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Share Your Real-life Footy Playing Stories: Best Goal, Biggest Win, Injuries
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Hey guys training was normal, but there was a small twist, I'm goalie! We veresed another Belnorth Team (Under 16s) and beat them 3-2, pwned, we would have dominated If I was striker, Jokes.
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 6 years ago
I mean we got beat 3-2  
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Haha lol no wonder you guys lost lol! I thought you were good at goalie?
Jeroen (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Lately I've only been playing indoors or outdoors on an indoor-sized pitch. I'm usually a central/left midfielder or left back with a good pass and long shot. I've been in good form recently, but my best goal and maybe game that I can remember was some 4 years ago on the usual outdoor pitch. We were playing the neighbouring town, where some of my friends of high school played.

I had been practising my swerve on free kicks and crosses with a friend at college a lot, by passing long balls to each other around a very big tree that stood between us. You know how those things always work on training, but rarely ever on the pitch? Well, this day it was different.

I had been playing very well the whole game from the left midfield position, with my usual runs and through balls. Despite a good game for my part, we were trailing behind 5-1 with the last 45 to go. A friend of mine, who usually plays as a DM in another team, was then given his first appearance and was positioned as a striker. I knew he was strong and fast, so whenever I got the ball I attempted through balls (a la Xavi if I dare compare myself to him) to my mate, because I knew he'd do something with it. And the two of us changed the whole game. I did my best on the left side while he perfectly ran wherever I hoped he'd go. If I spotted him preparing for a run forward, I dropped the ball exactly where it should be, it was a joy to be able to pass so well that day. Whether it was a one-two over 5 metres or a long cross over 35 metres, I managed to get them all spot on.

He scored a hat-trick and all assists were provided by yours truly. We were dominating but still one goal behind. I was brimming with confidence and in approx. The 80th minute we were given a free kick from about 5 metres behind the box, on the right side. A perfect spot for me as a lefty and I was the usual free kick taker, so the pressure was on me. I took my usual position to the far right of the ball, so I could put a lot of swerve behind it and be able to pick a corner without it being obvious. The wall was not in the right position, it seemed to me it was too much to my right so a gap to the far corner opened up. I think the keeper intended to lure me to shoot there, but, cheeky as I felt that day, I kicked it round the wall and bang into the upper left corner. Their keeper was pinned to the ground and I felt like I was the king of the world. The only sensation that tops it is a very different one not involving (or not in my case) 21 other guys. It was one of my best free kicks technically and one of the the most important, probably the most important yet.
The whole team was thrilled with the game, even though the scoreline was halted at the 5-5. A wonderful derby, and a game I like to remember as my best one.

Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Fantastic story and nice little graphic. I really enjoyed reading it.... Thank you very much!
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Today I was playing footy with a group of friends, it was such a hectic game, 13-13, we decided only 2 minutes left till home time, me and my friend did 1-2, (we're defenders) across the whole field smashing the players, and we passed it to the strikers, and ran back to halfway, the strikers kept on shooting and it rebounded, and rebounded and then it was so high up in the air, I was half-way across the field and then WAM! Scissor kick it into the goal from half way. Then later I scored a header! So we won 15-13, most memorable game of my life!
28 goals in 70 minutes! And we were playing 5 vs 5!
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Today was an intense game, in a local annual arabian 6 vs 6 tournament, I was with a few of my friends, and it was our usual team. Our team names were Titan Tiger-Dogs Of Doom

I'll tell you now, that we got to the finals. And I'll mention that this has been the same team that has stopped us from winning the last 4 years in our age group (yes since I was 9), last year took us out in group stage in a 2nd place decider, going on to win the 3rd place play-offs, year before that they beat us in the semi finals to go 2nd, the year before that they beat us in the quarter finals to go on to win 2nd place, the year before that the quarter finals they beat us 23-0, giving us the reputation of bad team, but this year all that changed, with us going on to the finals for the first time, neither of ushavent won 1st place, yet have ties for most goals in the tournament for the last 4 years, this was an intense battle.

Ok so 20 minute halves, our game was scoreless for all of the game until the 30th minute mark our opposition scored a bicycle, 32nd minuted header, 36th minute a chip. We had a brand new plan, push the defence, no midfield, it was very risky and more cons then pros, but I went with it. We scored twice, and it was into extra time, I had to score, We went back to our old formation, and then I pushed forward, and then I went forward and got slide tacled....

Penalty, the whoop! Goal

Then another goal!

Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I have three best goals. One was in practise. I got the ball from the half way line. Dribble six defenders. Then rounded the keeper then slot it home. The another I had a free kick from about 30 meters then I shot it. It hit the wall. Then I took it on a half volley. And it went top corner(pure luck) another was at a friends party. I pick up the ball for 35yrds then curled it into the top corner. Biggest win was most prob 6-0. Didn't score though. And injuring was it was a 50/50 ball. Then our legs clashed. Then I sprained my ankle
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Also I had a free kick from 25 yard. Then I curled it over the wall
Gunners11vP (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Been reading a bit from this blog and enjoying hearing others stories, so decided to post one myself. Back when I was in High School my family moved. I was midway through my Sophomore year, so Right at about halfway through my high school years. In the previous city I had lived in I had been playing for a University preparatory team which had scouted me out and given me the opportunity to continue playing with them and eventually go to the school for free. I had been playing with them for 2 years when I had to leave. The new school that I went to had the worst football team in their division. It was a tough step down for me coming from the competitiveness of the team I had been playing on, to the team I was faced with playing on.coming in as a Sophomore they made me captain of the Varsity team coming in halfway through the season to give a little perspective on the level of play haha. But fortunately it was mainly because of the development of the program that the team hadn't been competitive and not the talent and available coaching because my Junior year we got some coaches who knew what they were doing. We didn't necessarily have the best talent in every position (a few players playing for their first years) but we had athletes in every position, and those of us who knew the game were able to help them out and we became a competitive team my Junior year and first full season at the school. The system the school works in though, is that mainly the season barely counts and it all is about the end of the season tournament. Ya it is really weird, and I didn't like it, but it was what I had to do to play football.

Fortunately, though some talent, we had players who couldn't stand losing on our team. So, when the end of the season tournament came around we were all pumped and ready. In the pool stage we ended up winning every one of our games, except one which was a draw. So we progressed to the knock out stages. We won those games as well, and made it to the semi-final. As captain, and probably most experienced player, they had placed me in the central midfield to try and direct the game from there. I had been playing the role of provider primarily, even though I am much more of an attacking mid, and scored a lot of the goals during the season. I had some assists so far in the tournament, but had really only taken 3-4 shots on goal. Then we got into the semi-finals. The other team surprised us by starting very aggressively and it payed off for them scoring their first goal in the first 10 mins. We were stunned! It wasn't the first time we had been down in the tournament, but it was the first time we had been outplayed in the tournament. We were able to rally ourselves and start playing good football, but unfortunately they scored another goal on a counterattack. We continued to play good football, but had nothing to show for it until right before halftime when I was able to play a through ball to our striker who had made a perfect run in behind the defence and he slotted in an easy ball. That guy was so fast. But as the captain I was supposed to be in charge of getting us ready for the second half, so we started pumping ourselves up, but really I was just ticked because I could tell that none of the other teams were taking us seriously because we had been so bad the previous seasons. That's what pumped me up and I was sick of not taking shots so I resolved myself to get a little selfish and start shooting. 3 mins after the start of the game I had my first chance. I received the ball with my back to the defender right at the edge of the box. Did a quick step over dummy with my right foot that sold the defender and pulled it to my left and swung my right foot around and placed it in the upper left corner. I couldn't believe how easy it had seemed. My first shot was a goal. So not even 3 minutes later the other mid spotted me making a run towards the end-line and gave me a perfect pass. I took it and looked up for a cross/pass but wasnt being marked so ran at the goalie still looking for a pass. They were marking our strikers pretty well, but I saw that when I looked to pass the goalie came off his line trying to anticipate it. So I dummied a pass and instead passed it into the back of the net. We were up by 1! First lead of the game! I was feeling it now, so I decided to just make another run which the other midfielder saw again and I received the ball on the left side of the goal at the corner of the box.... I thought "hey why not? " and put a curving shot up towards the upper right corner. The goalie dives and misses his fingertips by a cm.... I had scored a hat-trick in less than 10 mins. It should have been more because later on in the game I got a break away and the goalie came at my feet and I tried to chip him, but it took a bobble and I ended up kicking it right into his hands and looked like an idiot.... But hey no more goals were scored and we won the game! So we go to the finals and in the first 3 mins I get the ball with my back to the defender and turn him so that I am clear on goal, and he took me out from behind.... Sprained the ankle and was out for a couple months, we ended up losing the game 1-0, ref didn't even give him a yellow. Often wonder if they hadn't injured me if I would have scored and we would have won.... It was a fantastic day, and disappointing day all at the same time.

This was far too long, sorry haha, got into the story again though!
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Excellent story, thanks for that. When it comes to this kind of stuff I have no problem with the story being long if its interesting!
Grubbandbyrne (Manchester City) 6 years ago
Today in a footy match of 7v7 I had the game winnig save in the 2nd to last minute ending the match in a 2-1 victory
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Yesterday me and a couple of my soccer friends went to the locl park to play a game of footy. It was 5 vs 5. We weren't really playing position, but we were spread out. Me and my friend were pretty much the strikers. The game started with me and my friend with the ball. Straight away it was going so fast, since my friend that was the striker with me was like really fast. Fastest person in my year, I was about 3rd in the girls in my year. Anyways we kept on doing one twos like crazy but then there was this random girl I'm not even sure who she is. She full on ran through the middle of us with the ball luckily me and my friend were faster and we took the ball off her. Then we were on the other side of the fiel but then we kept on doing one twos till the other side and then she crossed it to me from the wing and I did a crazy scissor kick into the goal! It wasone of my best goals ever!

After I scored another 2 goals, which were pretty good no as good as the other one. But one of the goals was a corner and I curved it into the goal, but I've done that a few times before.... The game ended with the score as 4-2 we won! We played another game after that not as epic. I scored 2 goals but our teamlost 3-2 but that was only because I was so tired! LOL
Mariel (Manchester United) 6 years ago
The first time I played football when I was 13. I didn't remember in which position I was playing, but all I can remember is that the girls go wherever the ball goes.
That match was part of the PE so it's just for fun, especially for the teacher because he was "accidentally" touching my friends . My class won the match by 4 goals without conceding a goal. My class had 5 "big" girls parked in front of our goal lol. I didn't score but I made 2 accidental assists :b. After that match, I began to like this sport more
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
That's a creepy story, the bit about the teacher
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
LOL yeah...
SaintLucas (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I've had a messed up big toe on my shooting(right) foot for almost a year now. I got dinged last summer in a game, wasn't able to put weight on it for 2-3 days, but I never went to the doctor with it. I think it's cartilage or joint damage on the big joint where toe connects to base of the foot. Anyone have a similar injury?
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Yup, I had something similar, lasted about 6 months, eventually someone told me I probably fractured it but it all went away soon after
Jetlifari (Arsenal) 6 years ago
See a phsiotherapist man.... Could be a fracture, inflammation, ingrown toenail from the injury.... Get a scan and see what you need to do to get it fixed...
Highburykev (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Mine was a about 2 years ago in a friendly-rival match against this Japanese team, who happen to be in the same small city as us. As we are living in Japan, we can only have 3 foreign guys on the pitch and the rest must be Jpanese.... So the other team insisted, even though it was only an amatuer friendly.

Kick off, they get a free-kick within the first 30 seconds and curl it into the top corner of my net, even though I got a hand to it. I tried to punch it like Almunia and Fabianski, but I got the same rewards as them, a roasting from my team-mates and the chance to pick the ball out of the net!

We get two goals in 5 minutes with the first a goal kick by me and their defenders midjudging the bounce and Pele, our 19 year old striker racing through and slotting home. The second was a simple cut back from the edge of the box and Nick slotted home. We then go 3-1 up when their keeper drops the ball and Toshie dribbles it round him. I was relieved my earlier mistake had not counted really and we cruised into half time 3-1 up and dominating. That was the problem, we had had a break and lost our urgency, thythm, ideas.... Everything.

2nd half starts, we couldn't pass and my defence started to play the Rooney role leaving me exposed. I made a host of top drawer saves but conceded on the 72nd minute when a corner came in, their striker elbowed me in the chest and headed it in. Protested, 3 yellow cards and the game was on. 84th minute and my defence decided to play one touch football around the box and this kid lashed one straight into the top corner when our centre back thought it would be clever to lob the ball over the striker.... But with no luck.

91st minute, they get a penalty, hotly contested but to no avail. I had always dreamt of saving a penalty and had played it over in my head time and time again. The striker took 4 steps back, looked and walked up. I danced on the line and made a dive to my left, just connecting with it and knocking it onto the post. The players rush in, and their striker hits it clean in my face and out for a corner. Bloody nose, 2 minutes later and a bullet, and I mean a bullet of a header gets me right in the face again and they tap home to win 4-3.

My team drop me for the next 3 matches.... They said my performance was not good enough. They had the audaity to claim I were a liability to the team and the non-existent defence got praised for stemming the flow.... Subsequently to say, I quit after that. Why do keepers never have any protection!
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Ah, a sad ending! Interesting to read though - I didn't expect that. I guess it goes to show that sometimes when a goalkeeper plays well nobody notices if the defence are playing terrible. They assume its the goalkeepers fault
Kiwoli (Inter Milan) 6 years ago
I'm usually a center back as an outfield player but I still play as keeper sporadically - both outdoor and futsal - and I would never blame a keeper for my mistakes, I wouldn't even blame a keeper for his mistakes! If defenders did their job and did it well, the keeper should be bored
Joeymac (Manchester United) 6 years ago
My profound memory was when my school team had just recently won a monday game, and we played again on wednesday. I had hurt my hip on the monday game, but my coach didn't know, so I tried my best not to let him know that I was hurting. Right before the game, he found out that my hip was hurting and he didn't really want to play me. In the end, he let me play. That day we faced a decent team with a really good keeper. It was tied up with the game nearing the end. One of my best friends, who was the best on the team, sent me a through ball down the right side. I cut in left and suddenly found my self 1 on 1 in goal. I sent it in the bottom left corner, and that ended up being the winner in a 1-0 match. It might not sound that special, but it felt good to get a winner while being hurt against a top keeper. That turned out to be one of my best seasons
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Perfect little story, cheers for that    
Joeymac (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Ha yeah well there's others with not so happy endings
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I just signed up for a tournament this Friday and another next month. Should be interesting
RonanKnows (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Scored the equalizer yesterday (2-2) for our eleven-aside team to put us top of the table. Ball was lofted over the centreback and I rolled the ball to the right, passed the 'keeper, and slid the ball into the empty net
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Played an indoor 5-a-side tournament today, each team had one or two subs. The teams were randomly created from everyone that signed up and luckily I got put on a team with one guy I always play footy with.

There were four group stage games, and then a semi and final.

We went one goal down in the first game but won it 2-1, drew the next game, and I offered to go in goal for the third group stage game. We were drawing 0-0 until the very last kick of the game when a fairly tame shot by the other team was blasting way wide, and then one of our players stuck a knee out and deflected it straight by me into the goal. We lost it 1-0.

I was captain, and decided I would be more useful as a holding defender but with licence to try to get around a player or two and crack a few shots. That's what we were really missing out on, the shots. We ended up winning the last group stage game 3-0, after a sweet left foot shot into the far corner of the goal by me.

When I was learning football, my coach taught me two main things about shooting, and I try to apply them as much as possible. When heading the ball, head it powerfully down and towards the goal, so that it bounces near the goal line. The second advice was, if you're kicking, to shoot across the keeper. His stance and body shape will usually expect you to try to blast it in near post, but if you shoot across him he has to change form and leap the long route away from you, chasing the ball - which is faster than him in most cases.

Anyway, we got to the semi final and ended up winning it surprisingly easily. Just the final left. This game took no prisoners. Both teams really wanted the win. One of the attackers against us was an older guy but he had a great shot, powerful and low, and the kind that even if you save it, it will rebound away and someone will tap it in if you're not awake.

I decided we should play same formation, me in defence with licence to roam, and the guys will drop back and cover if they see me doing it. The game went on and on, 0-0, not many actual chances either side because we were both very defensive sides. I blocked some shots from defence really well so the keeper didn't even have to save anything, and at one stage two attackers were bearing down on me with the ball, at speed. I had no other defenders as it was a really fast counter attack. I narrowed the angle, stayed with the guy who had the ball but also covering the square-ball pass if he made it. He tried to fake me, and pass the ball, and I stretched and just barely, barely made the lightest of contact with the ball, but it was enough to make the other attacker swing and miss the ball. I hoofed the ball downfield to safety.

We played excellently as a team though we didn't know each other. At one stage, someone took a weak shot which I controlled, and there it was. The pitch split open and I could see it all in front of me. I was just outside my own goal box but every opponent was marking a team mate, so I was able to sprint downfield and it was perfect. I knew if they came to tackle me, they would be leaving a team mate free for a pass, and if they stayed with their man-mark, I had a shot at goal. Why was no-one tackling me? I kept running, halfway, outside their goal box, and then someone decided to lunge. I flicked it left, onto my weaker left foot and blasted it low and towards the far post. Goal! Turned out to be the only goal of the final, and we won the tournament.


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