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Footballers You Just Dont Like.
Zlatan94310 (PSG) 5 years ago
Valbuena, Capdevila, Marchena and former Marseille coach Jose' Anigo
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Cristiano Ronaldo, Fat Frank and Gary Neville

As well as Grosso, Materazzi, and a few other Italians but especially those two. Del Piero is one of my favorite players though, have a lot of respect and admiration for the guy so he balances it out when it comes to the Italians
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Whats wrong with Frankie?
HaRdCoReMaN (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Frank got the 2nd most assists and the best goalscoring midfielder, that's why
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I hate Wayne Rooney and El Hadji Diouf
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I am not a fan of Walcott. The guy is much too over-hyped all because he can run fast and was part of the England squad in 2006. He runs fast but his skills as a footballer are far too inconsistent. He isn't a great finisher and uses his speed poorly. Along with that speed of his he isn't a great dribbler and far too often catches himself dribbling the ball over the end line.

Peter Crouch. He is a love/hate kind of thing with me. I love watching his uncoordinated legs do what he does
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
"I love watching his uncoordinated legs can do what he does" hahahahahhahaahhahaha I know exactly what you mean. When he dribbles at any given moment looks as if hell trip over himself lol
Chackosan (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Walcott comes across as a fairly modest guy, though. And despite all the stick he gets, his stats aren't too bad. Seems a bit unfair to be hating him for the actions of other parties (ie, the British media hype)
Sam6194 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Cristiano ronaldo and rat face gary neville.... I f*****g hate them the most....        
Borg (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Gary Neville hates scousers! NOM NOM NOM!
Tony (footytube staff) 5 years ago
El hadj diouf.... I detest the man
JulioFC (Inter Milan) 5 years ago
I don't like any english players. To me, they're all over rated. The same thing goes with anybody that plays on Manchester United but, I don't "Hate" them. I f there's one player I despise, it's Pinto from Barcelona. The guy does nothing but fight and get red cards. He doesn't play and yet he still manages to get booked. The Spanish F. A & Uefa need to ban him for like 10 games or something because everytime there's a Clasico between Madrid-Barca, he gets up from the bench to try to fight. He sucks and is a disgrace to football
Adenn (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Hahahahahahahhahahaha. I was thinking that
Nkrumah (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidić  
Luqmaank (Chelsea) 5 years ago
El Hadji Diouf, Barton, Tevez, Adebayor, Vidic and Totti
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
I don't like footballers with no sense of teamwork, that's an absolute no-no for me. No matter what game I'm watching, if I see a guy "pulling a Pedro" (just a little expression I coined after the WC 2010 final), I will most likely be too stressed to continue watching the match
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
I absolutely hated that, but to give Pedro credit.... It was Torres...
Ltm017 5 years ago
Hahahaha that is so wrong! Leave Torres out of this....
Caynan (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Heskey.... Sorry of a player. What a joke, I mean what the F*** have you done
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
He's MADE LOVE TO A woman !.... I think.... You know what never mind
GreatScot (Rangers)(Footytube Staff) 5 years ago
Heskey taught Messi everything he knows, the mans a legend!
SongkyKong (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Busquets, Carrick, Barry
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 5 years ago
Oh my god this thread is was made for one man: Bendtner! An excuse for a footballer, but does the sun shine through his eyes or what!
Messuarez (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Chicarito, hate that manu got such a good player on the cheap
SongkyKong (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Umad bro?
Dgrant117 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Kevin Davies, Ashley Cole, Busquetes
BagiK (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
Kevin Davies of all people?
BagiK (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
Kevin Davies of all people?
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Why the hate on davies! I need answers!
Joeymac (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Davies for breaking cleverley'd foot and acting like a c**t afterwards by not issuing an apology

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