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The Role Of A Modern Day Manager At A Top Club?
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Remember the day managers were respected? Loved? Feared even? The days where a player stepping out into the media and saying something against the club or the manager was treated with disdain, almost surely indicating the end of a player's career at the club.

Now, players are like spoilt children and Managers seem to have turned into incompetent parents. You see pampered stars that throw their toys out of the pram and managers seem to do nothing but pick their toys up, give them a candy to shut them up and turn around to gush at photographs of how cute they are to a vexed visitor. Players want money, more money and they'd rather party than train.

Most managers seem to have lost their way. SAF and Mourinho seem to be the two managers that really still command the respect of players in a top club. You sometimes see managers like Owen Coyle do well, but most players now seem to turn their fingers to their managers or make snide remarks about the club if they fail to succeed. You see prominent managers getting sacked for apparently no reason. You see a manager like Arsene Wenger lose his cool so often, and is calling on for respect from almost everyone. While I admit having a little chuckle as a Spurs fan, as a football fan I find it quite worrying. Both the Milan clubs, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool have changed managers so quickly, you'd miss the change if you blinked. I freely admit that Harry Redknapp has his own faults and is far from perfect, in case anyone feels this is a dig at their club. The powers that be seem to value players over managers now.

This really makes me wonder where things have gone so horribly wrong, and if there is anything that can be done to bring back some of the qualities in football that are almost forgotten: Trust, Loyalty and Team Ethics. Is there even a prominence for a manager anymore apart from on field tactics?
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Good question. Earlier you compared players to children and I believe that the relationship between the players and the manager are very similar. Because of the increasing importance and impact that the modern player has on the team, the fans and the results most managers will let most things slide and as that happens it becomes increasingly difficult to control them.

Saf has done a great job because he sees past the status of the player and has and is still willing to throw a player out of the team. Another thing which SAF has over most managers is the continuity at the club because that is really important in developing the relationship between the players and the coach of course.

Another thing which I think may be a factor is the shift to younger stars. Younger stars are obviously less mature than older ones and seem to enjoy being in the spot light more than settling down and starting a family. Along with this trend there is the popularity of players like Beckham, CRonaldo, Kahn, Lehman, and so many more which are more outspoken

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