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Jose Mourinho
JohnnyG (Manchester United) 7 years ago
What does everyone think about Jose's ridiculous (from my viewpoint) comments about being better than Sir Alex and being the best coach England has ever seen? I think it is absurd that he thinks he would be able to coach Manchester United, at least I hope he won't. I would find it hard to support such a cocky, arrogant manager
Chaundy (West Ham United) 7 years ago
Maybe So, But Jose Would Do A Great Job With Manchester United. He Is A Great Manager. Look What He Did With Chelsea, And Manchester United Are A Better Team Then Chelsea, So Jose Would Do An Even Better Job. But I Think Sir Alex Is Better For Man United
Carlspurg (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Can't see fergie stepping down for a few more years yet, jose's blue as you could get. Could you imagine Wenger wanting to go to Spurs in a few years? Would never happen and think the manu faithful wouldnt allow him to manage either
Sonasty (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Ferguson already said last year he was going to coach three more years before leaving. As a fan of Mourinho, I wouldn't mind him taking over
Samdagooner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
As an Arsenal fan, I am dreading the day that Manchester United announce Mourinho as their next manager. I believe he will continue where Sir Alex Ferguson left off and bring more glory to Manchester although it pains me to say it. He has all the tools of a great coach and knows how to handle difficult situations. He takes charge of his dressing room and he brings a lot to a team besides coaching. To be honest, I am kind of missing Mourinho in the prem because he brought so much to the league and made the rivalries more intense and entertaining
Se7en (Manchester United) 7 years ago
No morinho style of coaching does not suit man you. No doubt he is a great coach but his teams always play negative football.... Look how chelsea bored us on their way to winning the prem. The Man UTD way is to win but at the same time we must win in style and entertain
Sergio 7 years ago
No. Ignorance in my books i admire sir alex for a reason and that is he has no silly gimmics. And I don't think he ever did
RonanKnows (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I honestly think Mourinho is just trying to flirt with the media. I'm sure he would accept the manager role of United, but I don't think that's his goal...
Zaragocista85 (Real Zaragoza) 7 years ago
It is as always, the huge Mourinho's ego. He can't ever dream about being as Ferguson, and of course he has been not the best coach England's have seen. He just wants the attention of the media; they shouldn't listen him
Forakewc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
If Jose takes over for SAF, I will no longer support Manchester United.
Would Peyton Manning want Bill Belichick to take over for Tony Dungy?

No, because you can't replace a legend with a smug bastard and expect similar results.

Mourinho may be a great tactician, but he's not a fair replacement for Sir Alex, because he builds a football club with an entirely different mindset

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