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Perry Garland: Football Manager - First Day On The Job
Perrygarl (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
Goodison Park.
Home to my favourite English club, Everton F.C. I must admit, kicking out a manager like David Moyes for no entire reason was difficult for me to take (particularly as I walked by him being escorted out forcefully by security, while shouting many words towards me that I can only describe as “not my name”.

But sitting in the chair in my office, this was just meant to my mind.

£16.5k per week! Sweet! If only this was real. And no wonder why managers want to get fired so quickly, they get paid off with their contracts, they could make millions in less than a year.

How much for F.A coaching?
Nevermind. Back to the job at hand. Everton’s end-of-season prediction this season is 8th by the press, and a top-half finish by the chairman, so anywhere from 7th-10th is my target. Looking at my team line-up, this seems to be the best XI at this point.

The weakest part of the team, are the attacking wingers, Osman and Bil (I call him Bil, from now on, too many letters to remember to spell), and I only have cover for Bil on the left, so I need an attacking winger for the right to cover Osman. On top of that, with Yakubu and Vaughn out on loan and unable to be reclaimed, a striker for cover is going to be needed, should Saha or Beckford sustain an injury.

From previous play, I know of an experienced goalkeeper called Antonin Kinsky, who’s better than Turner, and will cost less in wages than Mucha, so I will acquire him, than buy a young goalkeeper to develop for the future.
Finally, I am going to acquire a defensive midfielder to cover Fellaini and Rodwell, should they, Arteta or Cahill get injured (I can push Fellaini or Rodwell up, and have a backup DM.)

Hey. That was well planned. So how much do I have for transfers?
You want me to acquire youngsters for the youth academy, but I don’t have any funds to get them. How do you expect me to acquire them, with sweets? Toys? A puppy?

Guess it will be loan signings and freebies this season, no matter, a quick scouting in the freebies have given me a familiar face to cover the DM position. Edu, the former Arsenal player, only 32 years old, can get a few good seasons perhaps, great for when Rodwell improves and if Fellaini gets chased by bigger clubs, which is likely to happen, being the best player in my team. For the striker, I may need to sell Mucha and Turner (my backup goalkeepers) to make a small amount for a loan signing, because from what I’ve seen, there’s not much in the freebies (Kevin Phillips is £130k though, Kevin Phillips is awesome, don’t care that he is 38.)

My fixtures are as above. 4-5-1, with shorter passing and man-marking for the team. The back four is going to play a tight defensive game, but will also look to bring the ball down and look for opportunities to break. Fellaini and Rodwell, when they play in DM, will play just above the back four but look to aid the attackers when a goal is needed, otherwise, they’ll look to pass either to the flanks, or the the centre quickly. Arteta will look to roam the pitch for space, and get the attacks going, either running with the ball to strike or looking to pass to create opportunities, while Cahill will play box-to-box, contributing to both attack and defence, looking to hassle the midfield when chasing the ball, and get into the box for crosses when attacking (his best skill). Bil and Osman will play as inside forwards to aid Saha in the box, along with their crossing and to get shots in for Saha to chase rebounds. Saha is the target-man, getting the ball early, getting into areas for others to get space and generally being a nuisance for the defence. When subbed off for Beckford, then Becks will play a poachers role, looking to get onto the end ball and score.

4-5-1 would be one of my favourite formations now, as it does have a lot tweaking possibilities. I have to stick with a 4-5-1 as I only have two main strikers, and Saha’s natural fitness of only 10 poses a worry to me. Even with a backup striker at hand, I don’t think I want to be risking playing a formation with two strikers, have one injured, then switch to an unfamiliar formation for the team.

With 4-5-1 however, the key players are the attacking wingers, Bil and Osman (who I might nickname Ben in my game, just because I can.) In the standard 4-5-1, they are going to play as Inside Forwards to aid the striker, while keeping width in the team. Should we need to defend, they can be pulled back and act as wide midfielders with a defensive attitude should the situation warrant it. Against weaker teams, I might look to push Fellaini or Rodwell up and pack the midfield to try and outnumber them when attacking, against stronger teams, this formation will do, to aid the defence. I like balance within my team, so only Arteta gets free-role.

My pre-season fixtures include:
OM (Marseille)
Sporting CP
Santa Clara
Everton (Chile)

OM, Sporting and Porto look like the toughest challenges, so that’s when the best XI are to be played pre-season, with the other five games looking at putting subs on to see how they fare in a team.

That’s the basis of my plan, my next update is when I finish all pre-match friendlies.

Ant (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Fantastic, please keep it coming. I look forward to you getting fired and meeting Moyes in the car park afterwards. Bring a stab vest, he likes to use a broken bottle
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Still no follow up, we're disappointed in you Perry Garland
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Yeah now i've read this I want to see whats happened! Come on Perry get it sorted! Lol
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Loving these threads perry, keep em up! . You've just about convinced me to buy the game

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