt on a player that is not even at that club funny to them I understand but no consideration to the club and fans of Arsenal
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
The shirt insident was wrong, javier bordas made it very clear: is not a money problem, they just don't want to sell him. When a player wants to leave, he will leave one way or another, I know how you feel charlie but when the day comes that messi is wanting to leave we can't do anything about it just to get the most money out of him
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Fabregas signed a legal binding document which states he's a willing to play for Arsenal FC for so many years(I can't remember what stupid length he signed, its more than 5 years, which is ridiculous in today's world), he can't say because suddenly Barca wants him again, then he should or wants to move. If he really loves Barca so much, he should states it in the contract if Barca comes in for him, it triggers a automatic release upon a certain price. That's the way this world works.

Take an example. I don't want to be jobless, can I force a company to take me on? Then why should it be the other way when you had signed a contract? The company doesn't wants you to leave now, they don't have a ready replacement yet. You should respect the hands that feeds you, not bite them.

And unless Fabregas situation is that he's sitting on the bench for a couple of years, then of course he'll feel he's under utilised, he could ask for a change of environment to kick start his career again. But right now he's the most important cog in Arsenal machine. And we are suppose to respect his wishes as and when he likes? Why do we even bother with contracts in the first place? Maybe Fab can then bring this to Euro court and comes out with a new rules a la Bosman perhaps?
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Juno you're totally right, but like you said he could want to start he career in winning titles, and arsenal don't look like they could win the EPL or UCL, but I could be wrong about arsenal chances in winnig somekind of title
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
I agree on the winning part.... But Arsenal weren't mistreating him in any way. They were building a team around him. If he's gone, the team would have to get use to whoever step into his position. Then where do Arsenal's trophies gonna' come from?

I sees Arsenal's team with tremendous abilities and potential btw, they just lack bite in front of goal and perhaps in midfield. Wait till Song wakes up and decides he's Patrick Vieira and RVP stop getting injuries for fun, then this will be one major force in deciding the title again. (Provided Fabregas doesn't leave for the Barca bench, if he can't displace Xavi-Iniesta-Busquet axis in Spain's squad, why should he be able to do that in Barca?)

Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
If he comes to barca(something that I don't want) he will be a starter the one who will go to the bench is pedro, because iniesta will be moved to the left wing.

I think that arsenal in 2 or 3 years could be like that arsenal that won the EPL undefeated, but that is if they mantain de the block
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
OMG "Song wakes up" a bit off topic but I don't think you have seen many Arsenal games with Song playing he was Arsenals most improved player you can ask any Gunner and they will agree he is like a brick wall at times, he will never be a Vieira but he is personally one of the best DMF in the Prem and is rated highly amongst ALL Gunners, yes ALL

@Bloodbrothers yes we could be like the invisibles but would be much more likely to happen with our first teamer Cesc. I don't know why Barcelona are so desperate to TAKE him now Xavi isn't retiring any time soon
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
If he comes to barca he will be a starter and the partner of xavi in the midfield. If he comes we will have a lot of deep in our squad
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
I knew he improved. I watched more Arsenal games than any other seasons based on the fact I won't see them shutting up shop after scoring. But, he's not the finished article. There's still too many aspect of his games that could improve like his passing, and simply breaking up play. These are the main attributes that set him and Vieira apart. If he's not going to carry the team, knowing that Arsenal defence are always prone to leak a couple of goals, then who else is? He gotta' step up his game. RVP gotta' stay injury free, Fabregas gotta' stay. That's the main ingredient for this current bunch to work because as I sees it, there isn't direct replacement for them right now
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Juno I agree with the points of Arsenals team but you never know what will happen with Fab or RVP. As for Song he two seasons ago I would have never thought he would be as good as he is now he has come a long way in about a season and a half he is actually a defender but Wenger decided to put him their so that's probably why his passing is not as great as a midfielder would be but Wenger has pointed that out himself and believes his passing is getting better but he's not half bad for being 22 years of age
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Pardon me. This is my personal opinion, and not to offend any Arsenal fans, but I think at 22, he should step up his game and be the next great DMF of Arsenal FC. P. Vieira came at 20 and performed fantastically for the 9 years with them. Song has the luxury of training early with Wenger's method before he was converted. Yes, 22 is still a relative young age, but I do not believe the fans are that patient to wait a couple more years for him to mature. He gotta' step up. Just like when Ronaldo is gone, Rooney steps up. Arsenal should be a club that is challenging all fronts. Its a club with such potential alongside Chelsea, Man Utd, and Man City based on pure talents. I believe the fans has waited slightly too long for the players to reach their potential. I see Song as a good player now, I expect to see him as a great player next season.

And oh yeah, I'm not an Arsenal fan, but I would love to see clubs playing an attacking game to reap rewards. Much like Barca and Milan.

Haha, Charlie, we are veering off the topic...
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
LOL we have gone far off topic.... Sorry Prag and Bloodbrothers

Hmm, well 22 IMO is an age that is reasonable compared to his ability Song is a player who is capable against most of the teams in the Prem only a few times he looks of the pace of the game. I don't think most fans don't have a problem with Song being in the starting 11 already he is not a player who looses the ball and he does do a good job considering the role he is given, as for maturing he has a good three or for seasons to get to his best which is not a problem for me I drawl at thought of him getting better

Players like Rooney and Ronaldo don't come around very often and ManU were very lucky to have both at such a young age and I believe you can only compare Song in the same way if Fabregas leaves will song take better charge in midfield I dunno, but Juno I don't think you should compare Song to Patrick as he is one of the best mid fielders Arsenal has ever seen if anything Diaby is of the same build and can play defensive and attacking, but Song will defiantly get better no doubt
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I think song can get better in 4 or 3 years he can be one of top DM,
Rob12 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Listen Cecs is under what a 5 year contract? So Arsenal don't have to sell him for a few more seasons. It's not up to the player if he want's to go, it's up to the team managment. At the end of the day if he wanted to go Barcelona he shouldnt have signed a contract for 5yrs with Arsenal. With all the Barca players now saying "Cesc want's to come to Barca" Well didn't he say he happy at Arsenal after the world cup, it feel to me that Xavi etc are just trying to bully him in to leaving. You can't sell players and expect them back can you?
Sergio 6 years ago
This comment has been removed.
Sergio 6 years ago
If fabregas stays.... I think I will go watch an arsenal game to support him.
Sharpoon (Hull City) 6 years ago
A big club thinking they can have what they like?!?!? Whatever next!?!?

I'm not the biggest Arsenal fan but I have to defend them here, Cesc signed a contract between himself and the club, so whatever Barca or any club try to do about it, if one party in the contract doesn't want to go then he stays. I can understand the players wanting him but XAvi crossed a line with that 'loan' remark
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
Xavi didn't need to say what he did no matter its probably tru he will go to Barca but the way of thinking of the guy I cannot understand Iniesta is better than him anyway
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I stil don't know why they want him here, I think rosell is using him to make an impact and start to bring big players from his era
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Whatever guys, its wayy too cocky to literally cry that "Cesc is ours!" "Cesc is ours!", Barca players need to zip in their mouth and let the management and cesc decide the matter.

It just shows their arrogance, I mean you gotta' respect other clubs too, no matter how successful currently you are
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
The amount of times I have heard Barca players saying he has "Barca DNA" is unbelievable usually said by Xavi what ever this DNA means doesn't meant he is Barca's property
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Barca have no money and no class, full stop. It's time to bring FIFA in to drop charges on them for trying to tap up players illegally
Rob12 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Hopefully they meet him in a cafe like Chelsea did for Cole, and wack a transfer ban on Barca!
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Haha, they are not tapping him illegally. They are doing it openly! LOL...
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Barcelona does not need Fabregas to be Barca. And he will not be nearly as important back at Barca as he is to Arsenal. He is Arsenals sole hero and the one piece that makes the whole team work. Arsenal needs him and will let him be captain, while Barca will not make him captain anytime soon. I think Fabregas would be folding under pressure to go back to Barca, where he will be under-appreciated.

Barca doesn't deserve him back just because they are Barca.

I think Xavi is summing-up Barca's argument for them. "It's silly to think he won't be back, because we're Barca, and we always get what we want. "
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
We can only hope when he goes back, he doesn't sits on the bench like Hleb.

Basically, players that leave Arsenal doesn't perform like they do in Arsenal anymore. Henry and Anelka included
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Xavi is not saying that because barca we think that we get whta we want, he is saying it because that is Cesc home, and he eventually will come back to his home, apart that Cesc wants to come too
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Well, that was Cesc's home.... At least in his childhood. But he has made a name for himself in England over the last 7 years. He left in the first place because he didn't think he would get a shot at the first team. Now that Barca wants to romance him back, I think he has a very adult decision to make; cater to the home crowd or cater to Cesc like he has been doing since 2003. Fabregas may not have developed the way he did had he not left for London, and I think Barca needs to recognize what they had and that they don't really have him back yet. It's Cesc decision to stay or go, and it will not be cheap for Barca to reclaim him.

@Juno, I totally agree. Arsenal will always need a foriegn muse like it has always had when it was great. It will come down to how he wants to be remembered for me. If he goes back to Spain, he's another star in a two-team super-league. He's not going to make a name for himself there. It takes a Lionel Messi to stick out at a team like Barca. Barca will always win 50% of the seasons it plays, but Arsenal will not approach that statistic. Not without a Cesc or a Freddy Ljunberg, Hleb, Bergkamp, Henry....

On the matter of if he wants to leave.... Well. Nothing offical yet, so we can simply tag it as speculation. A well founded rumor.
Ltm017 6 years ago
Yes Xavi is a big mouth. He does talk a little bit too muich for his own good.... But what I have to say is why keep a player who is not happy where he is.... Find a way to trade him or something. First of you are keeping someone who is not happy and wants to be somewhere else and that could affect how he players and interact with the team. That can mess a game up then you will have a player not playing thier best who is getting paid.

Not saying Fabregas will not play good.... I'm just saying that when people are not happy where they are or when they want to be someonewhere else than where they are it has a effect on them and a team
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Thought he says he's happy in Arsenal? No? Or is he lying?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Juno, I think Fab wants to be with Barcelona of all clubs, should he have the option to choose. But if it couldn't be Barça, I'm sure he'd pick Arsenal. It's no secret that he has developed a great love for the club, much like the fans love him
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
That's what I wanted to say. If, and if he were forced to stay by Wenger, he couldn't claim unhappiness, because he said he love Arsenal and happy with them
Ltm017 6 years ago
My point was to say that if a player wants to leave the club why ties them down? Yes he signed a contract and it was stupid especially for that long but if his heart is really at Barca and not Arsenal even though he may love it then why keep him.

Its like having two women. You love one but you are in love with the other...
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Ltm, I love your example.

Using your example, lets do this: I love my GF, but I know she doesn't want to marry me yet, so I marry someone else, and when my GF decides she wanted to get married, should I ditch my current wife and go back to her? Presuming my wife treats me as god?

Food for thought. LOL
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
Juno don't marry either if you can get the milk no need to by the cow so to speak. Lol just joking but seriously though why not have two wives simple because it's not legal. Cesc signed a contract and as much as I would like to see him at barcelona he is bound they pay him for his talents and skills and he owes them nothing less than his best until Arsenal feels they are done with him he stays if he does not perform he ruins his own legacy. Players do not make the rules and to be honest it should be that way as the league and the owners take all the risks. Xavi needs to be quiet now and let things play out on their own. Every one knows that Arsenal has a price but barca is not willing to pay in either young talent in trade or more money
Ltm017 6 years ago
Thanks Juno! I don't know about you ditching your wife.... But I can say this. Fabregas shouldn't have married arsenal for a time of 5 years if he knew that there was a chance he would get to marry Barcelona in that time. Lol

I'm only looking at it from Arsenal view. I wouldn't personally keep players that don't want to stay but hey I don't blame them for not being cheap with him. Get good money for him and then get someone as good or better. And you are right! Arsenal treat Fabregas like a king.

Omgoodness shel you just lost me with the cow thing.... Yes I am being slow but you just lost me lol.
BigShel (Philadelphia Union) 6 years ago
@LT lmao come on you have never heard that saying?
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
But its always the selling of their best players that undermine the challenge for EPL. I say if Arsenal can retain Fabregas for another 2 years, they still can sell him for a healthy profit. Afterall, they got him for free...
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I agree that Xavi, even though he's not only the classiest midfielder around, but also a very classy personality, has crossed the line.
Cesc signed a contract, if he didn't want it, he shouldn't have signed it. Now Barcelona have to cough up enormous amounts of money for a player who grew up there. He was taken by Arsenal in a way that shows Arsenal's opportunism and lack of courteousness, but that doesn't mean he still belongs to Barcelona. Xavi had better said something in the likes of 'I understand Fab wants to return home, and we'd love to have him, but it all comes down to Arsenal in the end'.
To be honest, I think that Xavi indeed was (at least) asked to say such things, to pressurize Cesc and Arsenal and to increase the odds the situation might change in favour of Barça, instead of the stalemate we're in now. I also think he fully realizes the consequences of his words to his public image, but that he simply doesn't care, as long as the people close to him realize it's a charade for a bigger cause.

All things considered: I think it was idiotic of Fabregas to sign a new contract a few months ago, if he actually wanted to return to Barcelona, knowing that Barcelona wanted him back. That's just sealing your own future when you don't want it to be like that.

If he really wants to come to FCB, I say let him give it all he's got at Arsenal one more season, meanwhile talking to Wenger about a possible move next season. Hell, maybe he could cough up a part of the transfer sum himself. He earns like 10m a year anyway, why not play one last year at Arsenal and use whatever you earned to assist your favourite club with the transfer?
Charliehenry (Arsenal youth) 6 years ago
I actually agree with what you said the first sentence I almost judged you with the group "typical barca fans" until I finished the sentence lol but I just don't understand why Xavi decided to take it upon himself to talk about Arsenal in this way but only he knows.
As for him signing his contract I think him spending so much time with some of of the Barca players has almost tempted him to move back to Barcelona but I have no doubt that when signing his contract he had no intention to even possibly move back anytime soon. To counter Barcelona's attack if Arsenal wanted to play the same game we could have got a load of our players to say cesc is staying.... Just a thought
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Thanks CH. Although I think it would only result in more bitching, it may do Cesc good if the Arsenal players do speak up. He might feel that he's backed up with a nice squad that not only needs him but also wants him
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Thank you, Jeroen. As mature an argument as anybody could make.

I believe he probably feels all this pressure due to Spain's recent WC victory. For him, I could understand wanting to be back near all the good feelings and showers of adoration that he would receive in Spain. I think he feels it would be a lot easier to deal with Spain now as a result, and that may have made his wanting stronger
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Sounds like Cesc is having a lot more trouble with the decision than some would like to believe.


It's going to come down to weather he values his heritage and past more than his accomplishments and present. He has a part of him in Spain, but says he is torn as he is also a Gunner. And that Arsene is like a 2nd (albeit a creepy french-guy) father.

Who could guess at this point. What do you think?

For me, Arsenal
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Unless the father thinks that the child has successor in Arsenal FC, I think its Arsenal this season...
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Oh my, this man is pathetic.

"We've given up on the idea of him arriving now, but maybe he'll come in January when Arsenal are out of the Premier League title race.
Their team are just not competitive.
Arsenal are wrong to have forced him to remain there, they can't just hold him against his will. "
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Prag what barça player said that, those line are clearly bullshit and I'm not even an arsenal supporter
Rockerr (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
For the source of the information I cannot believe that, if marca, as, sport or el mundo deportivo have said it it would be more reliable information
Rockerr (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Those are sources from the UK, is the same when newspapers from spain say that rooney is going to madrid and he was a madrid supporter as a child.

We all know that rooney isn't going to madrid, newspapers in spain havent said nothing about xavi, even as and marca who just talk s**t about Barça
ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
I've searched it. Literally an entire globe worth of reputable sources have reported Xavi saying that. And there are reporters that are from the UK or big name papers like that that report from Spain, or even the actual conference room where players say these types of things.

Edit: ALSO, it wasn't a UK paper that reported it. It was the Italian Tuttomercato.- Link: I don't think It really can be disputed that Xavi said it if that's all taken into account....

But if Barca doesn't tell Xavi to keep quiet on this matter, he could land them in trouble. To insinuate that a Big 4 team in the Premiere will be out of the title race smacks at how possible transfers should be done- respectfully. I'm sure an organization like Barca has said something to him by now.... If Barca shares the sentiment publicly, they will not be getting Cesc back period. Best they keep it silent, then.

IN response, though, to the original forum post, yes, Xavi does have a big mouth, and he does lack class. For Barca's sake you'd better hope they don't share the sentiment
Bloodbrothers (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I was searching for sources and I havent found anything that comes from spain maybe newspapers don't want to talk about it oh something.

If Xavi said that why imagine that Pep or Rosell or someone told him somethingn but I don't think that he said that cause if Cesc is his friende why he would insult him by saying that he and his team can't compete un the PL, I think that Cesc case is going to be the same as Ronaldo or Henry
Bfly87 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
I think that Xavi is totally right, and this is the best thing he ever said!

Especially: if Cesc stays there, it will be like a Barca’s loan to Arsenal (cause he’s theoretically already in Barca). It’s so true. I don't know what Arsenal think they are achieving with keeping him one more year. Not like they are going to win a trophy or something! And he is going to Barca next year. I really put my brain on fire, but I still don’t get what the f*ck they think they are achieving. They are just lame… pitiable.

Lots of Barca’s players and fans told they want him there, but nobody was so sincere, open, honest and direct like Xavi. I am happy that somebody finally said what we all mean!
Another thing. Cesc owes nothing to Arsenal. They didn’t rescue him or something. They didn’t teach him how to play. They took him because he already knew it! They wouldn’t notice him if Barca(youth) didn’t teach him. He learn what he knows in Barca, and it’s time to bring that back. He was playing for Arsenal just because he was too young to play in Barca (they have different rules).

And the thing with really long contract (8 years)… For godsake, he was 16. What the f*ck did he knew then? Obviously somebody (perhaps his parents or agent) made that awful mistake. Both parents and agent could undervalue him, and think that it’s best for him to sign long term contract just to secure his future. It’s common mistake.

And those who think that Cesc would sit on the bench… I think they are wrong. I think that Pep is trying to create world greatest midfield line: Cesc-Xavi-Andres. So Cesc wouldn’t sit on the bench (but some very expansive FW would, but I don’t think that Pep cares for that).

I can’t wait for next year, when we’ll see the TRUE barcelona! The best one in history!
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
For your info, his contract extension wasn't too long ago....

As for being proud of your club, yeah, you could do that, but it shouldn't undermine someone else's effort. About Arsenal doing nothing for Cesc, that's total bullocks. Look at where Assulin got? Where did Dos Santos land up? And Krkic development in Barca fringes? At Arsenal, he's the first choice. Where on earth can you get top level including European level matches and experience if your club is unwilling to play you? Lets pretend that the next response will be that :"He will play because his level of talent is at a different level compared to the above 3 examples Juno pointed out". And I'll tell the respondent this: Fabregas couldn't dislodge Xavi-Iniesta axis in Spain selection when he is playing first team football, let alone if he's still waiting for a chance to break through at Barca. I firmly believe his choice to move to Arsenal when he was that young is a good choice. Even though Arsenal prowl on him in a situation when Barca could do nothing but watch, but Arsenal did not break any rules in doing that. And they let him develop into the World class midfielder he is today. So to displace Arsenal's importance in his progress is utter nonsense. Whether or not he will move back to Barca next season is way off the mark, because nobody knows what will happen. For all we know, he might be sold on to other clubs- possibly Madrid just to spite Barca? Its certainly in Arsenal power to negotiate where will go, just like when they decide that they are not selling him to Barca this season. So one should not assume this 'loanee' will return back first. And its utter disrespect to the club owning him now.
Bfly87 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
“For your info, his contract extension wasn't too long ago.... ”
That’s true, but then Barca probably didn’t offer him coming back.

“About Arsenal doing nothing for Cesc, that's total bullocks. ”
What he got in Arsenal, he would get in any other club as well. The only difference is that the other club wouldn’t f*ck him now like Arsenal is.

“Fabregas couldn't dislodge Xavi-Iniesta axis in Spain selection when he is playing first team football…”
What that’s got to do with anything? Del Bosque isn’t Pep Guardiola. Decisions of one of them don’t have anything to do with decisions of other one.

“Even though Arsenal prowl on him in a situation when Barca could do nothing but watch, but Arsenal did not break any rules in doing that. ”
I didn’t say that they were. But, be real, he’s totally accidently in Arsenal. When he was 16 he would sign for almost any club, which offers enough money. Only club he’s bond to is Barca, and when Barca is in question he said NO for any other club, no matter money.

“And they let him develop into the World class midfielder he is today. So to displace Arsenal's importance in his progress is utter nonsense. ”
They “let” him develop… He wouldn’t develop like that in any other club?

“Whether or not he will move back to Barca next season is way off the mark, because nobody knows what will happen. For all we know, he might be sold on to other clubs- possibly Madrid just to spite Barca? ”
He will say no to that. He said: Barca or Arsenal or nothing. But next year, I even think that he’s not going to stay in Arsenal. Xavi wouldn’t say such things that he didn’t hear it from Cesc! He had to build that kind of opinion on something. So… Cesc will be in Barca next year for sure.

“Its certainly in Arsenal power to negotiate where will go, just like when they decide that they are not selling him to Barca this season. ”
He’s not slave. They can negotiate, but they can’t send him to Madrid if he refuses, for god sake.

“And its utter disrespect to the club owning him now. ”
No, disrespect is what Arsenal showed towards Cesc
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
"What he got in Arsenal, he would get in any other club as well. The only difference is that the other club wouldn’t f*ck him now like Arsenal is. "

How sure are you? When Stam pissed SAF, he sold him like a cow. Chelsea denied a reunion for Cole with Mourinho. Aston Villa wrecked Barry's supposed marriage with Liverpool.

"What he got in Arsenal, he would get in any other club as well. The only difference is that the other club wouldn’t f*ck him now like Arsenal is. "

How many clubs do you see playing 16-17 years old that often? Man Utd? Inter? Milan? Or smaller clubs? If smaller clubs are where you pick, do you think he'll be able to develop into who he is without playing at the highest level? There's so many incredible young talents out there. Look at Balotelli! Mourinho confessed he's probably the most talented young player he worked with if not for his wrecked head. Does he get pick for every single game?

"What that’s got to do with anything? Del Bosque isn’t Pep Guardiola. Decisions of one of them don’t have anything to do with decisions of other one. "

You need to read. When he was about 16-17, who is in charge? Pep is not the coach yet. If he's still in La Masia waiting for his chance, will he get to play under Rijkaard? How many foreigners were brought in? You need a Messi to break through to first team when Rijkaard is in charge.

"Only club he’s bond to is Barca, and when Barca is in question he said NO for any other club, no matter money. "
You could be right. But he couldn't move this season, did he? So what is his love for his hometown gonna' decide? Sure, if it was up to him, he would be off. But no, the reality is that he's still around.

"They “let” him develop… He wouldn’t develop like that in any other club? "
Which club are you indicating? Liverpool and Chelsea bought loads of youngster, but how many of them plays their talented buys this often? ManUtd and Arsenal are few that are able to blood their stones into diamonds. You need coach who trust youngster. I admit Pep is one, but Rijkaard isn't totally into it.

"So… Cesc will be in Barca next year for sure. "
Probably. But we won't know for sure. If we can nail everything so easily, the bookies would have paid out a large sum this summer.

"He’s not slave. They can negotiate, but they can’t send him to Madrid if he refuses, for god sake. "
And he didn't own Arsenal for your sake. He can't come as he likes and goes when he decide. It all depends on how the manager and club thinks. And until his contract is up, he couldn't do a thing cause he's not the one holding his ITC(International transfer cert).

"No, disrespect is what Arsenal showed towards Cesc"
No, you misunderstood. I'm saying Xavi is disrespecting Arsenal. Arsenal and Cesc are mutually respected in any case. The fans are happy with Cesc, Arsene loves Cesc, Cesc loves the club. If you wanna knows what is disrespect, I'll state you examples. Cole seeing Chelsea's rep behind Arsenal's back, ManUtd selling Stam like a cow, Riera flaming his club when they are the ones who got him his caps, Adebayor touting himself around to potential clubs. When it comes to clubs not selling their prize asset, there are loads! Milan not selling Pato, ManUtd not selling Ronaldo(even though they eventually did, they milked whatever they could, so its no disrespect on Man Utd to hold him onto another year or two, since he got them another championship b4 he left), Arsenal not selling Vieira and Henry b4 they past their sell-by date, Barry not allowed to move to Liverpool, Milner not allowed to move to Man city. You name it. There are loads. When is it disrespecting to your player when you disallow them to move because you prized them? Barca sold Figo to Real because they respect him and wants him to be happy? LMAO.

Rockerr (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Actually what Barca did was disrespectful. If they really want Fab, then they should have increased the bid but instead they just offered around 30M and asked the players to say some non-senses for the rest
Jesuriya (AS Roma) 5 years ago
How can they fix the price of a player and call him, just come here man. Anyhow they filled the rest with some non-sense as rockerr said.... It would be easy and simple for other teams if they follow the same transfer tactic in transfers.... Lol. Barca play beautiful football and beautiful transfers

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