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Who Is The Best Defender For World Cup South Africa
Harsham (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Who do you think is the best defender in world cup south africa?
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
The best defenders will be Lucio(Brazil), Puyol(Spain) and John terry (England)
Pragathish (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Like Rzv36 said, John Terry, Lucio, Puyol and Gallas to name a few.
I really want to see Nesta in the world cup 2010.... If he plays my vote goes for him.
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 6 years ago
Lucio is one great defender. I think terry will have his good and his bads with england. And puyol and pique play well togethor
Haules (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Spain:Sergio Ramos, England:Terry, Brazil:Lucio, Germany:Mertesacker, France:Gallas, Portugal:Bruno Alves, Cote D`Ivory:Toure, Italy:Zambrotta
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Don't forget carvalho for portugal
ManUK (Manchester United) 6 years ago
John Terry, who else the man's amazing
Yogan (Chelsea) 6 years ago
True, true but I think Chiellini personally will rock the Italy defence and I think Puyol is the best in the world. He just does his job and is a great defender. Of course being a Chelsea supporter, I can't miss out Terry, puts in solid challenges and is really loyal to both club and country. He can head in either box!
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 6 years ago
I think chiellini has a bit of growing up to do before he really shines for italy. Great player, but there's much more to come from him in my mind in the future
Sergio (Footytube Moderator) 6 years ago
Puyol Eats Chiellini any Day. Theres no bet that puyol is the heart of the spanish team. Cassias may be captain but he is a great leader and inspiration
ManUK (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Definitely Puyol beats out Chiellini. Not only a player, but a leader and a Lion
Riggs (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Names not yet mentioned:
A. Cole
Many more I'm sure
ManUK (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Marquez has kinda faded after the champions league victory in 2006, I mean, does he even play much anymore?  
Riggs (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I don't really know tbh =/, but he was good
ManUK (Manchester United) 6 years ago
That doesn't mean he'll be good for this World Cup

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