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TOP Folha Seca From Ronaldo!
Haules (Chelsea) 7 years ago
1.Vs Porto

2.Vs Arsenal

3. Vs Bolton

4.Vs Sporting

5.Vs Marseille

My favorite is vs Arsenal.
Whats your favorite?
Craxy (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Well because I'm a red I think it's going to have to be the one against Arsenal. I don't know how long me and my dad were bouncing around for.... Haha. Won't ever forget that goal!

But looking at them all I think that Real Madrid one is a hot #1
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
What do you think about these :

Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Well done for finding that goal against Portsmouth, that was one of his top 3 goals of all time and I don't know how Haules missed it. But for me I liked his recent one against Marseille. It isn't normal to see one of his free kicks curl inwards, but that one was a beauty, it went high and then came back down again and swerved with sheer brilliance away from the goalie at the last second. It was like his one against Pompey. I don't know how he does it

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