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Hat Tricks Galore
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
There have been as many hat tricks as there has been rounds in the prem de la prem this season. Which is amazing actually, I think the record for amount of hat tricks in a premier league season is 19 in the 93/4 season, half as many tricks as rounds. Surely that pace of one a round can't be kept, but it would be awesome if it somehow was. I love hat tricks, have to have a flier of a performance to get three goals in one match and you feel like you are on top of the world afterward. Has to be a good day if you score a hat trick or a player on the team you love does. So far Rooney has two, Kun one, Demba Ba one, Dzeko one, and today Lampard netted three as well as Andy Johnson. Four hat tricks coming from Manchester, worrying for the rest of us who don't have allegiances there.

I am just wondering, what do people think this means for the league, is there anything significant in it? The English game is supposed to be known for it's defensive qualities but if so many hat tricks have been scored this year perhaps that is changing? It is great to watch no doubt and I love lots of goals but it is interesting the rate at which hat tricks are being scored. Perhaps it's just a fluke but I wouldn't be surprised if this year there were over 25 or 30 hat tricks, the competitive edge and gritty determination seems to be ebbing away a bit and the games are more open. There has been a premium on attacking players bought from all over the world and defence seems to be less emphasized. Luis Suarez hasn't scored more than one goal in any of his appearances for Liverpool thus far but he has been scoring consistently and you feel he could just go off one day and score at least three. Fernando Torres definitely has the ability if he finds his feet, Rooney in the form he's in could bag a few more before the season is out. Berbatov and Chicharito are both capable when they play. Adebayor has been in good form since coming to Tottenham. RVP I don't think has ever scored a hat trick for Arsenal but he certainly has it in his locker. Kun, Dzeko, Lampard, Drogba, Gerrard, the list goes on. There are plenty of players in the premier league that you wouldn't be surprised if they scored a hat trick. Then there is the player that comes along who you wouldn't really expect too and just has the match of their life.

So do you think it is only an anomaly that will slow down later in the season, or do you think they will continue at this rate? I don't think there will be 38 hat tricks at the end of the year but like I said I think it's possible there could be thirty which is pretty wild. Messi and Ronaldo may trade hat tricks in La Liga but I don't think it will reach that kind of number, or anywhere really near it. Should be great to watch no matter what, everyone enjoys goals. I just thought it was interesting the amount of hat tricks being scored, do people think there are any bigger overall implications in the league?
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Maybe it means people are being a lot more clinical, imo the only way to judge a league on its defensive abilities is see how many goals have been scored at the end of the season and how little clean sheet there are
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
I think your right to an extent Ayyam about players being more clinical. Or maybe just a higher number of strikers at such a high level. Shearer, Fowler, Van Nistelrooij, Owen, Henry, all of these guys are prolific, clinical goal scorers, but maybe there are more players at such a level in the league now. That may play a part but I also think defence is less emphasized this year and teams are attacking(except for Stoke haha) at a higher rate. I could be wrong but I think the total amount of goals scored and given up this year may be on a record pace. And there seems to be less clean sheets, but again I could be wrong in this assumption. This about the hat tricks is just an interesting statistic that may help to support the theory that attacking football is being embraced more and more in the prem
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Yeah seems Holloway has left his mark, It may also be in part that the two defensive minded teams have switched to a brand of attacking football

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