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Graham (Arsenal) 4 years ago
We have alot of people having their own views on weather its good to be having very safe finances or going after silverware. Being an arsenal fan I would like to read peoples views. Especially from teams such as chelsea and the manchester clubs who have at times financed them selves by other means.

Personally I believe arsenal could do alot better than they are doing as we should have a much smaller wage bill for the standard of players we have in our squad. And should be going after better players who may cost that bit more but could/should/would win things, bringing in more money to pay for the next players etc
DontpayGimps (FC United of Manchester) 4 years ago
Winning things to bring in more money that gets more expensive players & greedy agents sucking clubs dry - think Portsmouth, etc. Why do players need agents to negotiate salary reviews? Agents should only be used to organise the players outside football diary. Opening shops, book signings, PL community work, etc. Club, like any other employer in the world should tell player what they're getting this year, in line with inflation, after club/all players have done their community work. Why do they need an agent for that & worse still why do clubs pay the players agent?! Mr 10% is for the players not the club. Show them the door. Paul Scholes don't need an agent I'm told - go to club with accountant, agree pay, go home - 10mins - not played out in papers for weeks! Club should never pay players more than 40% of income. Contracts need re-organising to favour the employer NOT the player & his hangers-on.
In answer to your quewstion - finance should be backed up by a viable season long Business Plan & if League / FA / Governing Body don't approve it then they can't register for the league for that season. If in debt there must be something in the Risk Register that says what they are doing about it & how they reduce or manage it. [This is not to include selling your soul to anyone who has borrowed money to buy the custodians out!]
DontpayGimps (FC United of Manchester) 4 years ago

Must said they would support this if the shares were available to fans! But you're supposed to be fighting against this not supporting it! So this statement by them should see wholesale selling of shares in MUST as they are now wanting to be poacher & gamekeeper when they were only supposed to be one of them!

Who in right mind would want to buy toxic debt with no Rights?
What happens if Gimps were to go bust?
Share value to people is 0.75% so what Rights would they have anyway if present temporary 'owners' say they're only selling 40% of this ma$$ive debt?

The time to do something was in 2004 - the time to stop Gimps is now - vote with your feet.

In answer to your question Arsenal Fan - finances every time. Last June MU were £1086 million in debt & growing. This includes the Bond that needs repaying in 2017 which attracts £43million p.A. Interest; interest on the remaining debt which was £260million in 2005 & is now £600million

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