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Now Its Your Turn Man Utd. Fans
Elucari (Liverpool) 7 years ago
How does it feel to lose to Burnley? We got s**t for loosing to the spurs, but Burnley?!?! Really?
Syraph (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Hahaha so true
Kingsickhead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Yep time for fergie to regret not spending
Tichi95 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Rayrulesohye (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Haha lmao echo that Elucari
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Hahahahahah lol
Elucari (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Just because I know they'll give me crap for this, Man UTD severely outplayed them, but still that's no excuse, you didn't capitalize on your chances, owen choked, even though that one goal was close, and overall embarrassing game for you chaps
Rayrulesohye (Liverpool) 7 years ago
It was fergies naive team selection that did it
Kranczi82 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Losing to Spurs is nothing compared to losing against Burnley. Hahaha!  Kep up the good work Man UTD
Yombe10 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Don't forget though, it's just the one loss
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yea ok we didn't come out this harsh in all fairness, also "keep up the good work" yea buddy show us liverpools recent silverware? Fk idiot

But yes it was an embarrassing loss hopefully fergie will decide to buy someone good now that we've been kicked in the balls. Pretty depressing really now I have to go to school and get in fights with liverpool fans *sigh*.

I'm sure well bounce back better than ever, we will go out having to prove a point
Sergio 7 years ago
Adamaus your bieng soft. I was expecting an essay
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
   I've all essayed out. I'm sure a few more abussive calls against united will get me going again
Sergio 7 years ago
Ill be waiting
Sergio 7 years ago
Don't be so Happy. Everybody loses. Its called football
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yes yes, and I'm very greatful for the few LFC fans who are respectable
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I can feel how you feel, just couple of days ago people were rubbing in the spurs defeat but now they don't have anything to say so I think its always safe not to brag about results too much
Sergio 7 years ago
Yes and also all I care now is about aquallani to be as good as alonso. My heart is still broken
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Wait, what? They lost to Burnley? Sweet.... ...
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I went to the BBC site to get the results of the Liverpool match and all the biggest headlines were burnley 1-0 manchester united

Apparently this is the first time Burnley have beaten them in forty years. I think it more than cancels out Liverpools loss to a superb Tottenham side

StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Note: Burnley haven't been in the EPL for how many years? Hmm, it must be tough for ManU, having played them 10 times in 40 years only to lose one (o-m-g)
Hill (Arsenal) 7 years ago
It is only one loss.... In the 2nd match of the season. I don't think Manure has to much to worry about at this stage. It will be another story if their poor finishing continues in the next couple of games
Andy (Rangers) 7 years ago
United often start poorly, props to Burnley though for a great game. Both losses are nothing worth reading into though
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Yeah remember last season they were like mid table around xmas time if I remember
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Na I think is was 4th or 3rd at xmas, we were something like 12 points behind liverpool(1st) but had 3 games in hand
Syraph (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Yeah, Andy's correct. Man Utd started off very slowly last year, and they ended up using their games-in-hand to win the title back (Chelsea also slowed down in the second half of EPL action, and liverpool as well).... A loss in the second gameweek is nothing. Props to burnely for the great defence though
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Man UTD always start slow....It's never how you begin the season but always how you finish. Poor loss, but no big deal. Rooney should have taken the penalty, but it was a great save all the same. Nothing to do but look to the next game. Frankly, I'm waiting for Owen to go on a goal scoring spree. Sharing the same hopes as the fears of John Terry:

Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
No need to rub it in.... It was a humiliating loss, but I'm sure they would bounce back even harder, so we have to get ready for that.... Plus like everyone else said, it's only the 2nd match of the season....
On the other hand, I think we should congratulate Burnley instead.... Any Burnley fans on footytube?
Hithere (Manchester United) 7 years ago
It's just the second game, I'm not worried. But I wouldn't mind if SAF signs a new player to reinforce the midfield.

Che - 6 pts
Ars - 3 pts, one game in hand
Liv - 3 pts
Man UTD - 3 pts

Still a loooooong way to go
Ragarsha (Liverpool) 7 years ago
You missed spurs on top
Hithere (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I was just ranking the usual "Big Four" as they are now
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
With Spur's form, they might as well become one of the big 4...
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
In your face. They beat. Newly promoted. You even missed a penalty. Suckers. I was so happy. I couldn't belive it
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
[account-removed] 7 years ago
Well well well, the luck of having " easier" game to to start the league played against them!

Talking about luck, manchester reminds me of the "luck" juventus used to have in serie a a while ago...
Sergio 7 years ago
Yes very true

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