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Goal Of The Season 2010 - 2011 Cambrian FC
Cambrianfc (Cambrian & Clydach Vale) 5 years ago
Thanks for the comments, when the new season starts I might put up goal of the month competition, monthly of course

I went on holiday and missed 10 goals this season, including a over head kick which might have been the best goal lol
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
These goals are pretty good
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Haha some fantastic goals in there, got to say the sixth is my favorite the diving header into the empty net very soothing music as well and what vision to shoot from that distance on the last one, class
Peteko 5 years ago
Exactly Donncath, very entertaining header. Hahahaha. A bit of a panic too I guess. Great move but the ball was taking time to fall and the goalkeeper was coming after him. So he opt for the header. Lol. Good instinct
Peteko 5 years ago
Well, seems to me that this club deserves some serious applause for rising up from the amateur levels to top professional ones.
Googled it and read this amazing history of honours:

* Welsh League Division One runner-up: 2009-10
* Welsh League Division Two runner-up: 2006-07
* Welsh League Division Three Champions: 2005-06
* South Wales Amateur League Champions: 2004-05
* South Wales Amateur League runner-up: 1999-00, 2001–02

I wonder if any other club, anywhere has made such a journey up the stairs of the system
Peteko 5 years ago
Did he score from the middle of the pitch? Wow.  
Somere (Portmore Utd) 5 years ago
2, 3, 6, 7, 8 are wonderful
Cambrianfc (Cambrian & Clydach Vale) 5 years ago
The area is know for mining yes, its also partly resonsible for the mininum wage. Google Clydach Vale and Winston Churchhill
Cambrianfc (Cambrian & Clydach Vale) 5 years ago
Every year I put together a presentation DVD for a Welsh Division One club "Cambrian", i've started upload it section at a time: Here is the Goal of the Season part.

Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
Judging by the crest, I guess it was a former mining team?
I take it that's a miners lamp, it also looks like a refs whistle, your not the howard webb appreciation society? , are you.... Lol

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