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What Makes A Great Captain
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Every team has its Captain but every team has a different way of selecting their own. Italy, for example, usually give captaincy to their most capped player. Many teams prefer to keep their captains in the defence as they have a better view of all the movements on the pitch. Others prefer to give it to their best players. I am sure that among elite football every reason is almost unique. So that brings up my question, what makes a great captain?

I'll take the easy route call out the easy ones:

Some of the things which I would look for in a captain.

Leader in the dressing room:
The most important thing is that the team respects the captain. The captain must be someone which everyone can look to for direction. If the captain has lost the respect of even a fraction of the dressing room the team immediately loses some of its strength.

Teacher on the pitch:
Experience is obviously important but the most important part of having experience is helping others with that knowledge of theirs. A captain shouldn't be afraid to be assertive and should help his teammates become better players as well as help them to keep their nerves. They should be able to see things wrong on the pitch and let their teammates know how to fix it.

Lead by example:
The captain should also be that player which you expect to run for the whole 90 minutes and beyond and to push for more out of their players. After a goal is conceded, he asks and expects more from himself and the team. After a goal is scored he makes the team play as if they just conceded a goal.
The captain doesn't have to be the best player on the pitch but you can always expect them to score the winning goal, make that killer pass, score the winning penalty, or make that crucial tackle which will win the match
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago

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