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Most Ridiculous Rules In The Game?
Soccergal293 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Most ridiculous rules in the game?
What is yours?

For me it's the yellow card for celebrating a goal.

For example just the other day Messi got fined after lifting his shirt to give a birthday message to his mum!


What is yours?
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I have to agree. actually had a interesting piece on why this is the worst rule in the game.

The argument that they put is because in the rules of the game, its stated that a player is able to celebrate the joy of scoring a goal but he cannot remove his shirt or pull it over his head.
They rebutted this by saying that there is no harm in taking off your shirt (obviously) and that it happens quite often. Players are seen taking off their shirts at half-time, exchanging shirts at full-time so there is no iron-clad reason for this.

It is also argued that these kinds of celebrations are time wasting, but a goal doesn't come as often as a dive, a substitution or a fake injury.

I'll dig up the article, but right now I have to get going. I'll leave an edit replacing this once I get the article
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Ya I would have to agree with you there, it is not a good rule. Why shouldn't players be able to take off there shirt, they will do it anyway if passion is running high. I remember when Luca Olic took off his shirt after he won the game against Manchester United in Munchen, it seemed totally justified, why give him a yellow? But because it is an automatic rule the ref had to, or he could lose his job or get fined or whatever, why not make it the referees discretion?

Just wondering did Marko Vucinic get a yellow for taking off his shorts?
ManUK (Manchester United) 5 years ago
If taking off your shirt is a yellow you'd think taking off your shorts is a red lol
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Whats wrong with messi saying happy bday mum? Wow, whoever fined messi (Fifa or Spanish FA) should take a long hard look at themselves, and see how pathetic they are
Juno (AC Milan) 5 years ago
Haha, true
Myself (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Well, that is probably one of the stupidest rules in the game.... But another I don't like is that when a player[SUAREZ] uses his hand to block the ball off the line they only give a pen! I mean the ball was going in! Why would you give the team a chance to miss?!?!?!
I think that it should be that if a player does that, it's a goal and a red card...
Myself (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Another is the offside rule, not the actual rule but the whole thing that a player has to be active to call an offside.... As in he has to touch the ball to call an offside.... I have a few things against this rule:
1. The linesmen don't know this rule well enough and don't judge the 'active thing very well'
2. If a player is in an offside position he is distracting the defenders because he could get the ball, so the defenders need to mark him too so he is interfering with play....

So my say is that he doesn't have to touch the ball to be active, but that doesn't mean that call an offside if anyone is offside.... The refs need to understand when to call the offside
Joeymac (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Yeah the shirt rule is stupid I think.
But diego forlan scored once and couldn't get his shirt back on for a while, so he was running around without a shirt!

Another one is "the suarez rule"
In my opinion, if there is a deliberate handball on the line, then it should be declared a goal. No penalty should have to be taken, it should just be a goal, because I don't think a team (ghana) should be punished for a red-card offense

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