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Lazio And Djibril/Klose Partnership Look Dangerous
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Djibril Cisse and Miroslav Klose have always been two of my favorite players. Cisse for obvious reasons, playing for Liverpool scoring in a couple cup finals, gazelle like pace and just being an all around bad ass. Klose for his skill in the air, scoring five goals in the world cup all with your head... Legendary stuff. So when I saw they both came to Lazio over the summer I was super excited. I have always liked Lazio, but now I am really going to follow them and they are my favorites in Serie A(I never really liked a particular Italian team). I believe they had one of the best defenses in Serie A last season allowing a meager goal tally of 39 goals for their opposition. Tied for second in Italy with Napoli only being bested by the champions AC Milan.

And boy did they impress over the weekend. Right out of the gate they were playing attacking exciting football. From the kick off Cisse was released on the wing and quickly skipped by Abate(guy had to deal with Djibril and the Messiah in a matter of days, yikes) and played a peach of a ball with his left foot that Miroslav failed to control the ball on his chest and the ball was cleared. But I already knew it was going to be a cracking match and that Lazio's new strike force would be dangerous. Cisse was deployed as a winger/striker he would get out wide, but he would drift centrally a lot as well which I was happy to see because he is in my dreamfooty team Lazio dominated the early exchanges in the match and eventually they were rewarded by a fantastic goal by Klose. There was a short lofted ball played in and he took it beautifully with his right foot cushioning it onto this chest past Nesta taking another touch than placing it low past Abiatti. It was a beautiful goal superbly taken, his control was top draw. It may have helped to have that early touch on his chest from Cisse's cross.

A couple minutes later Cisse with brilliant movement scored his. He drifted inside no one picked him up and he placed an unstoppable header into the top corner from around the six yard area. Lazio was 2 0 up. It must be said that the service played in from both goals from Mauri were absolutely top class and if those two veterans are getting ammunition like that they will score plenty of goals this season. I was loving it. And one thing that really struck me was the chemistry between the two when Klose scored Cisse was celebrating like he himself had scored and he looked happier than Miroslav did haha. They had been messing around in training chatting it up, looks like they have become fast friends. Looked good playing together as well, you can imagine Klose winning headers, flicking the ball on for Cisse to run after it. They can both do flips for celebrations as well

Of course Milan came back and got two quick goals to equalize before the half. Aqua could have scored before either Miroslav or Djibril did and it looked like Milan dominated the second half(I couldn't watch it live like I did the first, had to be somewhere) but it was an impressive debut for both players and Lazio as a whole. A 2-2 draw seemed a fair result, I had picked Lazio to win 3-2 but it wasn't meant to be. Cisse nearly scored a late goal against the run of play but Nesta I believe it was defended it brilliantly after Djibril had touched it past Abbiati. Still a point on the road against Milan is not half bad

Lazio looks immensely entertaining and I am going to watch them as much as I can this season. Two of my favorite strikers playing in what is seemingly the twilight of their careers on such a stage is an awesome spectacle. Football is a team sport though so I hope to learn the other players better that play for the biancocolesti, Hernanes looked amazing last season and Mauri looked class against Milan. With their solid defence and new look in attack I think Lazio will be challenging at the very least for a Champions League spot. The chemistry between the two seems great, but they need to have good chemistry with the whole side. It would be great to see this team in the champions league next season... Of course alongside my(and many others) beloved Liverpool would be the best haha

Can't wait to watch them play this weekend, hopefully it's on the tele

ManUK (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I didn't even know that both Klose and Cisse signed for Lazio D: I feel ashamed now. But any front line with both Klose and Djibril is dangerous, even if Klose is aging. I'm slightly scared of them now lol

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