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Players To Watch In 09/10!
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Another player that I think will do well is Micheal owen who will be the most improved player this season as he will provide plenty of goals to United
Nickosson (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Why are we all forgetting Gourcuff?
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Gourcuff! Great player, love watching him, scores awesome goals. Could have a great career if all goes well
Theshid (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Thanks I wanted to say it I know just a few people watch la ligue 1 but this fella is worth watching great technique , good passing , scores goals what more to you want from a player ? A pure genious ,he's alrealdy la ligue 1 top scorer and I expect more from him as the season advance. Just watch his goal against Paris Saint Germain and you'll be convinced , I saw him in montreal this summer great person the future Zidane in my eyes .

Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I didn't. Check my list on page 2: he's one of the players I rate the highest in all of Europe. No doubt he'll be a French star someday
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Brilliant player that is
XXTHoMzAXx (Liverpool) 7 years ago
No I still think that owen  Will score as many goals as last season and will not fill the gap that was left by tevez and ronaldo
7blessings (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Partnerships to watch:

Jason Scotland (Wigan)
M. Owen
Gourcuff (Don't know why we let him go)
Poloschi (great young prospect)
Eduardo (Arsenal; welcome back! Hope you rediscover your deadly pre-injury)
Sergio 7 years ago
I agree with diego. Dunno bout owen dude
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Don't think Zlatan fits Barca's play....
But I'm anxious to see Didier and Nicolas play well together, they showd it against Fulham.... Magnificent through passes....
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I agree with most of that and deffo look for Diego....
But yea I don't like Zlatan nor think he's good
For Barca, They should've kept Eto'o as I've
Said before
7blessings (AC Milan) 7 years ago
You seem to forget that Sir Alex is an old genius. He has a knack for using players in the right positions, roles, and times to bring the absolute best out of them! He will not bring Owen to ManU if he did not already formulate how he will use him to full effectiveness. I believe Fergie will place Owen in the right situation for him to succeed this season.... And I believe that Owen is still a natural finisher and with the right players around him.... He is still capable of getting at least 10 this season.
But as usual only time will tell.... But I have a feeling that this was another great gamble by Sir Alex
Fazla7 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I hope you're right with Eduardo!
FORZAJUVEPIERO (Juventus) 7 years ago
I am so glad someone said Diego. With his move from Weber Bremen to Juventus, this already talented attacking midfielder will get a chance to develop and grow on not just a high domestic level, but in major European Championships. Especially this year with such a strong squad around him, he really has a chance to shine this year
FussballPassion (Werder Bremen) 7 years ago
Watch Mesut Özil and Marko Marin who both play for Werder Bremen and the German squad. They will make a big impact on Germany's role in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Both of these young talents are a marvel to watch!
Sergio 7 years ago
Ohh Yeah. Ozil Best Man on the pitch every game
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
Agree Ozil !
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ozil! Everyone must agree
Deuthschl4nd (Hamburger SV) 7 years ago
Yea Ozil is really playing well
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Not to forget Marko Marin, like our German friend said: he's very fast, agile and a great dribbler on the left flank. And I'll add another German youngster: Mats Hummels; a very talented central defender and defensive midfielder, comparable to Gerard Piqué. Both have an impressive physique, both are excellent in defence and both are pretty skilled and creative for defenders
14walcott14 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Definitely Arshavin,  And if arsenal have their usual injuries, you'll will be seeing jack wilshere shine.
Sergio 7 years ago
Varmaaleaan looks suprisingly promising. He brings class but also balance to the young goon side. And also he is right footed. So no more stupid errors formed by gallas and toure.

Another promising star on the rise is defoe. He is just improving and improving after the england game againts holland. I can see a perma spot for him (Stuff heskey)

And Last of all.... Lennon (Lalalalaaa!) Amazingly fast.... And now has a deadley left foot. He is one of englands most hopeful youngsters and also has a bright future as a tottenham player
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Good post, Yes I was surprised how Varmaaleaan worked out, good for arsenal at the back

And now after all this time seeing the tottenham stars (Lennon and Defoe being my Favorite) and being excited about them what I got was they're not that good they'll never become star and what do you know Defoe's doing magnificent this season Lennon is too.

Lennon had one flaw that kept him from being great, Shooting, but now He's overcome that and these two guys are the Main reason Tottenham will be pushing the top four.

OK Keane and Modric will help a lot too
Sergio 7 years ago
Ahh lennon is feace at shooting now. With either foot. But it seems his weaker one is looking more deadlier then his stronger one. And defoe is just getting more and more confident by every game. Just pray for this fire not to burn out.

And Modric is Just awesome. The playmaker of the side. Finally believing in spurs play- last season I thought spurs's first team was a mixture of good and bad players which don't patticulary long strong as a unit. This season players like keane, modric and lennon have excelled ourr expectations.

Just hope they stay out of the big 4 border- for obvious reasons
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Why do you too alays seem to read my mind?
I find Vermalean absolutely stunning in his opening matches, a real shock for me, but I bet he'll continue to shine throughout the season....
I've explained my expectations of Defoe in other posts, the golden boot is his!
And Lennon is getting better at finishing and crossing, he's really unstoppable with that kinda pace....
Jeroen (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Dudes, it's not Varmaaeleaan or whatever, it's simply Thomas Vermaelen, pronounced as Ver-ma-len. Easy as that. And yes, he's pure Belgian class, one of the best, perhaps the best, defender we have. Vincent Kompany is class as well
Sergio 7 years ago
Yamsey. Haha Yes we think alike. And lol lennon is probobley the fast player in the world with that pace. I remember beckham talking about him.

Jeroen- you spelt it, amazing
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
LOL Don't we We all think incredibly alike lol. Me and Yamsy and me talked about that in another thread Lennon and Ronaldo are the two fastest footballers on earth.

Jeroen, I could never be as good as you
Sergio 7 years ago
Lol Naldo is fast. But thier are other people in my mind who i've seen fly on the pitch. For instance Jes'us Navas is one Fast Mother FLipper!
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yea he is fast I know but I would know as much cause I'm not a big Sevilla follower
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Lol, we can continue this discussion in the "Fastest Player" thread  Btw, Great minds think alike
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Erm I think We've talked bout this for about the fourth time now lol but it's true
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
In my opinion Ozil of werder bremen will make a good season.... I wanna see Walcott when will returns....
Diego for Juventus and the Huntelaar in Milan !
Sergio 7 years ago
I disagree with ozil having a good season this year. I mean I watched him in shalke and he always had great players supporting him.... And this is what made him stand out. I think withought diego on the pitch.... Players like prodl and ozil will lose thier influence on the game. Hopefully I am gonna' be wrong.

As for diego. He is gonna' do great. Deffo gonna' play great along side Del Piero!
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
Ozil? On schake or in werder? Don't think he plays a lot with schalke 04.... If it was the case why he would left?

Plus he make a great Euro-21 and is was one of the best in his team.... But will see !
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ozil is good but Diego is better with the type of player he is he needs more good support to do really well, I just Realized
Deuthschl4nd (Hamburger SV) 7 years ago
Yea I think Ozil is playing great, he's had a great start to the season and he's in much better form than last year
Sergio 7 years ago
I saw him play indivisually good at shalke 04. I remember players such as kuryani influence him a lot. As for this season it looks like I'm gonna' be wrong. The boy is turning into a man. I am starting to believe he will do good withought Diego
Fingergod (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Jermain defoe is one to watch this season, been in and out of England squad but this will be his season you mark my words. Great timing for the World Cup next year
Sergio 7 years ago
Yeah. Very true. I wouldnt mind them winning the prem if it meant he will play that good at the world cup
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Lol, I would have mixed feeling s if Spurs one the Prem....
I would be happy an outta-big 4 club won, but sad 'cause we didn't....
Sergio 7 years ago
It would be a big celebration.... And meaning that arsenal + Chealsea didn't win. To me that's a good result any day
[account-removed] 7 years ago
Don't forget ManUre segio
Sergio 7 years ago
Don't think they have a chance this year lol that's why I didn't add em
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I want them to take second and he can get the golden boot defoe
Deuthschl4nd (Hamburger SV) 7 years ago
I think Karim Benzema is gonna' have a great season with Madrid
Sergio 7 years ago
How can he not. He Got Naldo and kaka
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
More than that Benzema is really good ! He got a great technic and he's also speed !
He can make the difference himself too !
But don't know if you saw a lot of is game before that.... Think you don't Know who he was before he came to madrid !
You make me laugh !
That's a fact he got the Ronaldo and Kaka with him but he's good too ! The only problem he can have injuries quickly...
Sergio 7 years ago
Lol sorry bout the brief reason. Just never really watched a lyon game lol
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
LOL I hear ya me either, just know it from other people say bout him and what I saw when They Played United
Xybati (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Probably Nani, expectation high when he arrive but performance low.... This season will change, preferably person after Giggs on the left !
Fazla7 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I agree with you.
Nani have something to improve this season, after two "not so good" seasons.
And he has already started well, so keep going Nani !
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
The main person will be lampard rooney and benayoun
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Diaby, after the match against United, I found out he was a great dribbler....
Although he scored that dissapointing own goal, he showed real skill in passing and dribbling, showed lots of strength by pushing off players in his dribble.... He also made lots of chances for himself and the team, though he wasn't good enough to finish it....
He also scored 2 against Pompey, which should say something....
I expect him to bloom this season, hope that OG won't haunt his confidence....
Amayel (PSG) 7 years ago
Diaby is good very good but he got a serious problem !
He is all time injured, .
There was a documentary here in france abouth the 87's generation of the french youngest talent in clairefontaine !
He was part of that with other player like : Ben harfa(OM), Bellaïd(Frankfurt), Ricardo Faty(As. Roma, Nantes)....
At that time the coah said that is was the most important player of the team !
So you got the whole picture of the man !
Ninsane (Manchester United) 7 years ago
1. Darren Fletcher  2. Diaby  3. Glen Johnson    These players could make a more significant impact on their team this season
Theshid (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Lisandro Lopez, Pjanic and Bastos A. K. A the new attaking force of Lyon those players are real gems.
Pjanic is only 18 or 19 but he's so mature, pretty skilled and creative take free kicks.
Bastos.... What can I say about him got speed, power and most of all he can compete with Gerrard in a competition of long range shooting. And oh yes he's still young.
Finally Lisandro Lopez a grat goalscorer not too famous outside Portugal but this guy completly vanish Benzema in the memory of lyons fans, great composure. I call him the devil because of his beard
Sergio 7 years ago
How is Pjanic Doing?
Theshid (Liverpool) 7 years ago
He's doing great mate , I think he scored 2 goals in all competition at the moment and have a couple of assist. Here's one of his goals ,

ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Nice good to see he's doing well

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