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Newcastle Regime Fed Up With Barton
Peteko 5 years ago
Newcastle are ready to lose their transfer fee and have told Barton that he is free to leave immediately, after the controversial midfielder trashed the board on Twitter.

Look, I know many people cannot stomach this guy, but I think he has done wonders for Newcastle during the last season. I think he is very talented and determined and bar a couple of incidents has been able to control his notorious anger.

Once again the owner of Newcastle fails to conduct like a businessman. No true businessman would have left Barton leave on free. Hate him or not, you get a fee from his transfer and use it for your club. What's the logic behind this action?! I don't get it. Are Ashley and his board so sensitive to a Twitter rambling?! They have been insulted for years now from thousands of fans and they are still there. What's one more Twitter message against them.

Maybe there are things that I don't know here. Feel free to help me here guys
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Absolutely terrible decision by the ownership. Barton was a key player last season, and with the loss of Nolan already to West Ham, they desperately needed him to keep up the level of play he showed last season. I know he has a pretty bad history, but lets face it, this guy has been on pretty good behavior for quite a while. He deserves to be treated just as any other player at his caliber deserves to be treated. Great player, but he deserves better. Hopefully he gets snatched up by a good team, because he really is a great player.

Foolish Mike Ashley as always
Peteko 5 years ago

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