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Perry Garland: Football Manager - Update
Perrygarl (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
Annoyingly, my previous FM 2011 game was lost due to a problem with my P.C. So I guess in terms of the storyline, the world exploded. The End.

So, I have to re-start the entire thing, not that bad as I hadn’t gone that far to begin with. I will start again with Everton F.C and see what I can do with a Premiership club that has no cash to spend, and whether its really all that difficult to be a long-term manager in the Premiership.

So, let us begin. Again.

If you had to choose a team to play as in Football Manager, Everton would be among the favourites, I reckon. Primarily because of the lack of funding, put simply, there is none. The current recession means that the club is unable to receive any more bank loans. From now on, the club runs on its own, against the loan charges.

Once more, the team could do with some improvements. It’s a good unit, but there’s nobody who is currently the star of the show, with the exception of Marouane Fellaini, who is likely to improve to a ⅘ star player in the future. In terms of the team, I tend to focus on the centre of the team as the spinal cord (a strong goalkeeper, central midfielder or DM/AM combo, and a target man striker) For Everton, it’s a relatively good set-up. Tim Howard is agile, has quick reflexes, quick at one-on-ones and commands his area well. Heitinga and Jagielka are strong old-fashioned English (one via Holland) central defenders, nothing pretty, but they get the job done well. I am going to play the DM/AM role, to capitalise on Tim Cahill’s ability in the box. Fellaini is capable of providing cover in front of the back four, and will be the target man in the box for corners, and long-throws when we are in an attacking formation or looking for the equaliser. Cahill, what with the strike partnership not being particularly strong (Saha is prone to injury, and Beckford wouldn’t be a permanent first-team player) Cahill is going to be a pivotal player in the assist and goals department.

Overall, this is the starting formation:


The positions that are going to need improvements are the wide midfield, and upfront. Saha is prone to injury and Beckford isn’t a long-term first-team replacement. I also want to acquire some pacy midfielders specifically for crossing into the box. All well and good, but I have to do this with the total, rounded-up amount of £0.

Which means, I either:
1) Have to accept what I have, adapt, and look for free transfers as cover

or 2) sell some players in order to buy replacements.
It seems like I need a combination of the two. I do have the tendency to go Ron Atkinson or Kevin Keegan over the transfer market, buying anyone and everyone and then realising I have too many players in one position, and they’re all pants. To be disciplined, I am going to write down what I think is needed.
A striker (target-man, to aid Cahill and Arteta, as well as a goalscorer)
Two wingers (pacy, can take on opponents and good at crossing)
Back-up goalkeeper (cheaper than Jan Mucha) - Optional

Watch me buy three defensive midfielders and six strikers (if Kevin Phillips is ever on a free, I’m snatching him up)

I’ve also got the friendly fixture list to consider, the teams I’m playing:
Girondins Bordeaux
FC Sochaux-Montbé
Everton (CHI)

My plan is simple with friendlies, against the weaker teams, I look to experiment with the substitutes of the team and see what they can provide for the team. Against the stronger teams of Hoffenheim, Bordeaux, and Sochaux-Montbé, I place on the strongest XI and see what subs would be useful to place on what teams.

I have players, such as Cahill and Fellaini, who are going to be key in scoring at set-pieces, but I have no idea on how to do this, it brings up a more animated style of a formation board, am I actually going to watch Match Of The Day 2 tonight, with a notepad and pen, and focus on how Premiership managers set up their teams during corners (and Stoke for throw-ins).

Yes. Moving on.

To Be Continued....


I noticed that the team had a lot of trouble with injuries, so we were running a little short for subs, so I focused this season on buying players for back-up to the first team. The first were Steve Finnan, and Jesper Gronkjaer, although Gronkjaer has since moved to a more permanent role in the team, to place Arteta dead-center and place a formation to which I call, “really messed up.

I’ve also bought two youngsters into the team, Stevie May from St.Johnstone, and Gregorz Rodiaam....Rodai...(I need to see his name on the screen). Grzegorz Sandomierski, to be a part of the set-up as back-up players/subs/league cup regulars.



They’ll either become valuable members in the future, or I can sell them off for a profit later on.

The friendlies went largely well. Against the stronger teams we managed hold them for draws, and with the exception of Hamilton Academical of the SPL (irony that I mock my friend from Scotland about the quality of football there.)


So. That’s it so far. Will continue shortly.
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Starting formation looks thin in the middle.... With the players you have not particularly quick.... Playing 4-3-3 opponents would basically overrun your midfield I guess
Perrygarl (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
Hey Juno,
Thanks for the advice, that makes a hell of a lot of sense (I was never good at this game, hence I was perfect to say "How hard can this be? "). Have changed the formation so I have a central midfielder and Cahill in the AM position on his own, which proved quite good for me.

Any good advice would be awesome, cheers
Peteko 5 years ago
It also seemed that you were playing two of your players a bit out of position. Notice that circle that is not bright green but yellow at the formation graph.
But you can train players in new positions, which I assume it is even easier if they are younger than 25
Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Keep the updates coming, love this stuff! Try for a few marquee South American teenagers.... Like Gary Glitter
Perrygarl (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
What team does he scout for? ^_^
Peteko 5 years ago
Look mate, I start all the way from the very bottom and and make my way up. I started with Oxford and moved up, to Charlton etc. That's some challenge.

But make yourself a favor and play as City. The money will keep coming. I bought both Messi and Ronaldo and won all the trophies for several years in a row until I got bored and retired a very rich man.

Recently after unexpected successes with Hertha in Germany I am invited to manage Sevilla in Spain. Still in the first steps though and it will be hard to break the top duo.

I took Hertha out of the slump and I am back in the top 5 or top 4.
I bought Reina from Liverpool for the hefty sum of 50M (euros that is), almost ruining the club and now I am looking to offload some players. They are some great ones like Navas but they are so much injury prone it makes me wonder if I should get rid of them despite the brilliance. I was eliminated in the cup's semis because the squad got sickly thin, plagued with injuries. With games every three days, I need players who are fit
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Peteko, that's a very boring way to play the game. Once in a while perhaps, but I find I get quickly bored doing that.
Have you lot downloaded the 2012 demo yet? Mostly good changes, I think Tevez available at 16-17mil, but you do have to be managing a club of a certain stature. Good clubs to manage I would say are Boca Juniors, Sampdoria, Betis and of course if you want to take the 'we've got a rich bastard in charge' route, try Paris Saint-Germain, Anzhi or Malaga

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