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Who Is The Best Manager In The World.
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
For me it is between Fergie Lippi or Jose Mourihno
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Sir Alex without question.... So many accomplishments as a manager. Another champions league win and then it's a given I feel
TheRonaldo7 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Plus you canot forget all his other achievments with aberdeen for fucks sake!    .... Aberdeen!
ZidaneTheLagend (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Haules (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Sir alex always had a huge budget at manchester.... So he can afford the best player that`s why he has so many accomplishments.... If he was for example at aston villa.... He wouldn`t do anything there...
Samdagooner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
True but (I can't believe I'm defending Fergie), that's not a proper way to measure a manager. When have you last seen a a second or third tier team win something of significance. You might say Portsmouth in the FA Cup or Tottenham in the Carling Cup but these trophies are not considered significant by the top clubs as seen through the team selections and the top teams are the clubs that win the biggest trophies especially with the financial backing the top clubs have.

Therefore, obviously Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn't be able to win what he has won at Aston Villa but no other coach would because financially it is impossible. Therefore you have to judge the manager on what he wins because ultimately that is what his job is. Sure, it would be better to win without having a big budget but even Arsene Wenger's finding it hard and if he can't do it no one can.

Every club that challenges for their domestic and european crowns has money except maybe Arsenal but even Arsenal is valued as one of the top 5 richest clubs in the world. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the best managers in the history of football because he has won all the trophies he has won and what he has done in making the Manchester United brand global
Juno (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Well put. Sam.    Besides, huge budget doesn't always translate to trophies. Ask Rafa Benitez.
Vonrasmussen (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Best current manager I would say Fergie as well.    Who else has lasted as long with such dominance?    Silence.
Ellada10 (Olympiakos Piraeus) 7 years ago
Definitely Sir Alex Ferguson.... Why do you think he got knighted?
TFoAV (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Lol, right. I'm willing to go with anybody who has the title "Sir" in front of their name.... And is still coaching at a VERY high level. He's done a great job for so long, especially in a business where the big clubs go through coaches like kids go through fruit roll ups
ZidaneTheLagend (Liverpool) 7 years ago
All Hale Sir LOL
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Sir Alex is amazing. But looking at Jose he actually made ibramovic an avantage
ZidaneTheLagend (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I Thouht I'd Never Say This. But I Think Alex F Is The Best Manager In The World. I can't Wait Till He Retires. LOL Top Class Manager
Nitro (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Well the best manager at the moment is Pep
ZidaneTheLagend (Liverpool) 7 years ago
He Will Be Soon, What A First Season Great Manager
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
Sir Alex Ferguson and Guus Hiddink. Well David Moyes is good for a mention too
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yes, David Moyes, smart and successful manager, but too bad he doesn't have much trophies to show for it. Taking Everton into the FA Cup finals and beating Liverpool and Man Utd, he's done incredibly well.... And Guus Huddink for turning Chelsea's team mates back on the right track after Scolari messed it all up.... Too bad he couldn't stay for another season...
Mohsink (AC Milan) 7 years ago
If we're talking of all time, then without a doubt it has to be Rinus Michels. He was a genius and created the modern game. If currently, then there aren't that many differences between a lot of current managers. Sure, some have had a better history, but in the current football climate, not a lot of them are 'above the rest'
Nikki711 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Alan Shearer, he is godly. When I think of his skills, I truly start to shiver. I love that feeling. That's when you can tell who has TRUE talent...
Tom (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Alan shearer could perhaps be one of the best english players ever, but as a manager hmmm not so much
ZidaneTheLagend (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I Think If He carry's On With Managment Hell Go On To Great
Zach (Manchester United) 7 years ago
How can you even mention Shearer in this thread? True he is a Legend as a player but hasn't done anything in management. And as we've recently learned with Maradona, great players don't always make great managers
JosiahsOnFire (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Ferguson....    But Pep is going to be .... Good first year eh?
Yidarmy4lyf (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Pep guardiola. Won 3 cups in his 1st season & tere are many more to come.  Where as it took baconface ferguson 5 years 2 even get 1!
Neonseong (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I have to Guardiola is good, but it's helped that his team was godlike. This new coming season will be a true test now that Real have Kaka and might soon have David Villa and even David Silva
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Roy Rodgson! Look at it people.... ! 7th.... ! Okay.... Maybe not the best, because there's no silver, but in matter of importance, he's done so well.... It aint easy to lead Fulham into the Europa League, beating the likes of West Ham, Man City and Spurs.... (no offense to those fans)
Neonseong (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I'd have to say Guus Hiddink, he might not have many titles and cups to his name, but his none the less he is amazing. The first year Hiddink took a manager job in 87 he won the Treble. Many have tried to take hold of an Asian team and have great success, and all failed. Hiddink took Korea to the final 4 in 2002 World Cup. Nobody ever cared about Russia till Hiddink made them shin in Euro 08. I don't think any other manager could take such teams with dissapointing history and turn it around.

My second choice would have to be Fabio Capello. The man won't let his team ever fail on him, I mean who else could win the league least once with every team his been with?
Rockerr (Liverpool) 7 years ago
You are absolutely right!I totally agree with yuo!
RonanKnows (Arsenal) 7 years ago
For me it's all between Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger (of course), and Guus Hiddink. I can't believe how long Ferguson and Wenger have been in the Premiership. You can't imagine an Wenger-less Arsenal or a Ferguson-less United
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
A guy like Guus Hiddink.... When he touches somethins it turns it in Gold.... He proves it with Russia, Australia (Eliminated thank to a fake penalty against italy during the 2006 world cup) And Psv.... Plus he got the Palmares....

For me it's him But Fergusson got the thing !
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
Don't forget that he took South Korea to 4th in World Cup 2002
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
I forgot that but you'r going in my way...

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