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The Top 5 Most Underrated Players
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Today I heard man city were gonna' try to sell elano


And I think to myself ,why?

He had a excellent confed cup very good at crossing and dead ball situations. What also important he comes back to defend. So I wanna ask you guys to tell me your top 5 under rated players and why?Mines are...

1. Elano - for obvious reason
2. Tevez - works like a horse never got to settle in a first team
3. Kuyt - just a solid player for liverpool
4.Van der vaart - very talented play maker idk why the want him to leave
5. Yaya toure - my favorite cm in the game right now

Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Sorry man, but Elano has been sold to Galatasaray for 8mill....   Link:
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Reallly? Galatasaray? I think I'm gonna' faint
Pragathish (AC Milan) 7 years ago
I have fainted already....  Hughes gone mad I think...
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Gio dos santos. I hope they take him seriously now after his performance in the Gold Cup. Huntelaar, in my opinion, is underrated
Yashan (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Fletcher and O'Shea
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
1. Jonas:He is absoulotly amazing. He is one of the best left wingers in the game. He is the Rooney/Tevez of Newcastle.
2. Lampardoesnt get the credit he desverses. He should have been nominies for PFA instead of Ronnie Ferdi or VDS
3. Fletcherne of Manchester United unsong heroes
4. Park:In another forum people were saying he is Manchester Uniteds Worst player. But they are wrong. He has a never say die spirit which most playes have.
5. Kuyt:Benitez tried to start him as much as possible. And when Liverpool needed help he was there to deliver
Sergio 7 years ago
Gutierrez is one of the most underated players in football. Can't believe he can stand staying in newcastle. Just hope a manager like zola can swoop him and get the best out of him.

Also the Spiderman Mask Is Great .

Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Ya. He is very good. And he is at a bad club
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
1. Eto'o: He is so under-rated that he was swapped for Ibra + money.
2. Kuyt: Mr. Duracell he has never given the credit, but he delivers when required.
3. Huntelaar: He is very talented but among many stars he has not been given the chance to prove.
4. Gutierrez: So dedicated still trying to bring Newcastle.
5. Arteta: No attention given to the Spainiard
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
The reason Eto'o was traded over for Ibra plus money was because he only has one more year on his contract whereas Ibra has something like 4 more years, and since Barca is no longer interested in him they wanted to get rid of him while he still held monetary value as he would be free to any club in a year. Now I think tacking on 40 million to give to Inter was simply outrageous, but maybe Barca was feeling generous for whatever reason.... I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass next Champions League though. All the same, Eto'o was severely underrated by Barca
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
It will be very difficult for Barca to replace Eto'o he always delivered when mattered the most and Now Ibra will not be starting the season and all the Fans will have high expectations on the European Champs. The competition to watch this year is the champions league, it will be very tough for Barca to defend
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Man.... These are hard to call....
1. Samuel Eto'o - Un-appreciated at Barca....
2. Mikel Arteta - not even called up for national team....
3. Jonas Gutierrez - The only player that made effort to escape relegation for Newcastle....
4. Rafael Van Der Vaart - Un-appreciated at Madrid....
5. Dirk Kuyt - Un-sung Hero in the Kop....
6. Clearance Seedorf - People only look at Kaka and Pirlo, never him....
7. Yakubu - Not commonly named as a major player, although he is....
8. Bacary Sagna - nobody seems to notice his presence in defence....
9. Yossi Benayuon - People don't see the Israeli as a key player as I do....
10. Juninho - people only recognise him for his freekicks, doesn't even get called up for Brazil....
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
What about grafite?
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Arteta is a very talented player, and he is very unfortunate to be called by the national team, Spain has many wonderful play makers even players like Fabregas are also facing the bite, I think no team other than Spain has so much strength in Midfield
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Grafite is currently the best player in Germany so I think he is rated pretty good. Link:Link:
Pragathish (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Yeah.... I agree 100% with your list.... But wheres diego forlan? He's hte top scorer, yet he didn't get the recognistion!
Sergio 7 years ago
1. Jamie Carragher.

To me he is now as good and consistant as rio ferdiland. He is the leader of our defence and also a very good co- captain to the side.

2. Alex (Chealsea)

Alex hasn't been given 1st team football at chealsea becouse of carvalyho. But becouse ricardo was injured throughout the season alex got a chance to shine. And well he is amazing

3. Henry (Barca)

Bieng a striker Henry faced the challenge of playing wing. But he soon perfomed great and forced mr ronaldhino to leave to milan. He is not rated enough for his work rate.

4. Rooney

Rooney played most of the season on the wing. He has been not been rewarded for his contribution for the team all season. Next season in the central strike posistion will show the world how good he really is.

5. Kuyt

As Ragasha All ready said. Mr. Duracell puts everything into a game. And has faced the same challenge as henry faced
Ckangaroo (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I think carragher is overrated, ya he's your best defender but compared to defenders like hangeland, lescott, vidic, ferdinand, terry and bosingwa he can't compare and he scores a lot of own goals.... He gets pwned a lot and he is a dink
Lfc4life (Liverpool) 7 years ago
How can he show he's good when he can't score lol
Ckangaroo (Chelsea) 7 years ago
What? Sorry I don't understand your question
Pragathish (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Henry was never underrated.... But I don't say he is bad.... I say he is awesome
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
True you guys all are spot on
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 7 years ago
For me it has to be mikel arteta, how has he not even been called up for spain yet. Maybe he can't replace somebody in the spanish team but he can surely be a good addition to the squad
Sergio 7 years ago
Maybe becouse of his age. Don't think 28 is fantastic for his talent. But sure he should be called up
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Omg Sergio how can you forget the underrated Champion

1. Lampard

Not as good as Gerrard but people tend to forget bout him or say he's lazy. He's one of the best in the world, just hope we can get him to work with Gerrard For the world cup

2. Alex

"Alex hasn't been given 1st team football at chealsea becouse of carvalyho." Totally true because he took the spotlight Alex is well great

3. Rooney

He really is great in the middle, not showing his potential on the wing people don't think much of him. He has lived up to the hype of the start of his career in my opinion

4. Eto'o

Treated badly by Barca Eto'o is better than Ibra and it's insulting to have someone tell you your that much worse by selling you for someone else and paying forty million.

5. Van der vaart

I think he is very very good A lot Like I like Sneijder. He's a great dutch and I love 'em the Dutch have this knack of speed and skill that makes them some of the best on Earth. I don't know what happened at Madrid but He should leave

I have another top 5. That I will post soon

Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Thank you for including van der vaart. A lot of people think he is s**t but I think he is really good
Lfc4life (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Rooney? He's s**t for god sake
Pragathish (AC Milan) 7 years ago
100% I agree
Sergio 7 years ago
Lamps Oh Lamps. I wish I could post the mourinho pic again haha
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Haha That was awesome
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I have to say that Alonso is underrated. He is a true passing king. And he doesn't get the credit he desevres. Iniesta is a unsong hero at Barca. He is overshadowed by messi. Look at his perfomace in the final. And Xavi as well. Man of the match in champions league and euro and was best player in the euro
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Gonzalo Higuain is underrated. He is creative and scores many goals. He also saves Real Madrid's ass from time to time
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Now its time for him to depart and leave real's arse
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
And go where? I really think he can become something like raul
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Have to agree with that
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Actually no. He's diffenrent than raul. Like his goal against getafe away. Raul never did that. Or raul can't play wide he can. He's a good player to have. Just think with this perez experiment that he will be a bench warmer
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
I meant like stay with Real Madrid for the rest of his career just like Raul

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