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Get Well Soon Jimmy
BuckMcDancer (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yesterday, it was heart breaking to see Jimmy Bullard Limp off the pitch with tears in his eyes. He is a top player and a great influence in the hull team. He helped start a mini-revival at Hull and they could struggle if the injury is serious.

Get Well Soon Jimmy

Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
It's really hard to see such a good football player getting injured and injured again and again. Really hard one, he is a hilarious comedian out of football. Jimmy Bullard is the heart of Hull's soul, ever since he came back from injury, Hull has been winning and making draws. The injury is really hard on him and he literally burst into tears on the pitch when he knew that he was injured again.

Get well soon, Jimmy
Neonseong (Liverpool) 7 years ago
It's some times a shame to see a player with so much heart, dedication, and sense of humor to be at Hull. Sort of wish he was playing at a better team. I really hated seeing him leaving Fulham
Senthil (Chelsea) 7 years ago
There were some persons who dedicate their life to football, he is good person to see him outside and inside the field. He plays nice in hull city, it will be a big draw back for hull city fans.... Get well soon jimmyyyyyyyyyyy!
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Get well soon mate. What a great player. A disappointment. Poor soul Hull need him you know. I don't believe it. Nice topic to commemorate his greatness as a footballer. Nice you appreciate him. I wouldn't have thought to make one of these
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Its sad to see jimmy get injured again, and he was making such a difference to hull city, this could put the whole club on a downer if its anything serious.
He's a great character to have around the place, so they will be without him for a while, which I think they will find hard.
I suppose jimmy will recover by the riverside fishing, which is his second passion.
Good luck jimmy, get well soon.... Theres little enough characters in the game
Zzlatan (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Get well soon!

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